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Lee Hoon’s Immense Debt Experience on Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck


Chef Baek Jong-won and actor Lee Hoon revealed the massive amount of debt they experienced over the years.

On the latest broadcast of Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck, Baek Jong-won relayed his concerns about opening a food truck and confessed, “In the past, I had 1.7 billion won (approximately $150,000 USD) in debt. Looking at these people, I don’t think I can leave this food truck so easily.”

The similar feelings from Lee Hoon, likewise the actor confessed, “My business failed, and I ended up with 3 billion (approximately $200,000 USD) Won in debt. After my failed business, I lived like a loser for a year. During that time, all I did was shut myself in my home and drink soju.” 

On July 28, 2017, TV reality show Food Truck had broadcast the chef and actor’s solutions to opening up a food truck. The food truck business was expected to help the actor and chef to pay off the debt. Food Truck itself airs every Friday on SBS.

Yoo Jae-suk Proclaimed Lee Hoon’s Wedding as the Worst


Yoo Jae-suk picked Lee Hoon’s wedding as the worst one he’s ever been to.

On the episode of MBC’s Infinite Challenge aired on last March 2016, the ‘Wedding Singers’ special was revealed.

The worst wedding I’ve been to is Lee Hoon’s,” Yoo Jae Suk says. “Kim Min-jong sung a song in celebration, but it was too low.”

In a clip shown as evidence, Kim Min-jong is singing in an awfully low voice, and Lee Hoon cannot keep his laughter in.

Of course, Lee Jae-suk did not mean what he said. It was intended to be a humorous joke for Lee Hoon, and teasing Kim Min-jong.

Lee Hoon’s First Japanese Fanmeeting

Han Cinema

After his role in drama Full House 2, Lee Hoon had a successful first Japanese fan meeting on August 11, 2013.

The fan meeting was held at the Osaka Business Park with about 500 Japanese fans.

Lee Hoon has been maintaining a steady level of popularity since the drama Full House 2. He parodied a drama for his fans, and was very warm and gentle.

He even sang Korean songs and Run by Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi. He also thought his fans some health workout movements, as he is a known work out freak. At the end of the meeting, he read a letter that he wrote himself, and presented a memorable fan meeting to his fans.

Meanwhile, Lee Hoon is revising his next project, and will come back with an entertainment program this year.