Get To Know Multicultural Female Group, Z Girls: Profile, Concert, Activity, and More

Debut Showcase = Concert?

On February 22, 2019, the Z-Girls, who became the first K-Pop group in South Korea who doesn’t have Korean members, released their debut digital single, “Zpop Dream”, and held their debut concert at Z-POP Dream Live In Seoul the next day in lchi Art Hall, Cheongdam, Gangnam District, Seoul.

Dorm Tour

They are very excited and nervous to give their dorm tour since, it was the first time they showed it to public. They separated their room into two groups, the blonde group and the black group.

During the room tour, some funny facts came up, one of them is that Joanne hates if someone touches her bed; she is the cleanest among all. Priyanka, the Indian member, felt nervous and don’t want to show her secret belongings on the side bed, so cute! They also showing the types of food they eat, including tomatoes, avocados, milk, grapes, frozen foods, oatmeal, etc. Queen has very loyal fans who give her so many gift.

Another fact is that there is a member whose clothes her wardrobe are almost all yellow. Wanna know who she is? Watch the video above!



Digital Singles

  • [2019.02.22] Zpop Dream (with Z-BOYS as Z-Stars)
  • [2019.07.29] Singing for You (with Z-BOYS as Z-Stars)


Web Series

  • [2019] Z-POP SCHOOL: A to Z