From SMRookies To SuperM: Find Out More About SM Entertainment’s Idol From Thailand – Ten Chittaphon!

Ten’s Latest News Update

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Ten Reveals How His Grandmother Inspired Him to be a K-Pop Idol

The only Thai member in NCT, WayV, and Super M, Ten talked about what motivated him to become a K-pop Idol in one segment of ‘WIRED’.

His love for dance started to show up after watching a movie called ‘Step Up 2, which has inspired him to take dancing as one of his hobbies. That’s when his grandmother stepped in and inspired Ten to become a K-Pop idol. He said, “For me, it was Step Up 2. I watched it, and from there i started to take dance as my hobbies.”

Ten’s grandmother showed him a video of Super Junior, making him increasingly interested in K-Pop, and he moved on to other artists, such as BoA and SHinee. Ten continued:

“My grandmother really influenced me to become a K-Pop idol because she always showed me ‘Super Junior’. From there, i also watched other artist like BoA and SHinee. All of that, has bring me here now.”

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Check out the full version of Super M’s interview at WIRED below!

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