Rumoured to be Dating, What’s Up with GD and Dara’s Relationship?

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Romance in YG Entertainment

Are BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Dara dating or not?

Bigbang and 2NE1 come from the same agency, YG Entertainment, is it possible that they may have been dating all this time? Spending a lot of time close to someone can encourage feelings of love, and it’s been speculated that the feelings between Bigbang’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Dara may be more than friendly or familial. Their close relationship has been sniffed out by fans who have been tracking down all things that could be evidence of a romantic relationship.

Soooo, what proof have they found? Do G-Dragon and Dara really date? Or it is just like they’re brother and sister? Let’s find out!

Dating Rumors and Evidence

After Bigbang was giving their last performance of the 10th anniversary “0.TO.10” concerts in January, 2017, and there was much buzz over the group’s awesome performance and all the celebrities who attended, there was one particular incident that made headlines: G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Dara being spotted together after the concert!

For those who are unaware, fans spotted G-Dragon and Dara leaving the concert venue together following BIGBANG’s concert, and the interactions between the two caused rumors of dating to start spreading quickly.

While fans and netizens are debating whether G-Dragon and Dara are dating, YG Entertainment has now released a new statement clarifying the situation – no, they are not dating!

According to YG’s statement, “G-Dragon suggested to Sandara Park that they have their photos taken in that pose as a joke, and photos were taken. It was a joke that turned into a dating rumor.”

Not believing the agency’s statement, fans collected evidence from old photos in GD and Sandara’s Instagram accounts, proving that they both have many of the same accessories and things.

According to fans, most of the photos of the two YG Entertainment artists, where they have similar photos with identical poses and clothing articles, were posted while G-Dragon was dating model Kiko Mizuhara.

At first, the similar poses, photos, and clothing items may seem like a strong argument that the two idols are dating, but it’s really not all that uncommon.

Fashion items also seemed to cause quite a stir, but how hard is it to believe that two idols would have the same sense of fashion?

Other than that, their similar poses are also viewed as evidence. But is it really proof?

But what are their thoughts regarding this rumor?

Sandara Park and G-dragon’s dating rumors sparked after the two succeeded in a prank they did to entertain their fans, Drama Fever reported. According to an official statement released by YG Entertainment, it was G-dragon who suggested to Sandara Park to have their images taken in controversial poses, as a joke.

While both Sandara Park and G-Dragon were just trying to have some fun, fans of the popular Korean stars have jumped to conclusions that they are indeed a couple. Up until now, neither Sandara Park nor G-dragon has ever commented on these dating reports.

The two have actually admitted they’re like family!

“I don’t really understand, because we’re really like family. So… ah, yuck! We’re really close so there’s nothing special about it.” — Sandara Park

And while G-Dragon may have recently admitted he thinks Dara is pretty, not everyone who thinks someone is pretty is also dating that someone.

But is there any chance that this couple could be dating? The answer is yes! Because no matter what – the two are forever YG family. They’re often seen together hanging with the same crowd, meeting up for concerts, cheering each other on, and so forth. Although their friendship, relationship, business partnership, or whatever, will last for a long time, G-Dragon will be shipping out to the military in the matter of a year or so. We’ll just have to breathe in as much Daragon as we can before then!

After all, the agency says that G-Dragon was seemingly kissing Sandara Park in an attempt to do a “joke” pose. With this, it turns out that the romantic photos were all a big joke and does not mean the two are in a relationship.

Sandara Park also says that she wasn’t expecting to have that many people after the concert. She then added that she also wasn’t expecting dating rumors to come out. Sandara Park strongly said that she wasn’t dating someone inside the same company.

Having said all of this, everyone should now stop hoping that Sandara Park and G-Drahon are into something romantic. To clarify once more, everything was just a big joke and not real.

So which team are you? The shipper one? Or the family first?

Their Relationship Now

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So what are they, actually? A couple? or only coworkers? Or friends?

While there is no official statement of them have been dating for all this time, we can conclude that their closeness is just because they are family in YG entertainment. They may share the same interests, fashion styles, poses, taking pictures together, or even hug each other! Even though 2NE1 has disbanded, the relationships between the members, or even with BigBang, is still warm and maybe stronger. No matter what, they have worked together and will always be teammates.

While some people still wish for their romance relationship, let’s hope that both of them will be successful and happy with their paths now! Cheers!