Get Closer to Senior Korean Actress Na Moon-hee (Profile, Youth, Movies, and Drama List)

List of Drama, Movies, and TV Shows

na moonhee

Na Moon-hee is a grand senior actress who has a long run in the showbiz industry. Despite her old age, Na Moon-hee is still active and working on many projects, be it television series or films. Her persona is not overshadowed by the younger actresses, proving that it only takes great skill to make yourself shine brightly. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled the list of television series and films that Na Moon-hee has starred in.

1976-1977 – MBC’s Girls’ High School Days (Supporting Role)

1977 – MBC’s Arirang Oh! (Supporting Role)

1978 – MBC’s X Search Party (Supporting Role)

1978 – MBC’s The Prime Agent (Supporting Role)

1978 – MBC’s Mom, I Like Dad (Supporting Role)

1980 – Country Diaries (Supporting Role as Won-shik’s mother)

1981 – MBC’s Hello (Supporting Role)

1983 – MBC’s The Stars Are My Stars (Supporting Role)

1983 – MBC’s Totally Oblivious (Supporting Role)

1983 – MBC’s Market People (Supporting Role)

1984-1985 – MBC’s Love and Truth (Supporting Role)

1985 – MBC’s The Seaside Village (Supporting Role)

1986 – MBC’s First Love (Supporting Role)

1989 – MBC’s Inheritance (Supporting Role)

1989 – MBC’s Three Women (Supporting Role)

1990 – Two Diaries (Supporting Role)

1990 – MBC’s My Mother (Supporting Role)

1990 – MBC’s An Eccentric Family (Supporting Role)

1990 – KBS2’s Party People (Supporting Role)

1991 – MBC’s City People (Supporting Role)

1991 – MBC’s Another’s Happiness (Supporting Role)

1993 – MBC’s MBC Best Theater: Soon-dal Sa, Byung-gu, and Ok-Jooyang (Supporting Role)

1993 – SBS’s My Dearest Guitar (Supporting Role)

1993 – MBC’s Hope (Main Role)

1994 – MBC’s The Moon of Seoul (Supporting Role as Home Grandmother)

1995 – MBC’s Terminal Chanpum (Supporting Role)

1995 – KBS1’s By Nature (Supporting Role)

1995-1996 – KBS1’s Even if the Wind Blows / Blowing of the Wind (Supporting Role as Jong-jo’s mother)

1996 – MBC’s Open Your Heart (Supporting Role as Ha Yi-soon)

1996 – SBS’s Mom’s Flag (Supporting Role as Jeong-sook’s mother)

1996 – SBS’s Thief (Supporting Role)

1996 – Power of Love (Guest Role as a psychologist)

1996 – MBC’s The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World (Main Role as Kim In-hee)

1996 – Theater show titled Mother (Main Role)

1996-1997 – SBS’s Im Kkeok-jung (Supporting Role)

1997 – MBC’s The Reason I Live (Supporting Role)

1997 – SBS’s Because I Love You (Supporting Role as Su-seon’s deceased mother-in-law)

1997 – KBS1’s Brothers (Supporting Role)

1998 – KBS1’s As We Live Our Lives / The Reason I Live (Supporting Role as Kim Sook-ja)

1998 – The Quiet Family (Main Role as as Jung Soo-im, the Mother)

1999 – MBC’s Did We Really Love? (Supporting Role as Shin-ja)

1999 – MBC’s Last War (Supporting Role as Tae-kyung’s mother)

1999 – KBS2’s Beautiful Secret (Supporting Role)

1999 – SBS’s House Above the Waves (Supporting Role)

1999-2000 – MBC’s You Don’t Know My Mind / You Don’t Know My Feelings (Supporting Role as Na Do-ja)

2000 – MBC’s Mr. Duke (Supporting Role)

2000 – MBC’s Mothers and Sisters (Supporting Role as Kyong-bin’s grandmother)

2000 – Just Do It! (Guest Role)

2001 – KBS1’s Tender Hearts (Supporting Role)

2001 – Man of Autumn (Supporting Role as Eun-jae’s mother)

2001 – MBC’s MBC Best Theater: My Fiancee’s Story (Supporting Role)

2001-2002 – MBC’s Sangdo (Supporting Role)

2002 – My Beautiful Girl, Mari (Dubber as Nam-woo’s grandmother)

2002 – Saving My Hubby (Supporting Role)

2002 – SBS’s The Woman / That Woman Catches People (Supporting Role as Kang Bong-soon)

2002 – SBS’s You Are My World (Supporting Role)

