Get Closer to Kim Young-jae of The Heirs Drama

Meet The Young, and Handsome Actor Kim Young-jae

Kim Young Jae

Kim Young-jae is a 23 year old South Korean actor. He is best known for his role as Choi Jae-seok in the drama High School-Love On. He is a newbie in the Korean acting industry, yet his handsome looks have gained him much attention.

Well, who wouldn’t be interested? Just look at this guy’s eyes and smile…

Kim Young Jae
Kim Young Jae

Look at how precious this guy is! Despite his handsome features, he sure can pull off a cute concept!

Now that you’ve seen his charms, let’s find out more about this young actor who’s rising at the moment!

Kim Young-jae’s Profile

Kim Young Jae

Name            : Kim Young-jae (김영재)

Birthplace      : South Korea

Date of Birth  : February 25, 1995

Height           : 173 cm

Weight          : 63 kg

Star Sign      : Pisces

Blood Type   : AB

Agency          : SidusHQ

Kim Yong Jae’s First Drama- My Daughter The Flower (2011)

My Daughter The Flower

My Daughter The Flower is a 2011 South Korean drama. It was aired on SBS from November 4, 2011 to May 18, 2012 every Monday and Friday. This drama starred Jin Se Yeon, Jo Min Su, Lee Ji-hoon, Choi Jin-hyuk, and Son Eun-seo. It has total of 131 episodes.

It is a touching drama about a mother and daughter who are not blood related. It tells about Yang Kkot-nim (Jin Se Yeon) who is a therapist at rehabilitation hospital. She is usually bright, cheerful, and brave, but since her father died, she went through a hard life. But she always has Jang Soon-ae (Jo Min Su), her stepmother, who always helps her and stays by her side.

This drama was Kim Young-jae’s debut in dramas. He played the role of young Goo Sang-hyuk. Although he played a minor role, this drama was a door for him to bigger opportunities in the acting industry.

Kim Young-jae’s Drama- Can’t Take it Anymore (2013)

Can't Take it Anymore

Can’t Take it Anymore is a 2013 South Korean drama starring Kim Jin-woo, Lee Young-eun, Min Ji Young, and Baek Il Seob. It was first released on August 5, 2013 and ended on January 9, 2014 on JTBC every Monday and Friday. It has a total episode of 111 episodes.

It is about Gil Bok Ja (Sun Woo Young Nyeo) and Hwang Jong-kab (Baek Il Seob) who has been married for 50 years. although they have been married for a long time, Gil Bok Ja hasn’t felt happy during her 50 years with her husband. And when she finally reached her limit, she decided to get a divorce, but Hwang Jong-kab refused. The 4 children all reacted differently, while wondering about the true meaning of love between married people.