Get Closer to Kim Sun-a: Profile, Husband, Plastic Surgery, Diet, and Drama List

You have probably have heard about this lady, as she has been active in the entertainment industry for almost 21 years! Yes, she made her debut in 1997 and is still currently active up until now. She is also known to have lost significant weight quite often. Would you like to know more about actress Kim Sun-a? Then just keep on scrolling!

Kim Sun-a’s Profile

This 44 year old actress was born on 1 October 1973 in Daegu, South Korea. Her family consists of her parents and two siblings, one younger brother and one younger sister. When she was in middle school she moved to Japan with her family, there she lived in Chōfu,  Tokyo where she spent most of her adolescence, and therefore became fluent in Japanse. Before her entertainment career days, in 1993 she attended Ball State University in Indiana, United States as a Piano major, and later became fluent in English as well. She also attended Kyung Hee University majoring in Theater and Film.

In 1996, she Kim came back to South Korea for a summer vacation and got a modelling job from a friend, making her debut in the South Korean entertainment industry. Though she did not have any experience in entertainment industry, she quit college to focus on her new found career. She then appeared in a Hanbul Cosmetics commercial with the slogan “I felt his scent on a strange woman,” which boosted her career. Since then, her career seems to have only skyrocketed, and now she has made her position prominent in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Formerly, she worked under King Kong Entertainment until 2014 when her contract ended and she signed a contract with her new management talent agency Fantagio. In the following year Kim ended her contract with Fantagio, and in late 2015 she signed an exclusive contract with management agency C-JeS Entertainment. But again, in December 2017, she ended the contract and decided to sign the contract to work under a new management agency, Good People Entertainment.

Kim Sun-a’s Husband

Throughout her career as an actress and model, she has never admitted to dating someone but in 2011 it was rumored that there was something going on with her and her co-star Lee Dong-wook on the set of her then drama series Scent of a Woman. However, the pair has never admitted nor denied anything. Currently, there is also no news about her love life, she actually has said that even if she is in a relationship with someone, she would not make it public because she wants to keep her personal life private. Regarding marriage, there has also been no rumors about it, so it’s safe to say that this gorgeous lady is still on the market!

Kim Sun-a’s Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery that Kim Sun-a’s had done is already no secret to the public, even though she has never publicly denied nor admitted the rumor. Until now, there are still pros and cons saying she lost all her natural beauty from both her fans and the netizens, but she should not worry about those because, in the end, it is her face and she can do anything she wants to please herself! But, if you want to get into detail on what surgeries she probably had done then just keep on reading!


When she starred in the television series My Lovely Sam Soon, she appeared to be chubby, but after the show successfully ended she quickly lost all the fat which started the rumor about her getting liposuction done to her body. But, I think she still looks pretty either way! What do you guys think?

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Another procedure that the actress has allegedly had done was a nose job. This allegation is based on the change in the shape of her nose. Kim Sun Ah’s nose now looks slimmer with much better defined at the tip. Such nose improvements seem to be impossible if it is just the effect of just makeup, and is probably the result of a nose job. Formerly, her nose looked a bit wide open, with a bump at the tip. But, now it seems her nose looks significantly better, and the bump at the tip has disappeared.