Get Closer to Miss Korea, Kim Sung-ryung: Profile, Husband, Son, and Drama List

Did Kim Sung-ryung’s Get Plastic Surgery?

There is no official statement or news that reports Kim Sung-ryung receiving plastic surgery. However, she became Miss Korea in 1998, and the public appreciated her real beauty from her appearance and also from her mind.

What Is Kim Kim Sung-ryung’s Ideal Type and Marriage Life?

Kim Sung-ryung, the winner of Miss Korea in 1998, is married to her husband Lee Ki-soo.

Her husband is not a celebrity nor an actor, and there is not much information about him. The public knows that Kim Sung-ryung is protective of her family life from curious fans and followers.

Kim Sung-ryung married in 1996 and held a marvelous wedding ceremony which was attended by many guests, family members, and friends. Lee Ki-soo and Kim Sung-ryung are known as a nice couple, and they are both still together and happy with their 2 sons.

Lee Ki-soo is definitely her ideal type for sure. The pageant queen stated that she likes men who listen to her and try to understand what she wants. A good husband should take care of the family and children, and she also appreciates a man who takes responsibility and is strong, brave, and thoughtful. Kim Sung-ryung’s husband is not a celebrity, but he is known to have graduated from Yonsei University and manages a well-known ice rink in Busan. Their family also resides in a classy and expensive apartment complex.

Kim Sung-ryung once appeared as a guest on MBC’s Quiz to Change the World, and she was asked if her husband really did give her ₩100 million won (approximately $88,110 USD) in cash when she gave birth to their newborn son. She directly addressed the rumor and replied, “Yes.” The actress was rumored to have received quite a large sum after she gave birth to her second son, but the exact amount was not revealed.


So, this is all the information about the legendary 1998 Miss Korea, Kim Sung-ryung, that you have to know! You have probably seen her face in dramas and movies but without knowing that she used to be a pageant queen, right? Well, Kim Sung-ryung is a veteran model and actress in South Korea who’s won a lot of achievements in the entertainment industry. Of course, we have to appreciate a lot of her work so far and appreciate her as a married mother of 2 sons. Let’s all hope for the best for Kim Sung-ryung’s career in the future and also for her happy family life!