From SMRookies To SuperM: Find Out More About SM Entertainment’s Idol From Thailand – Ten Chittaphon!

Debut with NCT U

SM Entertainment confirmed that Ten would debut as a member of NCT’s first sub-group, called ‘NCT U’, along with the other SM Rookies male trainees in April 2016. Their first single songs included Without U (Korean and Chinese ver.) and The 7th Sense as their debut title track. Now let’s take a look at his photo concept!

ten nct super m way v
ten nct super m way v
ten nct super m way v
ten nct super m way v

Here is the music video for The 7th Sense!

Take a look at Ten’s The 7th Sense fancam footage, as well~!

Appearance in Mnet’s ‘Hit The Stage’

On the same year as his debut in NCT U, Ten also participated on Mnet’s survival dance show called ‘Hit The Stage’. There were several idols from different groups that joined the show, such as TWICE, SHINEE, Girl’s Generation, and many more. Not only that, some soloists and ex-idol group members also participated in the show, as well!

During the program, Ten showed off a new side of his talent by performing with a variety styles of dancing and concepts which amazed the judge, viewers, and even other competitors. Should we take a look at his performance during ‘Hit The Stage? Well then, get ready to be amazed by Ten’s dancing skills below!

The concept for episode 1 was ‘Devil’. Ten amazed everyone with some of his legendary dances moves here:

For episode 3, ‘Hit The Stage’ used Romantic-Comedy love stories for their dances. And guess what, Ten surprised us with his amazing chemistry with the female dancer.

A short dance battle with Astro’s Rocky. Who do you think rocks the stage more?

Ten doing a tap dance while conducting an orchestra.

A warrior theme with fighting moves in it, easy peasy for our Ten.

A jazz number with a fun and colorful theme, why not?

A Project With SM Station

Dream In A Dream

ten nct super m way v

SM released a teaser of Ten’s first single for their next SM Station project on March 24, 2017. The song was called ‘A Dream in a Dream’, and was released in April. Let’s take a look at his solo single, shall we!

The music video:

If you had a plan to do a dance cover, we will give you the dance practice:

Some behind the scenes footage and making film:

New Heroes

During SM Station Season 2 on April 6, 2018, Ten participated again with his second single, called ‘New Heroes’. His song entered the Billboard Charts, and ‘New Heroes’ peaked at number four at the time.

Here is the music video for you:

If you want to try a dance cover of the song, check out this dance practice below!