Get to Know More About ‘Reply 1997’ Supporting Actress Shin So-yul: Age, Dating, and Drama List

Has Shin So-yul Had a Plastic Surgery?

Conducting plastic surgery has become commonplace in South Korea, so much even that some people are deliberately doing plastic surgery. Including Shin So-yul, she admitted to the public that she had plastic surgery to enhance her facial features.

She said, “I was not always this withdrawn. I debuted when I was 20 years old, but I liked and trusted people so much that for the remainder of my early 20s, I was a victim of fraud by agencies. Because of the lawsuit, I was unable to promote and my full-scale debut was late. I thought that I might hurt myself more by liking somebody blindly, so I closed a portion of my heart.”

Shin So-yul has also said, “I changed my face in college. It wasn’t exactly natural, but it was better after I lost weight.”

Shin So-yul Before Plastic Surgery

Shin So-yul After Plastic Surgery

Well, what do you think about this?

Shin So-yul Took Part in Season 2 of Real Men

Trot singer Park Gyu-ri, comedian and actress Kim Hyun-sook, actresses Shin So-yul, Yoo Sun, Han Groo, and Han Chae-ah, rapper Jessi, singer Choi Yoo-jin of CLC, TV personality Sayuri, and former Jeon Mi-ram tennis player, participated in the Real Men show, in the same season.

They attend all the training and assignments instructed by the trainer there. But in an episode, Kim Hyun-sook and Sayuri were involved in a scandal. Sayuri and Kim Hyun-sook were talking about their instructor’s butt. Kim Hyun-sook described her instructor, sergeant staff Kwak Ji-soo, as “sexy” and depicted his butt as being “angry,” a euphemism for a firm butt.

After the broadcast, many netizens voiced their objection, calling it sexual harassment. Kwak Ji-soo’s older sister also left a comment on the Real Men official website, saying, “As a family, it feels strange and new to see my brother on TV, and I feel proud of my brother who is serving his country, but I was a bit disappointed by MBC today.” She continued, “I understand it is a variety show, but for diminishing the moral and creating a sexual issue, I think that apology is necessary. I was upset the whole time while watching the broadcast with my family. Because of this, I’m rethinking the level of our nation’s broadcast.”

Have you guys seen this episode?

Shin So-yul Dating News with Musical Actor

In March 2018, Shin So-yul became the topic of a public conversation due to the news about dating musical actor, Kim Ji-chul. They had started dating since last year. Shin So-yul’s agency released an official statement, saying, “We apologize for issuing a delayed statement. We were checking with the actress to see if the dating reports are true.”

They continued, “After checking with her, we were able to confirm that Shin So-yul and musical actor Kim Ji-chul are in a good relationship where they are actively influenced and support each other. We ask that you watch over them warmly and give them support. Have a good day. Thank you.”

Shin So-yul talked in public about her relationship with the musical actor and shared how they were caught by reporters.

Shin So-yul said, “I was on a sundae-guk date with Kim Ji-chul, and they were having a company dinner right next to us. But that table turned out to be a group of entertainment reporters.”

She continued, “The reporters asked us, and we couldn’t say no so we just told them.” She smiled and added, “We received many congrats, and we’re doing well.”

Well, congratulations to both of them!