Get Closer to VIXX’s Main Vocalist, Jung Taek-woon (Leo): Age, Height, Musical, Sister, and Facts


– He had a cameo role in the Korean drama “Glorious Day” (2014)
– He had a collaboration with Lyn for the song “Blossom Tears”.
– Leo was chosen as one of the torchbearers for the 2018 Winter Olympics, alongside fellow member N.
– Leo released his concept film called “Leo From Leo” on July 19, 2018.
– Leo made his solo debut on July 31st, 2018, with “Touch & Sketch”.
– Leo’s ideal type is someone who he falls in love with at first sight, but not based on looks, but on the feeling.
– Before the debut Leo covered Rain Dance ‘Hipsong’ along with Hyuk, Ravi, Ken and Nakhun.
– He does not like it when his body is touched.
– Leo like using sleeves.
– Leo was ambidextrous and could use his hands efficiently.
– Leo is close to his manager.
– Leo is also close with Hongbin (not couple ) they often perform both together watching Park Hyosin.
– When VIXX appeared on SBS Star Face Off as Wonder Girls and dressed up like women but unfortunately Leo did not participate because they do not get the position and is still in recovery after injury in ISAC.
– “Many members of VIXX had a negative impression when they he first met with Leo” -Hyuk.
– First impressions on Leo: “Leo was terrible because he rarely talks” -Ken
– First impressions on Leo: Ken thought Leo hated him but when Leo offered him some water, Ken’s impression immediately changed of Leo.
– During the stage of elimination on MY IDOL. Leo cried when his friend Daewon was eliminated because Daewon and he had spent a lot of time together as trainees.

Leo’s Abs

Do not forget that this talented idol also maintains a good and healthy body, especially his abs. Let’s check out the marvelous abs of Leo’s Vixx (psst, no drooling please 😉 )

we heart it
we heart it

Leo’s Kiss Scene on Musical Matahari

In 2016, Leo became part of the cast for a musical called Matahari. His first musical was Full House in 2014, and this was his second time. He is again, re-casted in Mata Hari in the role as Armand.  He was a sweet romantic who melted hearts of women fans. However, he plans to have his character changed, even though it is the same role.

He will be acting out a tough, vigorous yet warm hearted man.

His character, Armand, is a soldier who is headstrong, violent and rebellious. However, he starts to change when he meets Mata Hari. He was ordered to keep an eye on her by Captain Radu, but he slowly falls in love with her, and helps her to escape. The fight against the captain is something that cannot be missed.

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On his appearance on Cultwo Show, he was asked about the numerous kiss scenes he had for his musical performance.

The DJs brought up the question for many curious fans and asked, “Why do you kiss so much in ‘Mata Hari’?” Leo jokingly answered, “In ‘Mata Hari’, I am in charge of kissing.” Then the DJs asked which actresses he would be kissing in the musical. Leo responded, “I have kiss scenes with Ock Joo Hyun and Kim So Hyang, who both play the character Mata Hari.”

Another question followed asking the difference between the two, and Leo said, “Ock Joo Hyun and Kim So Hyang are two different actresses so it is natural for my acting to change depending on the partner.” 

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