2002 – Children of Heaven (Supporting Role as Ahn Sung-daek)

2002-2003 – MBC’s The Maengs’ Golden Era (Supporting Role as Choi Young-soon)

2003 – Please Teach Me English (Supporting Role as as Moon-soo’s mother)

2003 – MBC’s While You Were Dreaming (Supporting Role as Ms. Hwang)

2003-2004 – SBS’s Apgujeong House (Supporting Role as Grandmother)

2004 – S Diary (Supporting Role as as Ji-ni’s mother)

2004 – Lovely Rivals (Supporting Role as Yeo Mi-ok’s mother)

2004 – MBC’s Love is All Around (Supporting Role as Ms. Yoon)

2004 – SBS’s Dog Bowl (Supporting Role as Ok-soon)

2004 – MBC’s People of the Water Flower Village (Supporting Role)

2004-2005 – KBS2’s Precious Family (Supporting Role)

2005 – Crying Fist (Supporting Role as Sang-hwan’s grandma)

2005 – You Are My Sunshine (Supporting Role as Seok-jung’s mother)

2005 – KBS2’s My Rosy Life (Supporting Role as Sung-moon’s mother)

2005 – MBC’s My Name Is Kim Sam-soon / My Lovely Sam Soon (Supporting Role as Na Hyun-sook, Jin-heon’s mother)

2006 – KBS2’s Famous Chil Princesses / Famous Princesses (Supporting Role as Nam Dal-goo, Myung-ja’s mother)

2006 – KBS2’s Goodbye Solo (Main Role as Mi-young)

2006 – Cruel Winter Blues (Supporting Role as Dae-Sik’s mother)

2006-2007 – MBC’s Unstoppable High Kick! (Main Role as Na Moon-hee, the Grandmother)

2007 – Voice of a Murderer (Guest Role as Kyung-bae’s mother)

2007 – May 18 (Supporting Role as Na Joo-daek)

2007 – Mission Possible: Kidnapping Granny K (Main Role as Kwon Soon-boon)

2007 – KBS2’s Several Questions That Make Us Happy (Supporting Role)

2007-2008 – MBC’s Kimcheed Radish Cubes (Supporting Role as Na Dal-lae)

2008 – Girl Scout (Main Role as as Lee Yi-man)

2008 – Theater show titled ‘night, Mother (Main Role)

2008 – Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung-geum (Supporting Role as Yoon Myung-ja or Ms. Yoon, Jung-kum’s mother)

2008 – SBS’s Amnok River Flows (Supporting Role as Mi-reuk’s mother)

2008 – KBS2’s Worlds Within / The World That They Live In (Supporting Role as Ji-oh’s mother)

2008-2009 – KBS2’s My Precious You (Supporting Role as Song In-soon, Il-nam’s ex-wife)

2010 – Harmony (Main Role as as Kim Moon-ok)

2010 – Twilight Gangsters (Main Role as as Kim Jung-ja)

2010 – MBC’s It’s Me, Grandmother (Main Role as Grandmother)

2010 – KBS1’s Happiness in the Wind / A Good Day for the Wind to Blow (Supporting Role as Na Kkeut-soon, the Grandmother)

2011 – KBS2’s I Believe in Love (Supporting Role as Cha Kwi-nam)

2011-2012 – jTBC’s Padam Padam (Supporting Role as Mi-ja, Kang-cheol’s mother)

2012 – SBS’s Five Fingers (Supporting Role as Min Ban-wol)

2012 – MBC’s Mom Is Acting Up / What Is Mom (Main Role as Na Moon-hee)

2012-2013 – MBC’s The Sons / Rascal Sons (Supporting Role as Woo Jung-sook, the Mother)

2013 – KBS2’s Wang’s Family (Supporting Role as Ahn Gye-shim)

2014 – SBS’s Glorious Day (Supporting Role as Lee Soon-ok)

2014 – Miss Granny (Main Role as Oh Mal-soon)

2015 – SBS’s The Three Witches / Witch’s Castle (Supporting Role as Chun Geum-ok)

2016 – tvN’s Dear My Friends (Main Role as Moon Jeong-ah)

2016 – Father, I’ll Take Care of You (Supporting Role as Hwang Mi-ok)

2017 – jTBC’s Rain or Shine / Just Between Lovers (Supporting Role as Jeong Sook-hee)

2017 – I Can Speak (Main Role as as Na Ok-boon)

2018 – My Only One (Supporting Role)

2018 – LOVE+SLING (Supporting Role as Gwi-bo’s mother)