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Byun Yo-han, the Korean Actor

Starting his acting career in short films, Byun Yo-han’s value as an actor has skyrocketed through his role tvN’s Misaeng as the witty and quirky Han Seok-yool, proven by the fact that he has received notable awards such as the Independent Star Award at the 40th Seoul Independent Festival in 2014, Excellence Award in the category of Actor in a Serial Drama at the 23rd SBS Drama Awards in 2015, and Popular Movie Star at the Korea Film Actors Association Awards in 2015. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Byun Yo-han, starting with his full profile, his drama list, his appearance on popular variety show Running Man, his appearance in historical drama Six Flying Dragons, his relationship with Song Ji-hyo, and his dating rumor with Kim Go-eun. So, stay tuned!

Byun Yo-han’s Full Profile

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Real Name: Byun Yo-han

Date of Birth: Incheon, South Korea, 29 April 1986

Age: 33 (Korean age) / 32 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chinese Astrology: Tiger

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Christian

Height: 176 cm

Education: Korea National University of Arts, majored in Acting department

Agency: Saram Entertainment

Twitter: @qusdygkssla

List of Byun Yo-han’s Dramas

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As was explained previously, Byun Yo-han is mostly known for his role in the popular drama about office work etitled Misaeng. Surprisingly enough, the drama was not his first project. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea has made a list of Byun Yo-han’s dramas that you may want to check out.

2012 – OCN Vampire Prosecutor 2 (as Kim Joon)

2014 – tvN Misaeng (as Han Seok-yool)

2015 – tvN Ex-Girlfriend Club (as Bang Myung-soo)

2015-2016 – SBS Six Flying Dragons (as Ddang-sae / Lee Bang-ji)

2018 – tvN Mr. Sunshine

Byun Yo-han’s Movies, TV Shows, and Musicals

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As was explained at the beginning of this article, Byun Yo-han began his acting career by doing short films as a student of Korea National University of Arts. Later, his status rose to fame thanks to his role as Ji-woong in the indie film entitled Socialphobia and he has continuously challenged himself to act in many movies and musical theatre shows every since. Therefore, Channel-Korea has listed all of Byun Yo-han’s movies, tv shows, and musicals below.

2011 – Working on Saturday (as Do-yeon)

2011 – Seventeen in Summer (as Tae-gu)

2011 – Dear Catastrophe (as Yo-han)

2011 – The Night of the Witness (as Yoo Ji-hoon)

2011 – Crow Boy (as Beom-joon)

2012 – Picnic Together

2013 – Magic Hour (as Sang-hoon)

2013 – Juvenile Offender (as the Male guest with the donut)

2013 – Norigae (as Park Ji-hoon)

2013 – Cold Eyes (as M3)

2013 – Three Mirrors (as Stalker)

2013 – Hyun-soo’s Story

2014 – Tinker Ticker (as Park Jung-gu)

2014 – No Tears for the Dead (as Song Joon-ki)

2015 – Socialphobia (as Ji-woong)

2015 – Madonna (as Dr. Im Hyeok-gyu)

2016 – Will You Be There? (as young Soo-hyun)

2016 – Phantom Detective (as Gwang Eun-hoi shadow man)

2016 – Hedwig (as Hedwig)

2017 – A Day (as Lee Min-chul)

Byun Yo-han on Running Man

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Apparently, Byun Yo-han has not become a guest on Running Man before. The only relationship he has to Running Man is that he and Song Ji-hyo, his acting partner on tvN Ex-Girlfriend Club, were being called a Friday-Saturday couple. This is referring to the Monday couple, which consisted of Song Ji-hyo and Gary who were part of the cast of Running Man at that time. Even so, we are looking forward to the time when Byun Yo-han does appear on Running Man, and reunites with Song Ji-hyo with whom he used to work with on a drama!

Byun Yo-han on Korean Drama Six Flying Dragons

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Unexpectedly, Byun Yo-han’s popularity increased rapidly due to his appearance as one of the main characters of SBS’s Six Flying Dragons along with actors and actress such as Yoo Ah-in, Kim Myung-min, Shin Se-kyung, Yoon Kyun-sang, and Chun Ho-jin. The drama, which is the part of SBS’s 25th Anniversary Special, aired 50 episodes and was known to be the prequel to SBS’s Deep Rooted Tree, which aired in 2011. Byun Yo-han played Ddang-sae or Lee Bang-ji, who is the best swordsman of Samhan Korea and the brother of Boon-yi, played by actress Shin Se-kyung. In this drama, Byun Yo-han also showcased his sword fighting skills and lent his voice to a song on the drama soundtrack, which you may listen to below.

Are Byun Yo-han and Song Ji-hyo Dating?

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Due to their adorable chemistry on tvN’s Ex-Girlfriend Club, many people suspected that Byun Yo-han is in a relationship with Song Ji-hyo. Well, is that true? According to the actor himself when he appeared on the radio show Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date on 14 December 2016, Byun Yo-han only admitted that he is still in contact with Song Ji-hyo. The host of radio show, Ji Suk-jin, is also Song Ji-hyo’s fellow cast on SBS Running Man, and he stated that he once heard Song Ji-hyo talk to Byun Yo-han on the phone, and they seemed to be very chatty. Byun Yo-han added that Song Ji-hyo is the type of person who is very loyal, and she would always call him to congratulate him whenever something happened. Aww, what a heartwarming friendship!

Byun Yo-han and Kim Go-eun’s Dating Scandal

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In late 2014, the dating rumors began to surface about Byun Yo-han and Kim Go-eun on the internet. Both of them are known to have graduated from the same department of the Korea National University of Arts. Although the representative of their agency has denied Byun Yo-han and Kim Go-eun’s relationship, as they are only acquaintances from the same college, something was revealed through Byun Yo-han’s Instagram account on January 2016 when he uploaded a screenshot of his conversation with Kim Go-eun, which people assumed that he had broken up with.

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You can read the translation of Byun Yo-han and Kim Go-eun’s conversation below:

Byun Yo-han: “I did not depend on you. I hope you do not judge my story without seeing me and listening to me. I can tell you every single detail of the story. That is all.”

Kim Go-eun: “Oppa, you can stop now. Don’t try hard anymore.”

Byun Yo-han: “Do you think I am trying hard? I believe in the last fate of the God, until the last.

Kim Go-eun: “I am sorry but you use the God as an excuse too many times. That is what I feel.”

Byun Yo-han: “Don’t deny it and pray. I am the person that you loved.”

After the rumor that he is dating Kim Go-eun resurfaced, Byun Yo-han deleted the post from his Instagram account as he got many negative comments regarding what he said in the conversation. Korean Netizens mostly dislike Byun Yo-han for being a religious preacher who forces his beliefs on people, whereas the rest find that the conversation between Byun Yo-han and Kim Go-eun sounded like to was from a movie or drama script. Well, what are your thoughts, dear readers? Do you think Byun Yo-han dated Kim Go-eun? Or maybe, you think that they are only college acquaintances like their agencies said? Share your feedback in the comment box below!