Get to Know More About ‘Reply 1997’ Supporting Actress Shin So-yul: Age, Dating, and Drama List

A List of Shin So-yul’s Top 5 Dramas

1. Jungle Fish 2 – 2010

Jungle Fish 2 is one of the television dramas that Shin So-yul is starring in. In this drama, Shin So-yul plays the character Rai. Apart from So-yul, the drama also features Hong Jong-hyun, Park Ji-yeon, and Lee Joon. This drama was released on March 3, 2011, and only had 8 episodes.

The drama tells the story of the mysterious death of a beautiful high school student, who is the top student of her class. Six of her friends, who graduated from the same elementary school, attempt to find out the reasons for her death by communicating in real time. During their quest, while digging for the truth behind her death, all of them face various difficulties in their lives: related to their studies, dropping out of school, bullying, and boyfriend troubles.

2. Reply 1997 – 2012

Reply 1997 was a very popular drama in 2012. So-yul plays the role of Mo Yoo-jung in this drama. Apart from So-yul, the drama also features Jung Eun-ji, Seo In-guk, Lee Ho-won, and Eun Ji-won. It was originally aired from July 24 to September 18, 2012, and received the highest rating in the last episode.

This drama, set in the 1990s, follows a female high school student, who idolizes the boy band H.O.T, and her 5 high school friends. Starting as a teenager, she develops an obsession with a boy band. Now when she is 33 years old, she and her friends are evaluating their memories as their school reunion nears.

3. Ugly Alert (2013)

Ugly Alert is a drama aired by SBS and has 133 episodes. Apart from Shin So-yul, who plays the role of Shin Joo-young, the drama also features Kang So-ra, Kim Seol-hyun, Lim Ju-hwan, and Choi Tae-joon. The drama was well received and got a good response from the audience.

This drama depicts the lives of people living different lives, but become a family because of their parents. They sometimes look down on other family members and other times they are envious of other family members. Through all of this, they get to understand each other and heal their wounds.

4. Love & Secret (2014)

Love & Secret is a drama aired by KBS2 that has 102 episodes. The drama features Shin So-yul as Han A-reum, and Kim Heung-soo as Chun SUng-woon, playing the leading roles.

This drama tells the story of Chun Sung-woon, who is the director of a large fashion company. He meets a single mother, Han A-reum, and becomes attracted to her. Thanks to Han A-reum and her daughter, Chun Sung-woon changes as a person.

5. Should We Kiss First (2018)

Should We Kiss First is the most recent drama Shin So-yul is starring in, in 2018. This drama is aired by SBS and has a total of 40 episodes. Shin So-yul portrays the role of An Hee-jin.

The drama depicts the life of Son Moo-han, who works as a managing director of an advertising company. An Hee-jin has lost her unexpected daughter and has started working as a flight attendant. Eun Kyung-soo is An Soon-Jin’s ex-husband and she is now married to Baek Ji-Min. Their lives begin to become increasingly complicated due to the presence of surprises from the people around them.