Get Closer with Jun Ji-hyun: Husband, Wedding, Age, Height, Movies and TV Shows

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Get Closer to Famous Korean Actress, Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun is a very famous actress in South Korea, her career has not only developed in South Korea but also in Hollywood. Jun Ji-hyun’s name became more popular after she starred in the movie My Sassy Girl, and in dramas like My Love from the Star and The Legend of Blue Sea.

It never occurred to her to be an actress, initially she wanted to be a flight attendant, but her dreams were not achieved. At the age of 16, she was discovered by a fashion editor, and at that time, she began her career in the entertainment world as a model. However, she wanted to be an actress rather than a model. Many movies and dramas star Jun Ji-hyun. Let’s take a look at the full profile of Jun Ji-hyun!

Full Profile of Jun Ji-hyun


Real Name : Wang Ji-Hyun

Name : Jun Ji-hyun

Date of Birth : October 30, 1981

Age : 37 years old

Profession : Actress and Model

Height : 172 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Blood Type : B

Zodiac : Scorpio

Religion : Buddhism

Hobby : Listening to music, watching movies, and swimming

Instagram : junjihyun_official

Education : Jinseon Girls’ High School, Dongguk University (Theater and Film degree)

Agency : 

Fun Facts About Jun Ji-hyun:

  1. Her favorite color is white.
  2. She has two children.
  3. She became one of the best paid South Korean actresses, making about 100 million won per episode.
  4. She married Korean businessman Choi Joon-Hyuk at The Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
  5. Jun Ji Hyun has earned over 11,500,000 million USD from the more than 14 commercials she’s filmed.
  6. Jun Ji Hyun was pregnant while filming “Assassination,” in which she played a sniper for the Korean independence movement.
  7. She was once an emcee for SBS’s “Inkigayo.”
  8. She’s only appeared in four dramas in her 19-year career.
  9. In addition to 2015’s “Assassination,” Jun Ji Hyun has another film with 10 million viewers recorded under her name – the 2012 blockbuster “The Thieves.”
  10. Her real name is Wang Ji Hyun, not Jun Ji Hyun. Her English name is Gianna Jun.