Get Closer to VIXX’s Leader, Cha Hakyeon (N): Age, Height, Drama Lists, etc

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VIXX Leader Cha Hakyeon (N)

Debuted in 2012 as an idol group member of the boy group VIXX, Cha Hakyeon, who uses N as his stage name, has ventured into other career fields, namely acting in dramas and musical theater and hosting radio and variety shows. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon who is otherwise known as VIXX’s N, by looking at his profile, fun facts, activities, styles, and rumors. So, stay tuned!

VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon: Full Profile

cha hakyeon

Real Name: Cha Hak Yeon

Stage Name: N

Nickname: N-Jumma, Hacker Cha, Cha Leader, Annoying Cha, N-Mi, Dark N

Date of Birth: June 30, 1990, in Changwon

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: A

Religion: Buddhist

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Siblings: 3 (one older brother and two older sisters)

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Specialty: Dancing, Singing

Language: Korean, English, Japanese

Training Time: 5 years

Agency: Jellyfish Entertainment

Education: Howon University, majoring in Music Composition

Twitter: @CHA_NNNN

Instagram: @achahakyeon

Facts You Have to Know About VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon (N):

  • Hakyeon is the youngest kid in his family- his older brother is 14 years older, one of his older sisters is 12 years older, and the other is 4 years older.
  • Hakyeon likes to laugh and has a bright personality.
  • Hakyeon’s favorite food is meat and he likes all types, especially galbi (roasted beef).
  • Hakyeon is able to dance in various genres, such as hip-hop, ballet, rock, and contemporary.
  • According to Sangchu, Hakyeon’s face does not really live up to his position as the dancing machine of VIXX because he is too innocent. Well, not every dancer has to have that certain swag or cool vibe, right?
  • Hakyeon choreographed many of VIXX’s songs, such as “Starlight” for VIXX’s Otakon performance, “Desperate”, “Super Hero”, “G.R.8.U”, and “Light up the Darkness”. Moreover, Hakyeon is co-created the choreography for Myteen’s “Take It Off” as a gift for his junior.
  • Hakyeon had his own radio show titled VIXX N KPOP in 2015.
  • Hakyeon is close to Super Junior’s Ryeowook as both of them were radio DJs on KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio.
  • Hakyeon chose Seohyun of Girls’ Generation as his ideal type. In addition, Hakyeon mentions that his ideal type has to be someone who is kind and wise.
  • Still in relation to Seohyun of Girls’ Generation, Hakyeon taught the mummy dance for the song “On and On” to her while backstage for MBC’s Show! Music Core, and afterward, he was very cheerful and running happily in the waiting room. Oh, Hakyeon must be a big fanboy!
  • Hakyeon was chosen to be one of the torchbearers for the 2018 Winter Olympics alongside fellow VIXX member Leo.
  • Hakyeon always introduces himself as “I’m the Leader” when VIXX goes to America.
  • Hakyeon often makes fun of his short height. However, he insists that he is not considered short, it is just that other VIXX members are very tall.
  • Hakyeon also often makes fun of his dark skin. Perhaps, this is the reason why Hakyeon likes to pamper himself and has the most cosmetic products in VIXX’s dorm.
  • Because of his height, Hakyeon is obsessed with becoming tall. As a result, when VIXX went to America, Hakyeon stood near the grass that was sprayed by a growth simulator hoping that he would get the same effect to be tall. Lol, what a quirky boy!
  • Hakyeon’s favorite singers are Big Bang, Beyonce, David Archuleta, and SMAP.
  • Hakyeon really likes to take selfies.
  • Hakyeon is considered a skilled performer because of his ability to dance, sing, and rap above average.
