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Learn More About Go Hyun-jung’s Skin Care Secret

go hyun jung skin care

Go Hyun-jung is a Korean actress & model who has the most luminous, flattering, and flawless skin which looks like a teen’s. Although she isn’t young anymore, she looks like she has never aged, with her appearance.

In 2011, she published a book about her skincare secrets through a beauty documentary entitled “Go Hyun-jung Texture”. It was best seller at the time. The books covers the actress’s beauty philosophy, and her tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.

go hyun jung texture

Taken from, here are some of Go Hyun-jung beauty secrets:

Treat Your Skin from the Inside Out

  • If you have a skin problem, maintain a food diary and observe the effect different foods have on your skin.
  • Avoid salty and spicy foods to keep skin clear. Prefer a diet with plain/bland food to re-calibrate skin from the inside.
  • Hyun-Jung does not follow the 8 glasses of water a day rule. Instead, she drinks good amount of water whenever she feels thirsty.
  • Her favorite beauty foods are raw salads, fresh apple, blueberry, carrot juice, and honey.
  • She takes grapefruit tea which suppresses her appetite and keeps her energetic.
  • She takes organic Vitamins B and C.

Clean Skin is Clear Skin

  • Wash your hands before applying makeup or skincare products.
  • Avoid touching your face, except when you clean or apply skincare products.
  • To wash your face, mix foaming cleanser with warm water and work it up into a rich foam.
  • It takes her 15 minutes to cleanse her face.
  • To treat acne and pimples naturally, wash affected areas with a salt and lukewarm water solution. It sanitizes the area, and prevents the breakouts from getting worse.

Skincare Commandments by Go Hyun-jung

  • According to Go, the direction of application is as important as the skincare product you use. She applies skincare (Eg. serums, toner) from the center of the face outwards.
  • The most important secret is to use more skincare serums at a time. Koreans use up to 5 serums at a time.
  • For Koreans, serums are more important, and they don’t stress moisturizers or creams much.
  • For neck cream, she starts from beside the jawline down to the decolletage in an outward ‘C shape’ motion.
  • Apply skincare products after it has been warmed up in your hands, and press both palms into your face to improve absorption of all the skincare layers.
  • Go discards skincare products after 2 months of use for hygiene reasons – a steep contrast to the 12 months we’re usually told by other beauty experts.
  • Apply hand cream up to the elbows, and neck cream all the way down to your decolletage.
  • Never rush while applying skincare. It takes Go 20 minutes to apply body lotion, covering each bit of skin moisturized.
  • Apply toner with your hands instead of cotton pads to reduce redness.
  • She has a two step facial mask routine, starting with a cleansing mask followed by a nourishing mask.

Makeup Philosophy

  • Go prefers using her fingers to apply foundation. Unless the sponge is brand new or the brush is fresh and clean, she avoids using them for hygiene reasons.
  • Use Snail creams to regenerate the skin and for good complexion.
  • Brows: Her philosophy on makeup is centered on beautifully shaped brows. She spends an hour a month to carefully get her brow shape done. It keeps her skin around the eye beautiful and defined.
  • Primer: Before applying base makeup, she applies a generous amount of hydrating cream to avoid looking tired by the afternoon.
  • Foundation: The secret to natural looking skin is not to apply foundation all over the face. She applies foundation only on the shadows of the face (under the eyes, under the cheek) and keeps the high points of the face sheer. Avoid foundation around the nose to prevent caking.
  • Lips: Her typical lip routine starts with BB cream & lip balm in the morning, followed by lip gloss in the afternoon and lipstick/liner in the evening.
  • Sunscreen: Apply a matte sunscreen on your forehead and nose, and a dewy formula on cheeks and other dry areas.
  • Contouring: Using 2 different shades of foundation, a sheer application on the high points of the face, and using both matte/dewy formulas not only contours the face but also creates natural highlights without the need for a separate highlighter.
  • Eyes: For natural looking eyes, use only eyeliner and mascara, and matte powder under the eyes to prevent smudging.
  • Blush: She doesn’t apply blush!

The Bathroom is Her Sanctuary

  • Go spends more time in her bathroom than any other room in her house, including daily home spas with drops of essential oil.
  • In addition to that, she soaks her hands and feet in warm water with half teaspoon of salt to relax and relieve tired hands and feet.
  • She also likes to use grapefruit oil to massage her calves.
  • Drink a cup of tea or water before having a bath to prevent dehydration due to bathing.
  • To reduce puffiness in the face, soak a face towel in ice water, remove excess water and cover your face with it for few minutes.
  • She applies body oil starting from the legs and moves upwards.
  • As for hair, she finishes off with a cold water rinse, lets her hair dry naturally if she’s staying indoors.
  • She ties her hair back in different positions to prevent hair loss in concentrated areas.

Include Facial Stretching in Your Exercise Routine

  • Go’s exercise routine not only involves stretching her body but also her facial muscles.
  • The most effective way to do facial stretching is to coordinate it with your breathing.
  • Expand your facial muscles & jaw on the exhale.Then when inhaling, contract all facial muscles including your eyes, nose and cheeks.
  • Although she believes that laughter is the best exercise for the face, she also exercises her lip and cheek muscles by pronouncing “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu” 10 times – much like the phrase used in singing exercises. This is apparently common practice among most Korean actors.