Get Closer with Korean Actor Kim Hyun-joong: Profile, Wife, Baby, Movies, etc

Kim Hyun-joong’s Filmography

1. Kim Hyun-joong’s Movie

Shark Bait (Pai seutori) (2006)

This movie was an animation released in 2006. Apparently this movie got a lot of backlash because of its similarity to Finding NemoShark Tale, and The Little Mermaid. A good number of actors and comedians voiced characters in the movie, but sadly the movie did not make it to the box office. Kim Hyun-joong voiced the characher Max in this film.

2. Kim Hyun-joong’s Drama Series

Kim Hyun-joong has starred in a couple of drama series. Here they are!

Can We Refill The Love? (2005)

This is a sitcom that used to air on KBS2. The sitcom has 140 episodes and aired from November 2005 until June 2006. The show represents modern love, the compatibility of marriage, and humor though the marriage and love of 3 sisters. The main 3 female characters have trendy jobs like party planner, Food Columnist, and Sports Agent. Kim Hyun-joong played William on this sitcom.

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

This drama was Kim Hyun-joong’s first lead role, and this drama was really successful in South Korea and very popular throughout Asia. In this drama, he played along with Ku Hye-sun, Lee Min-ho, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, and Kim So-eun. The drama tells the story of a girl who is tangled up in the lives of an arrogant rich boy and his friends. This drama is made based on the Japanese shōjo manga series Boys Over Flowers (花より男子 Hana Yori Dango) written by Yoko Kamio.

Playful Kiss (2010)

This is a romantic comedy drama where Kim Hyun-joong worked with Jung So-min. This drama is also based on a Japanese manga, Itazura Na Kiss, written by Tada Kaoru. The story is about an unpopular and silly teenage high school girl, Oh Ha-ni (Jung So-min), who falls in love with Baek Seung-jo (Kim Hyun-joong), a smart and popular boy in the school. Things get a little more exciting when Oh Ha-ni moves out to Baek Seung-jo’s house.

City Conquest (2013)

Again this drama is adapted from a comic book. This time it is adapted from the comic book of the same title by Shin Hyung-bin. In this action series, Kim worked with Jeong  Yu-mi and Namkoong Min. In this series, Kim played Baek Miru, a young man who blames his father for abandoning him and his mother, which sets him on the path of revenge upon the evils of society.

Inspiring Generation (2014)

It seems like Kim Hyun-joong likes to play on dramas that are adapted from comics, because this drama is based on the manga by Bang Hak-gi. Here he works along with Im Soo-hyang and Jin Se-yeon. The story is mainly about the friendship, love, and patriotism of young people. In the series, Kim Hyun-joong plays Shin Jung-tae.