Get Closer to Actress Lee Mi-sook: Plastic Surgery, Family, Movies, and TV Shows


Lee Mi-sook is one of the most successful actresses in South Korea. She has starred in more than 30 movies and 20 television dramas in her career. She was most famous in 80s and dominated the screen and was referred to as the “Troika of the 1980s.”. She then become one of the A-listers of the South Korean film industry. What is Lee Mi-sook ’s debut movie? Is she married? Let’s find out more about Lee Mi-sook!

Lee Mi-sook: Profile and Career

Name Lee Mi-sook (이미숙)
Born April 2, 1960
North Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Education Korea University – Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Occupation Actress
Hobby Golf
Height, Weight 160cm, 46kg
Star sign Aries
Blood type B
Years active 1979–present
Agent SidusHQ
Spouse Hong Sung-ho (1987-2007; divorced)
Family One son and one daughter

Lee Mi-sook’s Career

  • She studied at Korea university for journalism and in addition, Lee Mi-sook also completed 2 years at Hawaii Pacific University (in Hawaii).
  • She has starred on several television shows, with the most recent being “Let Me Introduce Her”.
  • She was married with 1 boy and 1 girl.
  • During her off time, she likes to play a few rounds of golf as her hobby.
  • Lee Mi Sook started her career around 1979, and since then has debuted all over the place. She debuted in film at the age of twenty in “Thoughtless Momo”
  • By the mid-1980s she had become one of the best-known actresses of her era. She was very famous during the eighties, She even win several awards. Together with Lee Bo-hee and Won Mi-kyung, they dominated the screen and were referred to as the “Troika of the 1980s.”
  • She starred in several famous films from this era include Bae Chang-ho’s “Whale Hunting” and “The Winter That Year Was Warm”, Lee Doo-yong’s “Mulberry and Eunuch”, and Kwak Ji-kyoon’s “Wanderer in Winter”.
  • She retired from film after getting married in 1987, though she still appeared on television in dramas such as “How’s Your Husband?” in 1993.
  • 2003 was one of her best years, with her highly praised role in her comeback with an award-winning leading role in E J-yong’s feature debut “An Affair” in 1998. She has since remained active in film and television, notably in the “May–December romance Solitude” in 2002, the Dangerous Liaisons adaptation “Untold Scandal” in 2003, the mockumentary “Actresses” in 2009, and the family dramas “Smile, Mom” 2010.
  • She also remains a favorite in editorial spreads in fashion magazines, notably a 2010 Elle Korea feature opposite pop star T.O.P of BIGBANG. In an interview T.O.P. said that he managed to overcome a 30-year age difference between himself and Lee Mi-sook in order to shoot a seductive pictorial for the magazine. He even said that he couldn’t get up from bed for two days after the photoshoot ended.
  • In 2011, Lee launched her own lingerie line “Starit”, which was sold on home shopping channels. Her brand focusing on middle aged woman in Korea. For it’s mission her brand get quite good reputation.

Controversial Lawsuit


In 2012, Lee Mi-sook was embroiled in a controversy when she was sued by her former agency, The Contents Media, after she moved to a new agency, Hoya Spotainment.

The agency claims that Lee Mi-sook breached the exclusivity contract it signed with her and is suing for 300 million won ($265,200) in damages. The amount is said to represent 20 percent of the profits that she accrued at her new agency, Hoya Spotainment, but before the expiration of her old contract with The Contents Entertainment. In the end, The Seoul High Court ruled that Lee was guilty of breach of contract and ordered her to pay ₩120 million (US$110,604) in damages.

However, The Contents Media filed an appeal, stating that the agency was owed at least double the amount. They even alleged that Lee Mi-sook had been involved in a romantic relationship with a man 17 years her junior in 2006, who they claimed to have paid off in millions of won to keep him from talking to the press and tarnishing the actress’ image.

Lee Mi-sook then counter-sued The Contents Media and the two reporters who broke the story for defamation. Lee lost her appeal in February 2013, and the Seoul High Court ruled for her to pay the amount in the original ruling.

In August 2013, she signed with another agency, SidusHQ

Lee Mi-sook’s Family and Relationship Scandal


In 2007, Lee and her husband Hong Sung-ho, a plastic surgeon, divorced after 20 years of marriage. They have a son and a daughter. They have lived apart since their two children went to the U.S. to study six years ago. Their love for each other faded because of that prolonged separation. They still in good term so he separation went well. She will reportedly take care of the two children.

Meanwhile in 2012, Lee Mi-sook past agency has released some saucy details about her private life, alleging that she was involved in a romantic relationship with a man 17 years her junior. The agency said it paid him tens of millions of won to keep him from talking to the press and tarnishing Lee Mi-sook’s image.

The agency, The Contents Media, said, “Before her divorce, Lee Mi Sook had inappropriate relations with a man, 17 years younger than her. If news about this spread back then, she would have had to quit being an actress. This man knew about this and used this information to blackmail and even threaten Lee Mi Sook. We ended up settling this matter by giving him millions of won.”