Get To Know The Leader of Girl Group CRAYON POP–Gum-mi

Crayon Pop Gummi

Get To Know Crayon Pop’s Gum-mi

CRAYON POP was one of those South Korean girl groups that brought about a youthful and adorable image. All of the members had their own charms, and of course, this goes for CRAYON POP’s Gum-mi. In this article, Channel Korea will provide you with all the details about CRAYON POP’s Gum-mi, so stay tuned!

CRAYON POP’s Gum-mi’s Full Profile

crayon pop gummi

Birth Name: Baek Bo-ram (백보람)

Stage Name: Gummi (금미)

Date of Birth: June 18th, 1988

Age: 32 years old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 165 cm

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Years Active: 2012–present

Label: Chrome Entertainment, Climix Entertainment

Associated With: CRAYON POP

Instagram: @g.mi

CRAYON POP’s Gum-mi Facts

crayon pop gummi
  • Gum-mi was the oldest member of CRAYON POP.
  • Before she debuted as a member of a girl group, she used to be known as a hair implant specialist.
  • She was the second member to be accepted in CRAYON POP.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Gum-mi made her acting debut through Six-Person Room in 2014.
  • Gum-mi also signed up with a new agency as an actress with the stage name Song Bo-ram.
  • Gum-mi’s ideal type is someone who she can depend on and is a masculine person.
  • Gong Yoo has also been mentioned as her ideal type.
  • In 2020, Gum-mi got married to a businessman.

CRAYON POP’s Gum-mi’s Debut and Active Era

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Gum-mi started her career as a CRAYON POP member in 2012. The group consisted of five members such as Gum-mi, Ellin, Choa, Way, and Soyul. They made their debut with the release of “Saturday Night”, and made their first stage appearance in Mnet’s M! COUNTDOWN. However, unfortunately, their debut project wasn’t such a commercial success.

CRAYON POP gained a lot of attention after their hit single album Bar Bar Bar has released in June 2013. The single also led to an increase in the group’s popularity as well as several awards. Moreover, CRAYON POP also became the opening act of Lady Gaga’s concert Artrave: The Artpop Ball concert tour in 2014!

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Not only that, but Gummi also got other opportunities outside her career with CRAYON POP. She decided to pursue an acting career by making her first appearance in a web drama titled Six-Person Room and she also sang the OST of the drama as well.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed that Gum-mi and other CRAYON POP members decided to end their contracts with Chrome Entertainment in March 2017. They also decided to each take a different path in the entertainment industry, even though the group wasn’t disbanded. Previously, CRAYON POP had been on hiatus since 2016.

After Gum-mi left Chrome Entertainment, she started pursuing an acting career and finally joined a new agency, Climax Entertainment, in September 2017. The agency welcomed her wholeheartedly, as they asked people to support her since she was very passionate about acting. Gum-mi changed her stage name into Song Bo-ram in order to introduce herself as an actress.

Crayon Pop’s Gum-mi’s Pregnancy and Married Life

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Gum-mi surprised her fans by announcing her wedding on February 23rd, 2020, through her official fan café! It was reported that Gum-mi has tied the knot with a businessman who had the same age as her. Their wedding ceremony was held privately as well. Not only that, but Gummi also announced that she was pregnant while preparing her wedding details.

From her fan café letter, Gum-mi also shared that her husband used to be her longtime friend and lover. They have been dating for a long time, and he was a kind and reliable person for her. Not only that, but Gum-mi also shared her precious moments from her wedding day through an Instagram post!


Crayon Pop’s Gum-mi’s Discography

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CRAYON POP’s Gum-mi’s individual discography:

OST Appearances

Title Year Album
Sunlight (feat. Sung Hoon) 2014 Six-Person Room OST


Crayon Pop’s Gum-mi’s Filmography

crayon pop gummi

TV Shows

Year Title Role
2014 Let’s Go Dream Team Guest



Year Title Role
2017 Lovers in Bloom Cameo
2015 28 Faces of The Moon Su Jin
2014 Six-Person Room Lee Ji-won


Crayon Pop’s Gum-mi’s Latest News

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Let’s find out more about Gum-mi’s latest news! What has she been up to lately? August 30th, 2020, might be one of the most precious dates for Gum-mi and her husband. She finally gave birth of her first child! She revealed the news through her Instagram account, then explained that their child is healthy and in a good condition. Even though she didn’t reveal the gender of her child, netizens congratulated them happily!


As we have reached the end of this Channel-Korea feature, let’s keep supporting Gummi’s career and wish her a happy married life! Comment below about your favorite era of CRAYON POP’s Gummi!