Get Closer to “Super Junior” Member, Kim Kibum: Profile, Facts, Plastic Surgery, Girlfriend, ETC

List of Kim Kibum’s Dramas

Since his debut in 2004, Kim Kibum has appeared on several Korean drama series. Here is a list of the dramas he has appeared on from 2004 until the most recent one. Check it out!

Year Title Role Network
2004 April Kiss Young Han Jung-woo KBS
2005 Rainbow Romance Kim Ki-bum MBC
Marrying a Millionaire Young Kim Young-hoon SBS
Sharp 2 Joo Yuh-myoung KBS
2006 Snow Flower Ha Yeong-chan SBS
2008 Chunja’s Happy Events Park Jung-woo MBC
2011 Deep Rooted Tree Pak Paeng-nyeon SBS
2012 I Love Lee Tae-ri Geum Eun-dong tvN
2013 The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Duan Yu Hunan STV
2014 Lucky Tianbao Zhu Tianbao QQ

Kim Kibum’s Girlfriend

In an interview in 2012, he said that he would not hide his relationships. During the photo shoot for the July issue of ‘MAXIM’ Korea he boldly declared, “I won’t hide my relationship from the public,” and, “I’ve held hands with my girlfriend, and gone to a club.”

But in 2016 there was a dating rumor about him and 5dolls’ ex member Ryu Hyo-young. Ilgan Sports broke this news, revealing the pair had gotten to know each other through their Chinese web drama ‘On-Air Scandal’. During filming they obviously saw each other a lot, and eventually got close. Not long afterward, they were reported to be dating as the pair were caught last June 22nd coming from Jeju together.
An insider confessed, “That day, the airplane was delayed for about an hour and half, so it left at 2PM. Only Kibum and Hyoyoung were at the airport in Jeju. There was no manager. The two waited for the airplane together, and the manager showed up in the airplane. He called Hyoyoung’s name in the plane from the back. When they arrived at the Gimpo Airport, both of them went with the manager in the plane, and left together in the car.
Another insider said, “I saw them getting on the plane together from the Jeju Airport to the Gimpo Airport. Anyone could tell they were dating. They got on the ‘A’ flight line and leaned on each other to rest. He even lent her his arm to use as a pillow. They were so sweet.
But later Kibum’s agency at the time, SM Entertainment, denied this rumor. Hmm… Was it really just a rumor or did Kibum lie? Only he knows the real answer to that.

Kim Kibum’s Plastic Surgery

In 2011, a rumor sparked how about Kim Kibum made some changes to his face by having plastic surgery. On October 13th, Kim Kibum made his first appearance on “Deep-Rooted Tree” as a handsome scholar named Park Pang Nyun. There were several close-up shots of the actor, which then brought to light the suspicion of him having his eyelids done. The netizens started commenting things such as, “His eyes look weird“, “Did he get his eyes done?” “His eyes look so puffy“, and “His eyes look totally different from before.”

But then, on the 15th, he explained on his Twitter, “How did double-eyelid surgery come up as an issue? I just put heavy makeup on because I had scratches near my eyes that I got from atopy. I don’t care about others, but for people whom I love, I should explain that I didn’t have plastic surgery.” So yea,h he has publicly denied the rumors about his plastic surgery.