Get Closer to Go Hyun-jung: Height, Husband, Wedding, Return, and Plastic Surgery

Has Go Hyun-jung Gone Through Plastic Surgery?

go hyun jung cosmetic surgery

Go Hyun-jung revealed that she did have a cosmetic surgery. Right after she debuted as an actress, no one realize that she had already gone through it before that. But it seems the changes aren’t really drastic, and she looks beautiful right now, even if she looks chubby.

Who is Go Hyun-jung’s Husband?

go hyun jung and husband

Currently Go Hyun-jung is a single mother with 2 kids. Before, she had been married to a man who is the vice chairman and CEO of the Shinsegae Group, Chung Yong-jin. She married Chung Yong-jin in 1995 and they divorced in November 2003.

How Many Sons Does Go Hyun-jung Have?

go hyun jung son

From her marriage before, she has a son who is the eldest child. His name is Chung Hae-chan. He born on 1998, 3 years after Go Hyun-jung and Chung Yong-Jin tied knot in 1995. Unfortunately there aren’t any photos of him since Go Hyun-jung never wanted publicity for her son.

How Many Daughters Does Go Hyun-jung Have?

go hyun jung daughter

From her marriage before, she has a daughter who is the second and her last child. Her name is Chung Hae-in. She was born in 2000, which 2 years after from her brother. Unfortunately there aren’t any photos of her either.

Go Hyun-jung Controversies From the Drama “Return”

go hyun jung return

On Feburary 7, 2018 there was a report that Go Hyun-jung had a fight with the producer director on the filming set because of her role in the drama. Although there weren’t any further updates from it or any proof related to the report, Go Hyun-jung decided to leave the drama production. The drama “Return” is schedule to aired on SBS from January 17 until March 22, 2018.

go hyun jung return drama

On February 8, IOK Company as her agent released statement about the controversies:

“Hello. This is IOK Company. We apologize for our late official statement. We would like to offer our sincere apology to the viewers for having caused so much concern when ‘Return’ was receiving so much love.

Actress Go Hyun Jung has officially left SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Return.’ All this time, Go Hyun Jung has filmed the drama with responsibility and affection. However, there was a difference of opinions with the directing team concerning the production process, and yet, even after trying to adjust this as much as possible, she couldn’t close the gap between them. Therefore, after much discussion and thought, she has decided that it will be difficult to continue filming.

Rather than blaming someone, we have decided to accept SBS’s notice of departure due to the fact that it is only right that the person who is said to be the problem should leave for the sake of the drama. We apologize that Go Hyun Jung will not be able to fulfill her responsibility as the lead actress, and express apologies to the entire cast and crew of ‘Return.’

We hope that you will continue to show interest and love in ‘Return.’ IOK Company and Go Hyun Jung would like to send our encouragement and support to ‘Return’ as viewers. Thank you.”