Gangkiz’s Hyeji: Profile, Fun Facts, Activities After Disbandment

Gangkiz's Hyeji

Everything You Should Know About Gangkiz’s Youngest Member And Vocalist; Kim Hye-ji!

Many K-Pop idols have to go through a long journey to get a stable career journey. During their careers, they must also provide maximum performance for the fans. Then, what about some underrated K-Pop groups that have to be disbanded even though their careers are still relatively short?

One of them is Gangkiz (hangul: 갱키즈), a girl group that was formed under Core Contents Media which debuted in May 2012. Not even 2 years into their career, Gangkiz was disbanded. What about the members? In this article, there’s a detailed information about one of the members of Gangkiz, Kim Hye-ji, that you shouldn’t missed from her full profile, fun facts until her career journey!

Gangkiz’s Hyeji’s Full Profile

Gangkiz's Hyeji

Real Name : Kim Hye-ji (hangul: 김혜지)

Stage Name: Hyeji (hangul: 혜지)

Birth : Seoul, South Korea, May 29, 1989

Star Sign : Gemini

Position of the group : Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Nationality : Korean

Official Site : Twitter ( ellykim0529 )

Gangkiz’s Hyeji’s Fun Facts

Gangkiz's Hyeji
  1. Gangkiz’s Hyeji  attended Sungkyunkwan University under the Acting Department
  2. Gangkiz’s Hyeji  was a model before debut as a member of girlgroup and she took part in the 19th Super Model Selection Contest, earning a 2nd place
  3. Gangkiz’s Hyeji revealed that her parents were against broadcasting, but they slowly started recognizing their talent and have been supporting her since she won the supermodel contest
  4. Gangkiz’s Hyeji’s talents are art, swimming and snowboarding
  5. Gangkiz’s Hyeji  can speak English

Gangkiz’s Hyeji’s Activity After Disbandment

Gangkiz's Hyeji

Gangkiz was disbanded in 2014 and it was very unfortunate for them because they did not get enough attention from the public and also did not get proper promotion from their own agency. Gangkiz members then left the agency without giving any clarification and they restarted their own career path.

Gangkiz’s Hyeji, whose pre-debut was a model, then restarted her career as an actress soon after the girlgroup disbanded. She is known to be an actress under a new name as Kim Ga-hwa and appeared for the first time as a cameo on K-Drama titled ‘Secret Love’ (2013) that was aired on KBS2.

Gangkiz's Hyeji

Some time later, she appeared as one of the supporting roles who played a character named Kim Hye-jin in the K-Drama entitled ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ (2014) that was aired on tvN. In the next year, Kim Ga-hwa played as the character of Kim Eun-young in a K-Drama titled ‘4 Legendary Witches’ (2014-2015) that was aired on MBC.

The former member of Gangkiz, Hyeji, made another appearance on ‘Another Miss Oh’ (2016) as cameo, but her character was unknown.

Gangkiz's Hyeji

Actress Kim Ga-hwa shows off her acting transformation. On April 22, 2020, the management company’s entertainment said, “Kim Ga-hwa has been cast in SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Backstreet Rookie’, which is premiere in June 2020. We ask for your interest and support.”

‘Backstreet Rookie’, starring Kim Ga-hwa, is based on a webtoon serialized in ‘Convenience Store Saet-byul’ and is a 24-hour unpredictable comic romance that unfolds in a convenience store by a smart 4D part-timer and a handsome manager.

In particular, Kim Ga-hwa will play the role of Nancy and show off her colorful charms. Beside that, the lead roles in this drama are Ji Chang-wook, Kim Yoo-jung, Han Seon-hwa, and Solbi.

Gangkiz's Hyeji

For the new appearance, Kim Ga-hwa appeared on JTBC’s ‘Graceful Family’ that was aired on September 2020 and played a character named Geum Ha-na, who is Jung Jae-hoon’s colleague (played by Bae Soo-bin). Pleas give your support and love for Kim Ga-hwa or previously known as Gangkiz’s Kim Hye-ji, may her career shine even more in the future!

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