Get Closer with Korean Actor Kim Hyun-joong: Profile, Wife, Baby, Movies, etc

All You Need to Know About Kim Hyun-joong

If you are an early K-pop fan, then you are probably already familiar with this singer turned actor. Yes, Kim Hyun-joong started his career as member of the South Korean boy group SS501, who debuted in 2005. Kim Hyun-joong is also known for his roles on Korean dramas, such as Boys Over Flowers in 2009 and Playful Kiss in 2010. He is currently still active in the entertainment industry, and is considered a style icon in South Korea. He was also once got caught up in a scandal with his ex girlfriend. Want to know what the scandal was? There are also still so many interesting things about him, so let me break it down for you. Here we go!

Kim Hyun-joong’s Profile

This multi-talented star was born on June 6, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. His star sign is Gemini. His height is 1.82 M, which is pretty tall for a South Korean man. He has one older brother, named Kim Young Joong. It is also known that he loves playing soccer, and he plays as a striker for the celebrity football club for charity ‘FC Men’.

Kim Hyun-joong practices as a Roman Catholic, and is also very philanthropic. In March 2011, Kim donated 100 million KRW to earthquake relief efforts in Japan. Later in the same year, he also donated 50 million KRW to the Korean Red Cross Association. Then in the following year, he donated the profits from his debut solo concert to an orphanage in Fukushima prefecture. He has also made a prominent donation to the Kim Hyun-joong Scholarship. The most recent one is in 2013, where he donated 100 million KRW to the One Foundation for the victims of the Lushan earthquake in China.

When he was a kid, he was considered pretty diligent, as he excelled in academics and he usually grabbed either the 1st or 2nd rank in school. Pretty impressive, huh? He also won a number of mathematics and arts competitions in his early childhood. He was a pretty studious student from his early education until high school, when he was finally dived into the art of music. He started off as a bass player in his school band, and later he finally found his passion in music and decided to be a singer. Therefore, he made a big decision to drop out of school, because he thought that the subjects that he learned in high school were useless to him. So he started to pursue a career in the music industry.

And it seems like he made the right choice, because now he is one of the most successful singers and actors in South Korea. He started out his music career by debuting in a boy group, SS501. Despite his fame, he still put his education first, as he came back to school to complete his graduation in Kyonggi University. Then in 2011, he studied stage production management from the Chungwoon University until 2012.

Not only is he a singer, but Kim Hyun-joong is also a famous actor. He has starred in a number of drama series. But as the old saying goes, nobody is perfect, and that applies to Kim as well. He is indeed already successful and famous, but he also has been caught up in some scandals. The most recent one was in March 2017, when he was caught drunk driving on a CCTV footage. The CCTV footage shows that he actually drove about 3 km, and fell asleep at a red light. He stayed at the light for about 15 minutes while other cars drove around him. Later the police woke him up after a passerby reported the suspicious vehicle. Because of this incident, his driver’s license was revoked and he was eventually fined 2 million KRW.

Another scandal that he was involved in is related to his ex girlfriend. But we’ll reveal it later so just keep on reading!

Kim Hyun-joong’s Age

As has already been mentioned above, Kim Hyun-joong was born on June 6, 1986. That means he is currently 32 years old, which actually is a bit shocking because how could he still look so good in his early thirties??

Here are some pictures of him looking so young and fresh, despite already being in his thirties. Check them out!

Kim Hyun-joong’s Career

Kim Hyun-joong made his debut with his boy band, SS501. In 2005, they released their first EP, Warning, by DSP Media. Later, they promoted their first studio album S.T 01 Now. Not long after that, they released their second EP, Snow Prince, which was released five months after their debut. This boy band succeed in winning the public’s heart, as they won multiple new artist awards in 2005 and 2006.

In the following year, in 2007 to be exact, the band decided to expand their music outside of South Korea, so they released their first Japanese single, Kokoro. This single was then followed by another single called, Distance. Later, in January 2008, the group received a Newcomer Award at the Japan Gold Disc Award ceremony, which was definitely a big deal for them, because only a few South Korean artists have won this award.

In 2008, Kim also made his debut as a lead actor through the Asian famous Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers. This drama led to him winning other awards, Most Popular Actor Award at the 2009 Seoul International Drama Award and the Most Popular Actor for Television Award at the 2009 Baeksang Arts Awards. This success was followed by another lead role in the 2010 drama series Playful Kiss.

From 2009 until 2010, the band put out a number of singles, such as All My Love, Solo Collection, Rebirth, and Destination. In 2010, the contract of the band ended, and Kim decided to leave DSP Media and later joined KeyEast Entertainment Company until now.

In 2011, Kim made his debut as a solo singer in Japanese by releasing a single called, Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy on June 7. In the following month, he released his second solo album, Heat. It seems like he was on a roll, as he released another album in December of the same year, Unlimited, which included Japanese versions of some of his famous songs Lucky Guy and Break Down.

In 2013, he released another Japanese single, Tonight, on June 5th. This album received gold certification for selling more than one million copies. In the following month, he released his 3rd Korean EP, Round 3, which similar to his previous EPs, quickly became an instant hit.

In June 2014, Kim released his fourth Japanese single, Hot Sun. In late June, he began a world tour that included stops in Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and Peru. The following month, in July, Kim released his fourth Korean EP, Timing.

In May 2015, he decided to enlist in his mandatory military service. After he completed basic training at the Gyeonggi-do 30th Recruit Training Squadron for five weeks, he was stationed as a part of the border patrol in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Kim was discharged as a Sergeant from military service in February 2017 after serving for 21 months.

Not long after his discharge, he released another Japanese single album, re:wind. The album was a success and following its release, Kim went on Japanese tour to 16 cities. Five months later, Kim released another Korean EP, Haze. Now he is currently still active in the entertainment industry.

Kim Hyun-joong’s Wife

Kim Hyun-joong has been married in 2022. However, Kim Hyun-joong’s wife is a non-celebrity and he didn’t share the info about his wife to the public.

As for his past romantic life, Kim Hyun-joong did have a girlfriend. In August 2014, his ex-girlfriend, known as Ms. Choi, sued Kim Hyun-joong. She claimed that Kim repeatedly beat her, causing bruises and even some broken ribs, but Kim Hyun-joong denied the charges and defended himself by saying that the bruises were unintentional and that it occurred while he was practicing martial arts.

But he later apologized and Ms. Choi revoked some of the charges. However, Kim was still fined 5 million KRW for injuring Choi, with prosecutors in the case saying, “While Kim claimed that he had no intention of hurting her, the damage from the attack was clear.”