Get to Know More About Korean Actress Shim Hye-jin: Profile, Movies, Drama List, and Husband

Shim Hye-jin’s Husband and Family

The general public has expected that veteran actress Shim Hye-jin must be married since she is in her 50s. However, not many people know that the actress has married to Yoon Sang, a renowned music composer, who has made songs for talented singers and groups such as BoA, IU, Park Hyo-shin, Suzy, and Lovelyz. The couple tied the knot in 2002 after dating for seven years.

Shim Hye-jin and Yoon Sang have two sons, named Lee Chan-young and Lee Jun-young. They lived in New Jersey, the United States before Yoon Sang decided to come back to South Korea alone in 2010, making him the ‘goose parent’, the common Korean term that refers to one parent living separately from the family in order to make money to bring back to the family home.

The story about Shim Hye-jin’s marriage has been talked several times by Yoon Sang when he appeared in broadcasting programs. In December 2011, on MBC’s Come to Play Yoon Sang spoke about how he and Shim Hye-jin ended up together with the help of singer Lee Seung-hwan. It turned out that Yoon Sang had a crush on the actress for a long time. However, the chance just occurred when Shim Hye-jin became the model of Lee Seung-hwan’s music video. At that time, Yoon Sang and Lee Seung-hwan were working together on an album. After the first day of filming, Yoon Sang said to Lee Seung-hwan that he successfully got Shim Hye-jin’s number. The hosts of the show got curious, “How did you get her number?” to which Yoon Sang replied, “I asked her where I should send the album when it comes out.”

The whole family of Shim Hye-jin and Yoon Sang has appeared in various programs as well, such as KBS2’s The Return of Superman and Single Wife 2, where they shared how the eldest son, Lee Chan-young became the top swimmer from a very young age. The broadcast program, which was aired in March 2018, showed Shim Hye-jin who proudly talked about her son, “Chan-young is an athlete. He wanted to strengthen his mind so he started swimming.”

It was revealed that Chan-young has won competitions from when he was 10 years old and became the best swimmer among his peers. Whereas, in the United States, Chan-young is ranked as one of the top 10 best swimmers in his age group. Well, no wonder that Shim Hye-jin and Yoon Sang are full of pride!