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List of Lee Hyun-woo’s Songs

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Not only talented in the field of acting, Lee Hyun-woo also has released songs as a soloist and featured artist. He often sang for the soundtracks of his own work project, such as Secretly, Greatly, Moorim School, and The Liar and His Lover. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs by Lee Hyun-woo that you may want to listen to!

2013 – Ode to Youth (original soundtrack of Secretly, Greatly)

2015 – It’s a Lie (featuring O Broject and Bromance)

2016 – Your Face (featuring Louie of Geeks)

2016 – Feel So Good (featuring O Broject)

2016 – One Thing (original soundtrack of Moorim School)

2017 – I’m Okay (featuring Red Velvet’s Joy for the original soundtrack of The Liar and His Lover)

2018 – Twenty-six

Did Lee Hyun-woo Do Plastic Surgery?

As he was already known from a young age being a child actor, Lee Hyun-woo is known for his innocent image. The actor is well-liked by the viewers not only for his appearance but also his knack for acting. However, is it true that Lee Hyun-woo is naturally attractive? Here we will compare the past and present pictures of Lee Hyun-woo below.

Now, let’s see Lee Hyun-woo’s appearance these days.

After comparing Lee Hyun-woo past and present time, it can be concluded that while it is hard to point out the resemblance between his child and current photos, we think that the actor may have been naturally handsome because sometimes we can spot the similarity of the actor’s puppy eyes from his glance in both the past and present time. Lee Hyun-woo’s nose was already defined as well during his childhood so we believe that the actor has not done any procedures to improve his facial features.