Get Closer with Kang Ha-neul: Age, Height, Dramas, and Movies

Kang Ha Neul

Mr. Nice Guy of South Korea

Kang Ha-neul is a South Korean actor who is known for his outstanding acting skills in various movies and dramas. His handsome face and beautiful smile have successfully captured the viewers’ hearts, and he is currently doing his military service. Aren’t you curious about him? Let’s take a look at his profile and facts about him.

Kang Ha-neul’s Profile


Kim Ha Neul, or widely known as Kang Ha-neul, is a talented South Korean actor who is quite active in taking roles not only in movies and dramas, but also in musicals and theater. Ha Neul was born in Busan on February 21, 1990. He is 180cm tall, and he began his career in the entertainment industry in 2006. He made his debut in drama as he took a role in My Mom! Super Mom!. After his debut, he started to appear in popular dramas such as To The Beautiful You, The Heirs, and Misaeng. His acting in his latest drama before enlisting to the military in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo has made him become more popular, especially in China. His role as the 8th prince named Wang Wook. His character was Wang Wook, who has stolen the spotlight as the second lead with his love story with Hae Soo (played by IU).

His movie called Midnight Runners also become a hit in 2017 for his acting and bromance with Park Seo Joon. They appeared in Running Man to promote the movie, and on this show, Kang Ha-neul amazed the viewers with his hearty laughter and aegyo. He graduated from Chung-Ang University where he majored in Theater which reflects his passion in this field. He works under SEM Company, the same agency as Hwang Jung Min and Jeong Sang Hun. Even though he is popular for his acting skills, Ha Neul also has many talents that sometimes he shows to the public. He has a beautiful voice as he sang for one of his musical dramas’ OST, Monstar, and his other dramas and musical theaters. People in his industry know him as a warm and kind person. He always remembers all of the names of the staff members who work with him. He said that it is the way he shows his respect for them, as he refers to them as his family. His smile also makes him memorable, since many of his fans fall in love with his heartwarming smile that looks innocent and pure.

Kang Ha-neul’s Rumors

Kang Ha Neul

It is always interesting to talk about someone’s love life, especially when it comes to a celebrity like Kang Ha-neul. Right after his role in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, there are dating rumors about him dating his co-star, IU. Their chemistry is undeniably beautiful, and a lot of their fans actually wish they would date in real life, since their characters in the drama couldn’t get a happy ending in the way that the viewers’ wished. This rumor started when news about him spread out in Korean media, where someone reported seeing them hanging out together in a cafe, a day right before his enlistment on September 11th. Both of Ha Neul and IU’s agencies clarified the rumor by stating that both artists are not more than good friends. It was true that he met IU that day but they only met as good friends. They become close friends since they had a drama project together, which not only made these two close, but also all of the other stars of Moon Lovers became close to one another.

Kang Ha-neul’s Military Service

Kang Ha Neul

Many of his fans became heartbroken when he announced his enlisting schedule to the military. He is scheduled to take 21 months mandatory, as he was set as a military police officer who escorts important people. Before his enlistment, he shared his heartfelt farewell message through his Instagram account, as he said there that he felt thankful for all of the love he has received all this time. He also said that he looked forward to his enlistment as he wanted to meet new people in the new environment. He even shaved his head with the help of his beloved friends, as he wanted to make it more memorable and meaningful for himself.

After he enlisted in the military, there have always been updates about his well being during his service, and his newest update is about his plan to join a military musical theater alongside other popular Korean actors such as Ji Chang Wook and Infinite’s Sunggyu called Shinheung Military Academy. This musical is about a bunch of young soldiers who gathered together in Manchuria to fulfill their duties by doing their military services and their efforts to fight for their country’s freedom from the Japanese army colonialism. This musical is reported to have 20 shows scheduled on September this year at National Museum of Korea. His appearance in this musical actually gets good feedback from his fans since this is the first time for him to work together again with Ji Chang Wook, who he worked with in a musical theater named Thrill Me back then in 2010.