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Jo In-sung’s Appearance in ‘The King’

After a 9 years hiatus from starring in movies, Jo In-sung finally took a leading role alongside Jung Woo Sung in movie ‘The King’. The King is a Korean political crime drama movie which was directed by Han Jae-rim. Jo In sung’s role is Park Tae-soo, who wanted to live a formless life with the power of silence. The film traces Korea’s modern history for 30 years based on the biography of Park Tae Soo, who was at the center of the story from the 1980s to the 2000s.

“I was worried that my face and voice seemed to come out on the screen too much.Park Tae-soo is” The King “and” The King “is Park Tae-soo. After watching the movie? I thought I was alive. I did it. I feel like I can do next work”,  said Jo In Sung, in an interview from Exsport.

He actually planned to appear in the movie “Law” as a comeback after 2011, but the production was delayed for various reasons. After three years of waiting, Jo finally decided to get off the ‘law’, and in the meantime he met the public with the drama ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ (2013) and ‘It’s All Right’ (2014).

And he met The King. Jo In-sung said, “Since both ‘The Wicked Street’ (2006) and ‘Ssanghwamun’ (2008) exceeded 100 times, I was worried that it would be okay. I heard the anxiety that I am not able to keep it now, and it made me want to challenge it, nevertheless, “he smiled.

‘The King’ kindly releases a narrative that may seem somewhat complicated through the narration that leads to the moment of Park Tae Soo.

There was a burden on how to do the narration, and it seemed to be overblown if it was emotionally and emotionally, and it seemed to be bothered to make it clear. I was worried about how I could digest this, but the final version I made was a ‘The King’.

He is reminded that he is full of worries, difficulties and anxieties all over, but he is willing to raise his thumb with his full presence in the screen. “I got encouragement from director Han Jae-lim,” he revealed, “I think that there is a lot of trouble, because it is a wide character.”


When given the chance, he also talked a bit about how he sees problems and struggles as a part of our beautiful life, and that we must not give up.

“I have grown up a lot and I’ve become an adult.Why would is not be hard for me to live in the world. It’s all on the wall. It’s like I want to be a good actor. I caught my ankle. It made me more harsh. I can not deny that I was more interested in popularity, interest, and money. Looking at the family, I found another perspective”, he stated.

A few months ago I looked at my parents and I thought, ‘What about my mother’s life and what my father’s life was like,’ and the average people tell me I did an embroidery, but by looking at my parents, I was not doing well. My mom and dad had pride and there were moments when I had to bend them inevitably because I tried to raise my son in such a moment that I was like this, I’m sorry to hear that. “

Everyone has a hard time, and my mother has raised me for over 30 years, but every time I have a hard time, why did you think I was the only one? So I realized that whatever it is, I have been doing anything for more than 10 years,” said Jo In-sung, continuing, “I feel respectful.”

Apart from that, “When we learned to ride a bicycle, it was true that a friend who fell over ten times burned better than a friend who fell over. We should not fail. We were so brainwashed, we now have ourselves worthy. I do not think I should be able to eat it, but I can not live with it,” he laughed and said, “I should take care of myself. I expressed my sincere heart.”

It seems that The King movie gave Jo another perspective of life and how to cherish every single thing in it. It also means that we have to be grateful for our life, for our parents, friends, and even our struggles. There’s so many things we can learn from actor Jo!