Gangkiz’s Jihyun: Profile, Facts, Relationship With Hyun Bin

Gangkiz's Jihyun

Everything You Should Know About Gangkiz’s Former Leader Hwang Ji-hyun

Gangkiz (Hangul: 갱키즈) was a South Korean group that debuted in 2012 under Core Contents Media which is now known as MBK Entertainment. Gangkiz debuted as one of the sister groups of T-ara and was also famous for having members whose visuals were very beautiful with model and actress backgrounds.

In this article, there’s detailed information about one of Gangkiz’s members, Hwang Ji-hyun, who was the former leader of the group and who had also previously debuted as an actress. Besides that, she is also one of the former idols who has dated Hyun Bin. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Gangkiz’s Jihyun’s full profile, fun facts, and her latest news after the group disbanded in the article below!

Gangkiz’s Jihyun’s Full Profile

Real Name: Hwang Ji-hyun (Hangul: 황지현)

Stage Name: Ji-hyun (Hangul: 지현)

Birth: Incheon, South Korea, March 1, 1983

Star Sign: Pisces

Weight: 50 kg

Height: 171 cm (5’7″)

Blood Type: A

Education: Dongduk Women’s University, Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment (Graduated)

Position in the Group: Leader, Main Vocalist

Family Members:

  • Parents
  • Husband (born in 1973)
  • Son (born on February 15, 2021)

Active Period: Gangkiz (2012-2013)

Official Site: Instagram ( @ji_hyun_hwang0301 )

Gangkiz’s Jihyun’s Fun Facts
  1. Gangkiz’s Jihyun likes swimming and playing golf
  2. Gangkiz’s Jihyun is known for dating actor Hyun Bin in 2007
  3. Gangkiz’s Jihyunsang sung “I Don’t Want To Know the Parting,” an OST for the Coffee House drama
  4. Gangkiz’s Jihyun has been an actress since prior to her idol debut and signed under Broom Stick LTD after her departure from the group
  5. Gangkiz’s Jihyun debuted as an actress in the sitcom Nonstop 2 in 2002

Gangkiz’s Jihyun’s Relationship With Hyun Bin

When Hyun Bin‘s fame skyrocketed in 2005 because of the drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Hyun Bin dated actress Hwang Ji-hyun. However, their relationship was widely disapproved of by fans because Hwang Ji-hyun was considered unsuitable for Hyun Bin. They finally broke up in 2007, and Hyun Bin posted a confused expression on his homepage account.

A close aide to Hyun Bin said, “I know that Hyun Bin and Hwang Ji-hyun broke up. We do not know the exact reason for the breakup, but we know that Hyun Bin and Hwang Ji-hyun naturally decided to remain as seniors and juniors at the stage of getting to know each other.”

He continued, “When Hyun Bin recently visited China, he briefly responded to a Chinese reporter’s question, ‘Are you doing well with your girlfriend?'”

Hyun Bin and Hwang Ji-hyun met through an acquaintance in early 2007 and have been dating ever since. At the time of the dating rumors, Hyun Bin said to his fan café, “I’m getting to know Hwang Ji-hyun with interest and affection, and we’re good friends.”

Hwang Ji-hyun also became a hot topic when she publicly showed off her affection for Hyun Bin at the KBS 2TV Grand Prix Show Bad Dads Club where she was the MC in the beginning episode.

Gangkiz’s Jihyun’s Activity After Disbandment

Actress Hwang Ji-hyun has been confirmed to appear in the SBS daily drama Gangnam Scandal in November 2018. The former member from Gangkiz decided to go back to her previous path as an actress

Hwang Ji-hyun’s agency Broom Stick said, “Actress Hwang Ji-hyun is looking for a small screen in the SBS daily drama Gangnam Scandal directed by Yoon Ryu-hae. She played the character Kang Han-na, who was scouted by the LX group’s overseas marketing team as the only daughter of DH fashion.”

Gangnam Scandal tells the story of a woman who pretends to love the heiress of a wealthy conglomerate to earn money for her mother’s surgery and truly loves the man. It will also show the importance of love through the true faces of chaebols and their changes.

On February 15, 2019, Hwang Ji-hyun surprised many people by making an appearance on Mnet’s I Can See Your Voice 6 after a long time without news from her in the entertainment industry, and she had a duet with soloist Gummy. Many were amazed by Hwang Ji-hyun’s very melodious voice, and her performance made many people fascinated by her appearance in the episode.

At the time this article is being published, there is still no recent work from Hwang Ji-hyun because she decided to become a housewife after marriage and just gave birth to her first son in February 2021. You can follow Hwang Ji-hyun’s official Instagram account, and don’t forget to post positive comments only!

Let’s continue to give Hwang Ji-hyun and her little family support and wish her the best for her future life.

Well, that is all of the information about Gangkiz’s Jihyun and everything you should know about her. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!