Get Closer to Heo Young-saeng: Profile, Songs, Dramas, Family, Facts, and Latest News

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SS301 Leader, Heo Young-saeng

Heo Young-saeng is a South Korean entertainer and the main vocalist of the boyband SS501 as well as the leader of Double S 301. He is still active as a soloist and entertainer with a solo schedule in Korea and Japan. His sexy voice and amazing performances will make you melt right away. Let’s get to know Heo Young-Saeng!


Heo Young-saeng’s Full Profile

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Real Name = Heo Yeong-Saeng

Nickname = Prince (SS501), Otter

Birthday = November 3, 1986

Origin = Gwangju Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Education = Hyundai High School, Dong Seoul University

Zodiac = Scorpio

Religion = Christian

Blood Type = O

Weight = 63 kg

Heigh = 178 cm

Hobbies = Playing Online Games, Listening to Music, Taking Self-Portrait Photos

Talents = Piano, Voice Intimation

Speciality = Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Dancer, Actor, DJ, Model

Years Active = 2005 – Present

Agencies = KQ Entertainment, CI Entertainment, B2M Entertainment, DSP Media, Warner Music, Pony Canyon Japan

Motto = I Need To Overcome All The Difficulty To Keep Go On | Give Your Best & You Can Do It


Heo Young-Saeng’s Personal Facts

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  1. He was a trainee at SM Entertainment for 2.5 years before he joined DSP Media and debuted with SS501 on June 8, 2005.
  2. His favourite boyband in Korea is SHINHWA.
  3. Lee Min-Woo from SHINHWA was the one who encouraged Heo Young-Saeng to join music industry.
  4. He has had a close relationship with several SM Entertainment artists ever since their shared training days. They are TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin; JYJ’s Yoochun and Jaejoong; and Super Junior’s Yesung, Heechul, and Siwon.
  5. Child actor, Park Ji-Bin, is close to Heo Young-Saeng and has been like his younger brother.
  6. He is the main vocalist of boyband SS501.
  7. Heo Young-Saeng used to collect signatures from variety artists such as Kangta and Shin Seung-Hun every time he joined his father at work. His father worked as a script writer for TV Shows on television stations.
  8. Heo Young-Saeng did an excessive amount of exercise when he was in puberty.
  9. People around him used to laugh and say that he will not succeed, but Heo Young-Saeng proved his succeed to them by receiving his first award with SS501 in M Net “Music Festival: Best New Male Group Award” on 2005.
  10. His father realized Young-Saeng had a passion for singing and dancing when Young-Saeng was 4 years old. There was a time when Young-Saeng would sing and dance to songs by Park Nam-Jung on the school bus.
  11. His favourite artists are Song Hye-Kyo. Jang Dong-Gun, Kang Dong-Won, Avril Lavigne, Steveland, Yoshiki.
  12. The first album that Heo Young-Saeng purchased was H.O.T
  13. His favourite vegetable is cabbage.
  14. His ideal type of woman is someone who cute, pretty, intelligent, and someone who will understand him, hold onto him tightly, and attract and guide him.
  15. He is the best at cooking Kimchi soup.
  16. His favourite food is fried chicken, while he doesn’t like seafood.
  17. His favourite drinks are Dakara Sport drinks and lemon water, while he doesn’t like carbonated drinks.
  18. His favourite school subject was English, while he didn’t like Maths.
  19. His favourite sport are basketball, baseball, and football.
  20. His favourite perfume is L’eau Par Kenzo and his favourite brands are CK, Gucci, Dior, LV, Adidas.
  21. His favourite online games are Starcraft and Winning Eleven.
  22. His favourite flower is Rose.
  23. He prefers texting over making phone calls.
  24. Something that he can’t leave behind is clothes.
  25. His favourite books are Gangster Rabbit and Little Prince.
  26. His favourite animals are wolves, dogs, and pandas.
  27. 3 things he would bring to a deserted island is his phone, computer, and clothes.
  28. His favourite corner at home is his bedroom and balcony.
  29. His favourite colors are white, black, red, and blue.
  30. He thinks that he is a mystic person.