Get Inspired With Swag And Funky OOTD Looks From WINNER’s Hoony

The Secret of WINNER’s Hoony’s Cool Korean Style!

Lee Seung Hoon, also known as Hoony as his stage name, is a member of boy band WINNER. He first became popular after his appearance on the SBS survival reality program, then he debuted with WINNER in 201. Hoony, who was born on January 11th, 1992, has a multitude of talents including as a singer-songwriter and rapper. All of which makes one wonder how come he didn’t become a member of the band that is more exposed in the band. Hoony also has a unique fashion style that has been attracting the attention of the audience and his fans especially. He is known as a person with a highly developed sense of fashion and proven style. Yes, Hoony from WINNER has become one of the trendsetters with his unique sense of style. Let’s read more about his modest style and copy his style on this Channel-Korea article.

Branded Fashion Style

In the photo above, he is wearing Burberry. He was also invited to an exclusive fashion show from Burberry along with his bandmate Mino from WINNER. They wore items of the Burberry Spring 2018 Collection and got the front row of the show.

Hoony from WINNER has a height of about 181 cm that supports his unique style very well in addition to him having a well-developed sense of fashion. Hoony from WINNER can easily steal the spotlight with his fashion sense.

Hoony from WINNER has also been spotted wearing Versace as part of his style. Look how handsome and stylish he is!

Moreover, he also quite often wears Prada. He is so smart to look swag and funky in whatever he chooses to wear!

Hoony has never failed in nailing a fashion style. In the photo above, he is wearing a yellow sweater from Acne Studios. Look how he has put together the look nicely by giving his upper cloth shining, making his entire look on point easily. Hands up!

Fashion Airport

Hoony from WINNER is very popular with his unusual style. Various entertainment news in South Korea have even awarded him the title Fashion icon on several occasions. In his airport style, he looks fashionable and yet comfortable.


He has chosen to combine comfy long pants, short rebel jeans, or just training pants. He is also wearing a variant jacket, or coat to make it perfect. He looks fabulous!


In the above photo, he is wearing white sneakers and a simple T-shirt, but his character shines really well in this outfit. Simple yet elegant! Kudos!

Casual Style

Hoony’s casual style is something worn by people in general but he still manages to look so different when he styles it. His outfits of choice are changing depending on the situation, but he still is able to leave his own signature of uniqueness.

He is often seen wearing a beach shirt like the one in the photo below. His favorite combination of the shirt is pairing it with blue jeans. Also, Hoony has been seen wearing a T-shirt like this during rehearsals and other daily activities.

Another casual style he has appeared in is a hoodie sweater like in the photo below. He looks so trendy and comfortable, doesn’t he?


This accessory must be included in Honny’s fashion. The hat! He is always wearing a different hat in order to make his appearance special.

His black cap from Kim Jones x GU is so cool, fit for his casual style as in the photo above.

As we can see in the photo above, he is also wearing an ordinary white cap. This cap is unbeatable, it can be worn in any situation and can be combined with any clothes that he has on!


He is also wearing hats from Burberry, Supreme brand, or other brands that have uncommon shapes but are so fashionable.

Look at the photo above. Which hat do you prefer to adapt to your style? So much style, they are all beautiful, and look great on him!

Boyfriend Material

The boyfriend look is a style that is popular among the female fan base. Hoony’s boyfriend look is so fantastic that it can melt both your heart and mind and make you dream about being his girlfriend. Take a look and tell us if you agree.

Wait, he also loves animals, as we can see from the photo above. He really is the perfect boyfriend material, isn’t he?

Look at his black shirt, the Korean style hoody is just perfect for the boyfriend look. Only wearing simple clothes, looking like an innocent and kind boyfriend.

He also looks so cute and handsome wearing a checkered formal shirt which is perfect for a romantic casual dinner, right? Are you also try imagining this! No worries, you are not alone! This is probably on the minds of all the girls who read this.

Red Carpet

Hoony has attended the red carpet several times in Music shows or awards together with his bandmates from WINNER. In the photo above, he is dressed in a Burberry apparel, just as his mates from WINNER, and he is looking so sharp and elegant. Take a look at the photo below, next!

He is wearing a black suit, with ornaments on the collars, making him looking not ordinary in this black uniform. How lovely!


In the photo above, we can see him in another casual style of choice with black pants and an ordinary white shirt. Looking casual, but still formal in this red carpet appearance is something only Hoony can pull off. Don’t you agree?

That’s all about the swag and funky OOTD looks from Hoony from WINNER. Did you see something you like? Which one of his OOTD is your favorite? Fashion is something that can make you stand out and shine, it can make you pop out of the crowd, but don’t forget that the most important thing is on the inside, it is your unbeatable charisma. Cheering for Hoony’s journey and his fashion style. You rock, Hoony! Don’t forget to kindly write a comment and share your thoughts in the section below.