GD X Taeyang’s “Good Boy” (2014)

gd x taeyang big bang

Best Hip Hop Duo Project in 2014

Good Boy is a song that was released by YG Entertainment on November 21, 2014. It was sung by two members of the group Big Bang, GD and Taeyang, as a collaboration single. Good Boy was their second hip hop project after Niliria by GD and Miss Elliot on December 2, 2013, which was included in GD’s album Coup d’Etat that was released the same year. The song lyrics were written by GD himself, who also produced it along with Fliptones and Freedo.

As a single, Good Boy topped several charts after its release. It earned first place on Billboard World Digital Songs and the Gaon Albums Chart. Here is the album cover for GD x Taeyang’s single, Good Boy.

GD x Taeyang’s Good Boy Album Cover


The physical album of GD x Taeyang’s Good Boy released one month after the single was released. Other than just a CD, the album also contained a hand banner and a photo-book with pictures of GD and Taeyang. There is a lot of swag and cool yet charismatic photos to be seen in the photo-book. Here is a video of the un-boxing of the album.


GD x Taeyang’s Good Boy Album

special edition

Although the song originally only released as a single, the Good Boy album contains four songs, including the normal version of the song itself. The remaining three songs are other versions of Good Boy, including an acapella version, an instrumental version, and an MR (music recorded) version. Those versions were included in the physical album, which released on December 12, 2014, exactly one year after the single Good Boy debuted.


GD x Taeyang’s Good Boy Live

gd x taeyang mv

GD x Taeyang performed their first music show at SBS Inkigayo on December 7, 2014. Among all of their live performances, the most memorable occurred during the MAMA Mnet Award 2014. This one was interesting because GD rapped before the song, which seemed to be dissing the show for only giving the award to the famous artists, rather than the talented artists. This performance has been called a “savage performance” because of this.