Get Closer to Kim Yoon-seo: Profile, Facts, Plastic Surgery, and Drama List

A Rising and Talented Star Kim Yoon-seo

Kim Yoon Seo

Kim Yoon-seo is a talented South Korean actress. She made her debut in 2009 in the drama “My Hero“. She then started to act in some supporting roles in dramas such as “Glass Mask (2012)“, “You’re The Best, Lee Soon-shin (2013)“, and “Legendary Witches (2014)“.

At first, she only decided to attend acting classes because she didn’t know what she wanted to do. But because she didn’t have any mentor or guide to teach her, she just gave up. After a year later, she found out that acting is what she really wants to pursue, so she started to learn again.

Full Profile of Kim Yoon-seo

Kim Yoon Seo

Name                    : Kim Yoon-seo (김윤서)

Real Name             : Kim Ga Eun (김가은)

Date of Birth          : March 28 1986 (age 32)

Birthplace              : Seoul, South Korea

Height                   : 165 cm

Weight                  : 48 kg

Star Sign              : Aries

Hobby                  : Watching movie

Skills                    : Scuba diving and horseback riding

Education             : Dankook University (Architectural Engineering degree)

Talent Agency       :Panstars Company

Personal Site        : Cyworld

Instagram            : yoonseo_0328

Kim Yoon-seo’s Drama- Late Blossom (2012)

Late Blossom

Late Blossom (2012) is a South Korean spin-off drama starring Lee Soon-jae, Kim Yoon-seo, Kim Ye-Ryeong, Kim Hyung-Jun, Kim Tae-hwan, and Kim Kwang-kyu. This drama was originally a 2011 movie with the same name. The movie is based on the manhwa titled I Love You by Kang Pull. The manhwa was serialized online in 2007, and published in 3 volumes. The drama was first aired from April 16 2012 until June 5 2012, with a total of 16 episodes. It was aired on SBS Plus every Monday and Tuesday.

This is a drama about 2 romance stories. First, there is Kim Man Suk (Lee Soon Jae) who worked at mid-size construction company for his entire life, and lost his wife. He felt that he wasn’t a good husband to his wife, so he was trying to atone for his poor treatment to his wife. Later on, he met Song Yi Bun (Jung Young Sook) and fell in love.

The second story focused on Jung Min Chae (Kim Hyung Jun), who works as a civil service officer instead serving his military enlistment. He is a smart man who graduated from Seoul University and became a legend in the game industry. While in the outside he looks successful and happy, he actually has a sad family history. Then, one day he met social worker Kim Yeon Ah (Kim Yoon-seo). They soon began to fall in love.

Kim Yoon-seo acted as the lover of Kim Hyung Jin in this drama. Although they are both rookie actors, they were showing solid and great acting, and suited each other. The production team said, “Although their acting experiences are not that extensive, they showed such enthusiasm while acting. They were learning honestly and eager to never made a trouble to seniors.“. The two of them also gained praise from netizens, saying that their acting was so great and their relationship is so cute. Netizens admitted that that they felt their heart beat in excitement watching both of them.

Kim Yoon-seo’s Drama- Glass Mask (2012)

Glass Mask

Glass Mask is a 2012 South Korean drama starring Seo Woo, Lee Ji-hoon, Park Jin-woo and Kim Yoon-seo. It was first aired on tvN on Septermber 3 2012 every Monday and Tuesday. This drama was directed by Sun Do-joon, Kim Yong-min, and Shin Seung-woo and written by Choi Young-in and Kim Suk-gon. Glass Mask is a sequel to a drama “Yellow Boots” and has total of 122 episodes.

The drama follows the story of Kang Yi-kyung (Seo Woo), a woman whose father is a murderer. She has to suffer through tough times, and also fighting to survive, and plotting her revenge. To fulfill her revenge, she hid her true identity and became another woman named Seo Jung-ha.

Kim Yoon-seo’s Drama- You Are The Best! (2013)

You Are The Best

You Are The Best (2013) is a 2013 South Korean Drama starring IU, Jo Jung-sook, Lee Mi-sook, Yoo In-na, Go Joo-won, and Jung Woo. It has 50 episodes in total and aired in March 9 to August 25 on tvN. It was written by Jung Yoo-kyung and directed by Yoon Sung-Sik.

The drama is about a devastated family, after the sudden death of their father. The 3 sisters in the family then began to walked their separate ways, while enduring their hardships as a family. It shows their struggle to find the true meaning of love and happiness and life.

Kim Yoon-seo’s Other Dramas

Year Title Role
2009 My Hero Mi-rae
2011 The Duo Servant
Poseidon Hong Ji-ah
2012 A Gentleman’s Dignity Kim Eun Ji
2013 Passionate Love Ban Dal
2014 A New Leaf Jung Hye-ryeong
Legendary Witches Ma Joo-hae
2015 This is My Love Park Hyun-ah
The Eccentric Daughter in Law Kim Se-mi
2016 Secrets of Women Chae Seo-rim/Hung Shin-buk


Her Movies- I Saw The Devil (2010)

I Saw The Devil

I Saw The Devil is a 2010 South Korean action horror thriller movie. It was directed by Kim Jee-woon and written by Kim Jee-woon and Park Hoon-jung. Starring Lee Byung Hun and Choi Min Sik, this movie received some positive critics, but not all of them were good. Nevertheless, this movie was a big hit, it was even said that it was “The scariest movie you’ve ever seen“.

The movie is about Kim Soo-hyun (Lee Byung Hun), as a NIS agent, who seeks revenge for his wife. His wife was brutally murdered by a psychopathic murderer, Jang Kyung Chul (Choi Min Sik). It is a story about an intense revenge and unpredictable actions from the 2 characters.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an 80% approval rating from critics and an average score of 7.1/10. Los Angeles Times wrote, “There is all the violent mayhem, for certain, but the thing that sets I Saw the Devil apart is its undercurrent of real emotion and how unrelentingly sad it can be”. Horror website ‘Bloody Disgusting’ stated “I could talk for hours about I Saw The Devil, but nothing I can say will ever do it justice. The film is an experience; it is something that will have you emotionally invested in the characters, while also covering your eyes at the extreme violence.

While there are many people who enjoyed it, there were also some negative critics, saying “On any number of levels, I Saw The Devil is troublesome at best, offensive at worst.