  • Hakyeon was already famous for his dancing skills because a lot of female students wanted to shake hands with him after he did a dance performance at a high school festival.
  • Hakyeon won a dancing contest in 2009 and received offers to be a trainee from big agency companies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. However, Hakyeon decided to join Jellyfish Entertainment and trained for five years.
  • Hakyeon is really talkative. VIXX members often complain that Hakyeon is too noisy for his own good. Moreover, Hakyeon is often ignored by VIXX members when he talks about something. Lol, perhaps he is indeed too talkative for his own good!
  • Hakyeon’s pride is his insoles because, at a shoe-throwing match, he felt embarrassed while running to get his shoes back after their insoles were detached.
  • Hakyeon’s night outfit only consists of a T-shirt and training suits.
  • Hakyeon’s favorite drink is banana milk, and VIXX’s refrigerator is full of bottles of banana milk. He also likes milk because it may make him tall.
  • Hakyeon spends his spare time alone listening to music, reading books, or watching television on his bed.
  • Hakyeon really likes to watch videos of his favorite dancers. Oh, perhaps this is why he is very skilled in dancing!
  • Hakyeon is often mentioned as having an uncanny resemblance to Boyfriend’s Jeongmin, Seo In-guk, and BTOB’s Sungjae.
  • Hakyeon’s favorite colors are red and black.
  • Hakyeon has a lot of dark clothes. Actually, he wants to wear brighter clothes too but his manager would scold him because they would make his skin look darker.
  • Hakyeon has always been the leader of VIXX ever since the training time. He is considered to be a proper pick as the leader because of his words and his politeness.
  • Hakyeon wants to be Spiderman if he could have magic powers.
  • Hakyeon is close to INFINITE because he worked previously with Woohyun in the musical Gwanghwamun Love Song.
  • Hakyeon does not like to show off his body. However, for the first time ever, he had to for the Hyde album photoshoot.
  • If he is given a chance to do a duet, Hakyeon wants to sing together with Big Bang’s Taeyang and Chris Brown.
  • Hakyeon is close to BTOB’s Eunkwang and Minhyuk. He trained with Eunkwang, and he and Minhyuk often took care of each other on tvN’s The Romantic and Idol.
  • Hakyeon is also close to Seo In-guk and once received a peck on the cheek from him as a welcome greeting.
  • Hakyeon admits that he is close to EXO’s Chanyeol and Xiumin. Well, it is no wonder since he is known for being connected due to his networking with many celebrities!
  • Before his debut with VIXX, Hakyeon starred in Brian Joo’s music video titled “Let This Die” alongside VIXX’s Leo and Ravi. In the music video, Hakyeon did a kissing scene with a model. Besides being the star of the music video, Hakyeon was also a backup dancer for Brian Joo’s live performance for the same song.
  • Hakyeon was also a cameo in Seo In-guk’s music video titled “Shake It Up”.
  • Hakyeon is afraid of many things, such as heights, ghosts, and pigs. Even so, Hakyeon did kiss a pig on Plan V. Lol!
  • Hakyeon very often checks his cellphone.
  • Hakyeon’s record for the long jump is 4.30 meters. As for his record for the shot put, Hakyeon did 10.33 meter.
  • Before his debut with VIXX, Hakyeon said he wants to show a lot of things in the future.
  • Hakyeon received strong criticism because he added a buzzing sound in his first recording.
  • Hakyeon once hacked the Twitter of Hanhae Phantom, hence his nickname as Hacker Cha.
  • Hakyeon did a parody of the audition program Mnet SuperstarK with his name as SuperstarN.
  • Hakyeon has pretty handwriting and many people praised the post of his handwriting on his Instagram account.
  • Hakyeon chooses music, piano, dance, and parents as his number one priorities.

VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon: Age, Height, and Weight

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As explained in his personal profile earlier, Cha Hakyeon was born in 1990. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018, Hakyeon’s age is 29 years old, and according to the International Age System, Hakyeon is 28 years old. Cha Hakyeon is considered to have an average height for a guy because his profile lists him at 179 cm, but it seems like an exaggeration because Hakyeon is actually the shortest member out of all the other VIXX members. As for his weight, Hakyeon has the ideal weight of 65 kg.

Cha Hakyeon in VIXX

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Alongside being the leader, Hakyeon is also the main dancer of VIXX. Even though he is a leader, Hakyeon does not act like he has the highest position among VIXX members as he leads the members very well. As proof that VIXX members cherish each other, they all have a friendship ring that they wear on their fingers. Aww, what a heartwarming amity!

VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon: Drama List

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Even though media outlets rarely mention his name, Cha Hakyeon is actually considered an idol-turned-actor who does his job properly. He started with a supporting role in the musical Gwanghwamun Love Song before his official debut. Now, Hakyeon has starred in many popular dramas and musical theatres, either as the main role or the supporting role. Here is the list of Cha Hakyeon’s dramas and musicals that you may want to check out!

2012: Gwanghwamun Love Song

2013: SBS- The Heirs (Cameo with VIXX members on episode 4)

2014: MBC- Hotel King (as Noah)

2015: SBS- The Family Is Coming (as Cha Hak-yeon)

2015: KBS- Cheer Up! (as Ha Dong-jae)

2016: Naver TV Cast- Tomorrow Boy (as Ahn Tae-pyung)

2016: Naver TV Cast- What’s up with These Kids? (as Choi Geum-son)

2016-2017: In the Heights (as Benny)

2017: OCN- Tunnel (as Park Kwang-ho)

2017: KBS2- Ms. Perfect (as Brian Lee)

2017: Interview (as Gordon Sinclair)

VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon: TV Shows

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Alongside being a singer and actor, Cha Hakyeon is also good at variety shows. Since his debut, Hakyeon has become the producers’ favorite and is constantly picked to be a cast member on various kinds of variety shows. Thus, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of Cha Hakyeon’s variety shows below!

2012: tvN- The Romantic & Idol Season 2

2012: Mnet- 4 Things Show

2014: MBC- Every1 Hitmaker

2014: tvN- First Day Of Work Season 3

2014: MBC- Every1 Hitmaker Season 2

2014: MBC- Show! Music Core (Co-Host with SHINee’s Minho and Red Velvet’s Yeri)

2015: MBC- Every1 Bachelor’s Party

2015: JTBC- 100 People, 100 Songs

2015: JTBC- Off to School (episode 53-56)

2015: SBS- Law of the Jungle in Nicaragua (episode 181-184)

2015-2016: MBC Every1- Weekly Idol (Assistant MC with Apink’s Hayoung and AOA’s Mina)

2016: Mbig TV- Celebrity Bromance Season 7 (with actor Lee Won-geun)

2017: MBC- King of Mask Singer (as a contestant named ‘Got My Favorite Dartman’ in episode 101)

2017: OnStyle- Lipstick Prince Season 2

VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon: Song List

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Even though his position in VIXX is the main dancer, Cha Hakyeon has also showcased his singing and rapping skills through songs in which he collaborated with other artists and singers. In 2014, Hakyeon sang “Stress Come On” with fellow VIXX member Hyuk, GOT7’s Jackson, and BTOB’s Sungjae under the name of Big Byung, a project group made on MBC Every1’s Hitmaker. Here, you may watch and listen to the music video for “Stress Come On” by Big Byung!

One year later, Big Byung released another song titled “Ojingeo Doenjang”. Compared to their debut track, the music video for “Ojingeo Doenjang” seemed even more ridiculous as the members of Big Byung used a CG screen to appear in various worldwide places such as Hong Kong, Italy, and France. Well, here, you may watch and listen to the music video for “Ojingeo Doenjang” by Big Byung!

Contrastly, Hakyeon shows off his sweet vocals in a duet with Melody Day’s Yeoeun in a song titled “Without You” in 2016. This song is included on the soundtrack for the Korean drama W, charted at number 98 on the Korean music chart, and sold more than 26,260 digital downloads on MelOn. Here, you may listen to “Without You” by VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon and Melody Day’s Yeoeun!

Who Is Cha Hakyeon’s Girlfriend?

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As is typical for Korean boy group members, VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon has several rumors stating he is dating a fellow singer or another member of the entertainment industry. Well, who are some of the ladies rumored to be with Hakyeon?

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The first woman who is rumored to have a relationship with VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon is Nine Muses’s Kyungri. As some of us may have known, both Hakyeon and Kyungri were partners on All the K-pop Academy. On the same show, Kyungri is also paired with Hakyeon’s fellow VIXX member Ken and did an intense kissing scene.

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The second woman recently rumored to have a special relationship with VIXX’s Cha Hakyeon is Apink’s Eunji. Both Hakyeon and Eunji have worked together on some television programs, such as KBS’s drama Cheer Up!, JTBC’s Off to School, and Mbig TV’s Celebrity Bromance Season 7. Hakyeon and Eunji are not secretive about their friendship and take selfies every time they meet at music shows and off-air events. Hakyeon once stated that he would ask Eunji to go to an entertainment program with him because their relationship is more than friends. However, while being asked further, Hakyeon explained that he treats Eunji like a man so their relationship is more like a brotherhood. On the other hand, Eunji once said her first impression of Hakyeon was someone who is so feminine that she may as well call him unnie (the term used by a younger woman towards an older woman), but this changed eventually because Eunji found Hakyeon to have a manly side which always catches her by surprise. Eunji also stated that her bond with Hakyeon is a siblinghood, which is even better than the bromance Hakyeon previously suggested. Aww, don’t you think Hakyeon and Eunji are such loyal friends?