Get to Know JYP’s Young Actress, Park Si-eun

General Information About Park Si-eun

Park Si-eun is a young South Korean actress under JYP Entertainment. Park Si-eun was a trainee of the entertainment agency, Fantagio as a child actress and made her official debut in acting as an actress on the children’s drama Pluto Secret Society (2014), which aired on EBS. Park Si-eun is the daughter of the South Korean singer, Park Nam-jung, and her mother is a yoga instructor named Heo Eun-joo. With a name as a young actress, Park Si-eun has appeared in various entertainment programs, and announced her presence to the public along with her father.

In January 2017, Park Si-eun decided to move to JYP Entertainment as her label after she began to demonstrate skill in dancing and singing. She was also rumored to be the next member of a JYP girl-group, and she will be participating in the showcase of the trainees in August ,2018.

JYP’s Young Actress” Park Si-eun’s Profile

Real Name : Park Si-eun (박시은)

Profession : Actress

Birth : South Korea, August 1, 2001

Weight : 44kg

Height : 160 cm

Religion : Christian

Zodiac : Leo

Family : Park Nam-jung (Father), Heo Eun-joo (Mother), Park Si-woo (Younger Brother)

Education :

  • Yongsan Elementary School
  •  Sangmyeong Girls Middle School
  •  Goyang Arts High School

Talent Agency : JYP Entertainment


Television Drama

  • 2018 – Still 17 (as Woo Seo-ri in younger age/aired on SBS)
  • 2017 – Queen for Seven Days (as Shin Chae-kyung at a younger age/aired on KBS2), Criminal Minds (as Mo Ji-eun/aired on tvN), Rain or Shine (as Ha Moon-soo at a younger age/aired on JTBC)
  • 2016 – The Good Wife (as Lee Seo-yeon/aired on tvN), Signal (as Woo Eun-ji/aired on tvN), Beautiful Gong-sim (aired on SBS), Welcome To My Lab 2 (role as Jenny/aired on Tooniverse), The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (role as Oh Yeong-eun at a younger age)/aired on KBS2)
  • 2015 – Six Flying Dragons (as Yeon-hee at a younger age/aired on SBS)
  • 2014 – Pluto Secret Society (as Jin Sun-mi/aired on EBS), Pride and Prejudice (as Han Yeol-mu at a younger age/aired on MBC)


  • 2018 – Golden Slumber (as High School Student; Jeon Sun-young)
  • 2013 – Love Forecast (as Kang Jun-hee)

Variety Shows

  • 2016 – Inkigayo (as Special MC with Got7’s Jackson and VIXX’s Hongbin/aired on SBS),
  • 2013 – Makire Show – Seasons 4-5 (aired on Tooniverse), Law of the Jungle K (aired on SBS), Kids Are Life’s Blessing (aired on JTBC), Golden Family (aired on SBS), Star Family Show (aired on Channel A)
  • 2012 – Star Junior Show Bungeoppang (aired on SBS)

Park Si-eun’s 2018 Drama Spoilers

Still 17 (서른이지만 열일곱입니다)

The Korean drama Still 17 (also known as Thirty But Seventeen) tells the story of a successful man named Gong Woo-jin (played by actor Yang Se-jong/Yoon Chan-young) who is 30 years old and works as an interior designer, but has never been in contact with any woman because of a past trauma. When he was 17 years old, Gong Woo-jin once loved a young woman he thought was named No Su-mi, even though her real name was Woo Seo-ri (played by Shin Hye-sun/Park Si-eun). One day while riding the bus, Woo-jin met No Su-mi but because of an accident , No Su-mi died, No Su-mi who is known by Woo-jin was actually a friend of Woo Seo-ri, because of the accident Woo Seo-ri then went into a coma for 13 years and No Su-mi died. After being in a coma for 13 years Woo Seo-ri realizes that if she is 30 years old, she still feels he is 17 years old. After returning and she tried to walk, Seo-ri then searches for her family whose whereabouts are unknown. While looking for her family, Woo Seo-ri then meets Gong Woo-jin but he isn’t even aware that Woo Seo-ri is a girl he once loved he thought he had died.

This drama was directed by Jo Soo-won and the screenwriting was done by Jo Sung-hee. This is the second time Jo Sung-hee and actress Shin Hye-sun have collaborated in a drama. Previously they worked together on the drama She Was Pretty.

Park Nam-jung’s Daughter, Park Si-eun, become JYP’s Representative Young Actress

As reported in JoongAng Daily, Park Si-eun (17), daughter of singer Park Nam-jung, attracts attention. Park Si-eun has appeared on the SBS ‘Star Junior Show Bungeoppang‘ and JTBC ‘Kids Are Life’s Blessing‘.

Park Si-eun signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment in January, 2017. At that time, this is the news that came up to the real-time search term of the portal site and attracted great attention to the netizens.

Park Si-eun appeared on Happy Together in 2014, along with her father, Park Nam-jung, as a guest. The young actress revealed that she is a little mature now, but when she was younger, it remained the same. During the show, Park Si-eun also demonstrated her dancing abilities, dancing to her favorite girl-group’s song, A-Pink’s No No No.

When the MC asked her about what she wants to be in the future, she answered that she really wants to be a singer and immediately started showing her dancing skills in front of the guest and MC. her mother looked very proud, standing offstage. After dancing to No No No, Park Si-eun continued dancing to her father’s hit songs, Rainy Days and Reminiscing You.

