Get Closer with Tablo’s Wife Kang Hye-jung

Kang Hye-ju’s Married Life with Tablo

hyeju tablo

Kang Hye-ju and Tablo once starred in The Return of Superman that made everyone know Haru, their daughter. Kang Hye-ju and Tablo got married on October 26, 2009 and were blessed with one daughter.


Kang Hye-ju’s meeting with her husband is practically unique. Tablo told the story of how he met and decided to marry Kang Hye-ju. “Kang Hye-ju came to watch my concert with her friends. Even before that, I saw Kang Hye-ju in her productions and liked her.”

He continued, “One of the friends who went with Kang Hye-ju to see the concert was Bong Tae-Kyu, who is also close to me. The next day, Bong Tae-Kyu called me out for a coffee so I went, but it turned out that Kang Hye-ju was there too.

“I got to know her quite a while afterwards, but I found Kang Hye-ju had planned that initial meeting. When we first met, Kang Hye-ju talked in an incredibly chic way. I greeted her, but she talked to the friend next to her. She’s an actress because she’s an actress, I was fooled.”


Tablo went on, “To come off strongly, I didn’t talk to her either.  However, we went bowling and after I got a strike, I turned around and she showed her support by giving me a slight hug. There was something different about that hug. The feeling was different. Rather than a feeling of youthful love, it was a feeling that suggested she would snugly accept me.”

Their marriage has been running for 8 years now. Let’s pray for the best for Kang Hye-ju’s little family!

List of the Top 3 Kang Hye-ju Dramas

1. Flowers for My Life (2007)


Flower for My Life was Kang Hye-ju’s first drama as the main character, alongside Cha Tae-Hyun. Cha Tae-Hyun plays Yoon Ho-Sang and Kang Hye-ju plays Na Na-Na role. The drama was written by Yoon Sung-Hee and directed by Ji Yeong-Su, Park Man-Young, which aired on KBS2 and was a pretty popular drama in 2007.

Flower for My Life tells a love story of a man facing death and a woman who is numb to death.

Na Ha-Na’s father is a funeral director, so she has been exposed to death in a manner where she believes it’s a part of life. Ha-Na has always had money since she was very young. Her goal was to make a lot of money. Ha-Na works now at the Seoul Funeral Hall. Ha-Na studied hard, and eventually got a job at a hospital as a nurse’s aide.

Yoon Ho-Sang is a positive young man. He acts as a guarantor for a loan, but it does not turn out as expected. Ho-Sang is now being chased by loan sharks. One day, Ho-Sang goes to a mansion to make a delivery. There he meets Wang Dae-Park. Without knowing the reason, Ho-Sang is hospitalized in a V.I.P. room instead of Wang Dae-Park.

2. Wedding Scheme (2012)


The Wedding Scheme is a fairly popular drama starring Kang Hye-Jung as Yoo Gun-Hee, Lee Gyu-Han as Lee Gyu-Han, Lee Young-Eun as Yoo Sun-Hee, and Lee Min-Woo as Seo Jang-Won, and many more. The drama was written by Park Hyoung-Jin and directed by Seo Jang-Won aired by tvN.

The drama is about So Doo-Ryun, who has four daughters. Since her husband passed away, she runs a kimchi making company Chinjung Kimchi, and has raised her four daughters by herself. The first daughter, Sun-Hee, is sweet and good. Her second daughter, Gun-Hee, is selfish and competitive. Gun-Hee is also not interested in marrying. Her third daughter, Min-Jung, likes buying expensive items and playing around. Her fourth daughter, Min-Ji, has been prepping to enter college the past four years, but she is not interested in studying.

Gun-Hee works at a food company Sangcharim. She works very hard, but she does not get along with her boss Gang-Jae, who is the son of the company owner. Gang-Jae and Gun-Hee work on a project to launch a Kimchi business.

3. Jugglers (2018)


Jugglers is Kang Hye-Jung’s latest drama in 2018. The drama was written by Jo Yong-Hae and directed by Kim Jung-Hyun aired by KBS2. Besides starring Kang Hye-Jung as Wang Jung-Ae, the drama stars Daniel Choi as Nam Chi-Won and Baek Jin-Hee as Jwa Yoon-Yi.

This drama tells the story of Yoon-Yi, who works as a secretary and has held her job for the past 5 years. She is loyal and devoted to her work. Yoon-Yi also runs an internet community website for secretaries. One day, her boss’s wife mistakenly assumes her husband is having an affair with Yoon-Yi.

Meanwhile, Chi-Won is scouted for a managing director position in the Video Business Department at YB Ad. He carries a trauma related to a fire incident when he was young. He is not interested in socializing with other people, and he does not have a secretary.