Get Closer with Shinhwa Member, Jun Jin: Age, Wife, Net Worth, and ‘We Got Married’

How About Jun Jin’s Net Worth?

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Shinhwa must be one of the biggest boy bands in South Korea, so their income must be a large amount. Shinwa’s income is divided equally between the members. Even when Jun Jin filmed his solo CF, his royalties were not just for himself. He divided everything equally between all of the members.

Some sources said that Jun Jin’s net worth has increased in 2018. It costs $782,353,332 for his stocks, properties, private airplanes, and yachts.

Jun Jin and Lee Si-young

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Jun Jin’s relationship with Lee Si-young was a popular topic, especially for Shinhwa and Jun Jin’s fans. Their relationship began when both of them were united on the reality show We Got Married. Jun Jin said that it was love at first sight when he fell for Lee Si-young. Lee Si-young also appeared in Jun Jin’s music video titled “Hey Ya” and on Jun Jin’s mini-album Fascination. she is also featured in the single titled “Babo Chulum”.

Jun Jin was really into Lee Si-young, and some sources said that Jun Jin was really into her pure and honest appearance while they were filming for We Got Married. But, sadly, their relationship had to end. People regret this decision because they were jealous of Jun Jin and Lee Si-young’s relationship, and they never tried to hide it. Lee Si-young revealed that her break up was a painful thing, but she hopes that people can understand.

Jun Jin on We Got Married


Now that we’ve talked about the relationship between Jun Jin and Lee Si-young, let’s move on to the reality show that united them! Jun Jin starred on MBC’s We Got Married in 2009 with Lee Shi-young. During the filming, they had a chance to get to know each other very well, and their feelings for each other must have started from there. After being a couple in the reality show, they became a couple in real life.

The fans must be curious about how Jun Jin and Lee Si-young were close to each other on the show. Jun Jin said that it was love at the first sight. And, he was the first to develop interest. Because of his attraction, his actions were natural when filming. For Jun Jin, first impressions are important, and the first impression when he met Lee Si-young was very good.


On the show, Jun Jin also learned that Lee Si-young’s father was one of his fans. And, her father personally prepared steamed chicken for Jun Jin.