Get Closer to VIXX’s Main Vocal Lee Jae-hwan (Ken) From His Profile to His Plastic Surgery’s Rumor



Being an idol requires a lot of skills. You need to be able to sing while dancing, have good wit to deliver some jokes, prepare some hidden talents, look good all the time, act, and many more. So, among VIXX’s members, it is obvious to the fans that Ken is the most multi-talented one. Thus, he usually gets side projects and guests on many shows more than other members.

Show Appearances (individual activities)

Year Title Network Date Notes
2012 Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 KBS September 30, 2012 (Episode 151)
2013 Perfect Singer VS tvN December 20, 2013 (Episode 16)
Top 10 Beautiful Uniforms! tvN
Idol Drawing Competition MBC Every1
Three Idiots With Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk
All the K-Pop With Hongbin and N
Music Picnic Live With Leo and Ravi
Star King SBS With N
Quiz to Change the World MBC With N
2014 Star King SBS August 2, 2014
2015 100 People, 100 Songs JTBC May 5, 12, 2015 Contestant (Episode 27-28)
King of Mask Singer MBC June 14, 21, 2015 Contestant as “Cracked Egg and Noodles” (Episode 11-12)
Hello Counselor KBS World June 1, 2015 With Shin Sung Woo and B1A4’s CNU (Episode 227)
2016 – 2017 Duet Song Festival MBC Candidate with Choi Sang Yeob (Episodes 3-7 and 16-17), Special Guest Duet with B1A4’s Sandeul (Episode 28)
Oh My God! Tip MBig TV June 16, 2016 – July 14, 2016
Hello Counselor KBS World With fellow member Hong Bin (Episode 297)
King of Mask Singer MBC Panelist (Episode 81 and 82)
The Capable Ones MBC April 1, 2016 (Episode 20)
2018 Hidden Singer JTBC July 15, 2018
King of Mask Singer MBC April 1st, 8th, 2018
Panelist (Episode 147 and 148)

Reality Show Appearances (as a group with VIXX)

Year Channel Title Notes
2012 Mnet MyDOL VIXX’s pre-debut survival show. (8 Episodes)
SBS MTV VIXX’s MTV Diary Premiered on June 15. (64 Episodes)
2013 SBS MTV Plan V Diary Premiered on April 2. (5 Episodes)
Mnet Japan VIXX File It was aired in 2013 in Japan on Mnet Japan for 12 Episodes.
2015 MBC Music VIXX’s One Fine Day Follows the group during their holiday to Jejudo. (8 Episodes)
2016 Fuji TV NEXT Project VIXX: Invaders from Space It aired on January 31, 2016, in Japan.
Project VIXX 2: Invaders from Space Return It aired on July 29, 2016, in Japan.
2017 skyTravel ASIA LOVED BY VIXX Follows the group during their trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. (6 Episodes)
Fuji TV NEXT Project VIXX 3 ~Invaders from Space~

Drama Appearances

Year Title Role Network Notes
2013 The Heirs As himself (with VIXX) SBS Cameo
2014 Boarding House No. 24 Lee Jaehwan MBC Every 1 Main cast
2016 Entertainer Special MC SBS Cameo
2018 Tofu Personified Kim Joo Heon Web drama

Musical Appearances

Year Title Role Notes
2015 Chess Anatoly Sergievsky Main role, Korean Version
2015 – 2016 Cinderella Prince Christopher Main role, Korean Version
2017 Boys Over Flowers the Musical Tsukasa Domyouji Main role, Korean Version
Hamlet Hamlet Main role, Korean Version
Titanic Frederick Barrett Lead role, Korean Version

Video Appearances (as a group with VIXX)

Year Song Other Versions Director Notes
2012 “Super Hero” Hong Won Ki (Zanybros) Debut single
“Rock Ur Body” Guest appearance by Dasom of SISTAR
2013 “On and On” Song Won Young
“Hyde” Hong Won Ki (Zanybros) Guest appearance by Choi Jun Young
“Girls, Why?” Collaboration with OKDAL
“Only U”
“Voodoo Doll” Clean version Guest appearance by Song Hye Na
2014 “Thank You for Being Born” N/A Montage video
“Eternity” Dance version Hong Won Ki (Zanybros) Guest appearance by Hana of Gugudan
“Error” Lip & Dance version Guest appearance by Youngji of KARA
2015 “Chained Up” GDW Guest appearance by Sally of Gugudan
“Love Equation” LUMPENS Special single album
“Beautiful Liar” Hwang Sue Ah Debut single from VIXX LR, VIXX’s first sub-unit
2016 “Dynamite” VM Project / FLIPEVIL Guest appearance by Nayoung of Gugudan
“Fantasy” Performance & Drama version
“The Closer” Shin Hee Won
“Milky Way” Bishop
2017 “Shangri-La” Kim Woo Je
“Whisper” VIXX LR single
2018 “Scentist”
2014 “Error” (Short Version) Hong Won Ki (Zanybros) Japan debut single
2015 “Can’t Say” (Short Version) N/A
2016 “Depend on Me” (Short Version)
“Hana-Kaze” (花風) (Short Version) 3rd Japanese Single
2015 “Destiny Love” N/A Montage video
2015 “Chained Up” GDW

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