Park Si-eun has been well received for her solid performances on SBS’s Six Flying Dragons and tvN’s The Good Wife, as well as the historical drama, are steadily establishing her career in entertainment industry.

On January 19th, KBS2 released the teaser video for the drama Queen for Seven Days, and Park Si-eun appeared as Shin Chae-kyung at a younger age.

An official representative from JYP Entertainment said, “I appreciate the possibility of Park Si-eun in JYP, and I’m excited about her dancing, singing skills as well as acting. I expect rapid growth with her versatility and talent.”

The actress also amazed viewers with her performance in Signal (2016), which is a thriller drama aired on tvN. She played Oh Eun-ji, and appeared on episodes 5-6. In the early days of her acting career, Park Si-eun faced criticism about her acting ability. However, now she has accumulated some experience, and impressed viewers with her skill in Signal, which appeared as a single act. The sight of her tearful sadness along with her unfairly framed father, and her sad expression when thinking about her father when he was in an accident, succeeded in making an impression on viewers.

In her recent drama, Still 17Park Si-eun starred as the younger version of Woo Seo-ri.  who is played by Shin Hye-sunWoo Seo-ri is a girl who dreams of being a violinist, but her dream was destroyed when an accident left her in a coma for 13 years.

During filming, Park Si-eun was caught in a photo while on set, making a ‘V’ gesture using her hands and a bright smile lighting up her face. The young actress also was seen standing next to the lead actress, Shin Hye-sun, who played the adult version of their character, and the actresses looked really close to each other. Park Si-eun was also seen while playing violin, and while showing her fullest performance acting. She has worked hard to grow into her character. She prepared for the role by practicing musical instruments for about two months prior to filming. Park Si-eun had to play a violin for the role, and she had a lot of intense practice to be able to play the role of a music genius.

At the director’s request, Park Si-eun concentrated on raising her performance to the highest level. The young actress has demonstrated delicate expressions by her outstanding performance as a violinist, and it was made possible by all the effort she made.

Park Si-eun is no longer best known for being Park Nam-jung’s daughter, now she’s known as a talented young actress for her performances in various dramas and movies.

Fun Facts About Park Si-eun
  1. Park Si-eun has a mole near her left cheek
  2. She is really close with her father, Park Nam-jung, and they have a relationship like a “Mother-Daughter” relationship with each other
  3. She has a complex about her height
  4. Beside acting, Park Si-eun can play piano and dance. She is also rumored to be one of JYP Entertainment’s next girl-group trainees
  5. Park Si-eun resembled actress Park Bo-young back when she first debuted, and now she more resembles Red Velvet’s Seulgi
  6. Park Si-eun has wanted to be a singer since she was young, and she inherited her father’s talent
  7. Her ideal type is Lee Min-ho
  8. Park Si-eun’s favorite singer and group are G-Dragon, IU, and A-Pink

Did Park Si-eun Have Plastic Surgery?

There is no official statement with regard to whether the young actress has ever had plastic surgery or not. She looks so natural with her style and appearance ever since her debut as a young actress, and is still a growing adolescent, which means her looks may change some,  but it doesn’t refer to plastic surgery. Park Si-eun’s appearance now is the natural result of growing from a child into a woman.

Park Si-eun Dating & Relationships

Park Si-eun seems to often be pairing up with young actors on the many dramas she was in. But in the real life, there is no official statement about whether  Park Si-eun is dating someone. Park Si-eun has stated she has no relationship after all, and there are no rumors about her dating life, since she is still busy building her career to be a great actress and is focused on herself pursuing her dream.

Park Si-eun’s Family

Park Si-eun is the first daughter to South Korean singer Park Nam-jung. Her father, Park Nam-jung, was born in Seoul, South Korea, April 19th, 1966, and made his debut as a singer in 1988, releasing his first album; Missing You.

Through his journey as a singer, Park Nam-jung won many awards for his work. He finally met Park Si-eun’s mother, Heo Eun-joo, in 1992 when she worked as a magazine model. Heo Eun-joo is 8 years older than Park Nam-jung. After four years of dating, they tied the knot in 1999. Two years later, Heo Eun-joo gave a birth to her first daughter and Park Nam-jung officially become a father to a beautiful baby girl, Park Si-eun.

Park Nam-jung was busy taking care of his little family, and after nine years of being on hiatus, he made a comeback by releasing his 7th album. The same year, Park Nam-jung announced that his wife was pregnant and ready to gave birth to his second child.

Park Si-eun’s brother, Park Si-woo, was born in 2004 and they get along well as siblings. They also appeared with their father in many variety shows as a celebrity’s children.

Even growing up as a celebrity’s child doesn’t make Park Si-eun live in a lavish way. She made appearances along with her father as the beginning of her own career, and she worked hard to become an actress. Thanks to her family’s support she could stand up on her own, and built her career as an actress. Park Si-eun’s family is also known to have quality time together off camera, and seem very close.



That was all the information about Park Si-eun profile from her beginning career in entertainment industry with bringing the title of Park Nam-jung’s daughter until becoming an independent actress in younger age. Even she’s still young, she can improve her talent in acting and singing to a higher level and impressed many viewers with her performance. Let’s support Park Si-eun in her career to be soon as a great actress who lead the entertainment industry also her personal life and family!