Get Closer to Mblaq Leader: Seungho

Yang Seungho’s Favorites, Dislikes and Habits

  • His favorite color is red.
  • His favorite animals are tigers (reason: they’re handsome).
  • He likes the clothing brand ‘Stussy’.
  • He likes horror.
  • His favourite genre of music is Electronic.
  • The song that he often sings in karaoke is Ha Neul Eul Dal Li Da (Run Across the Sky).
  • He said that the most relaxing place is in the car.
  • He loves everything about electronics and gadgets.
  • He loves eating pizza.
  • He is scared of fast-walking zombies (Source: Sukira radio).
  • Hates doing aegyo.
  • He really hates rats.
  • His sleeping habit is that he grinds his teeth.
  • Thunder said that he is always late waking up in the morning.
  • He mentioned on TV show Beatles Code that he never returns money that is lent to him.
  • He can easily fall sleep in a matter of seconds.
  • His best feature is his soft, plump lips. He always lick his lips.

Yang Seungho’s Ideal Types and Marriage Plans

  • He said that if he could go on group blind date in collage, he would like to do one with the rhythm gymnastics majors.
  • He learned knitting from his grandma. He said if you marry him, he’ll knit you a scarf.
  • Joon has metioned before that he has multiple connections with female celebrities.
  • The dating spot he recommended is theatres.
  • His ideal type was once Hwangbo but he changed it at the last minute, causing humor on the sets of shows that they both appeared on.
  • Girls’ fashion that he likes is jacket and pants.
  • He wants to take the lead in relationships.
  • The style he prefers in women is someone with refreshing looks, a western body, and tomboy-ish – like senior Son Dambi.
  • He likes a woman who is good at cooking, pretty, and kind. A perfect woman.
  • His ideal girl is Jun Ji-Hyun.
  • He hopes his first born baby will be a son. He wanted to be a young father but since he’s now busy he wants to get married at the age of 33.
  • He wants to achieve his dream of being a successful producer and get married.

Yang Seungho’s Other Facts

  • He’s the only MBLAQ member who is the eldest among his siblings, the rest of the MBLAQ boys are maknaes and the only son of their family.
  • He is the member who has changed his hair color the most.
  • He was the first member of the group to open a Twitter page and Me2day account.
  • He has a d-line body (usually only pregnant women have this type) according to a doctor on Idol Army.
  • He was MBLAQ’s manager before they had one.
  • His little brother, Yang SeungHoon, is taller than him. He is a music major and a 1991-er.
  • His close friends are Soyeon (a former member of T-ARA), Gyuri (a former member of KARA), Seulong (a former member of 2AM), and Fei (a former member of Miss A).
  • He has had an iPhone, a Blackberry, an iPad, and iPhone 4G.
  • He still performed G.O.O.D LUV on stage with the group despite his injuries since he didn’t want the newly made MBLAQ to lag behind.
  • Seungho fractured his ribs during a Makbanshi wrestling game back in December 2009.
  • Once, in 2015, he was assaulted (beaten) by a former employee of his agency, J.Tune Camp.

Yang Seungho’s Discography and Filmography


After he signed an exclusive contract with Will Entertainment, he began his career as an actor, released music, and actively promoted himself in various ways.


Year Album Song Title Artist
2010 One One with Hoody H


Artist Album Title Lyrics Composer, arranger
MBLAQ 《BLAQ Style》 01. Sad Memories (Intro) Seungho, Park Se-hyun
MBLAQ 《Winter》 01. Live in the Past Seungho, Han Jaesung
MBLAQ 《Winter》 03. You Ain`t Know Seungho, Yang Seunghoon, Retro Funkee Seungho, Yang Seunghoon, Retro Funkee
MBLAQ 《Mirror》 02. Mirror MBLAQ, 1Take 1Take
Retro Funkee 《SEOUL》 02. Tinsel Town Seungho

cr. KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) No.10000867

Original Soundtracks (OSTs)

Year Title Album Remarks
English Hangul English Hangul
2006 Gray Sky N/A Sharp 3 OST 반올림3 OST with 이현종
2016 Say You Love Me 사랑한다고 말해요 Happy Home OST 가화만사성 OST Part 4


Year Network Title Notes
2009 Mnet MBLAQ’s Art of Seduction Cast member
MBC Every 1 Idol Army
2010 GOMTV Making the Artist
Mnet MBLAQ Goes To School
2011 Sesame Player
MBLAQ Idol Cam
2012 KBS MBLAQ’s Hello Baby
MBC Idol Manager
Dancing with the Stars Contestant


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Rock N Roll Grandpa Gi Ho-Tae Lead role


Year Network Title Role Notes
2006 KBS 2 Sharp 3 Student Pre-debut
2010 MBC Housewife Kim Kwang-ja’s Third Activities Jin’s group member Cameo
2011 SBS Welcome to the Show Himself Cameo
Mnet Moon Night 90 Kang Won Rae
2013 MBC Every 1 The Dramatic Student

Musical Theatre

Year Title Period Location Role
2013 Gwanghwamun Sonata Nov 17 ~ Nov 22

Jan 16~ Jan 20
Shinkabukiza,Osaka Kang HyunWoo
2014 Moon Night 02/21-03/23 Sejong Art Center,South Korea Kim WooHyuk

Love in the Rain August 5th 2016

February 5th 2017
Dongyang Art Center,South Korea Jung DongHyun