Gangkiz’s Haein: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut as an Actress

GangKiz’s Haein After Leaving Gangkiz

Gangkiz's Haein

After leaving Gangkiz in 2013, Gangkiz’s Haein actively made an appearance as an actress in K-dramas until 2018. After that, she announced that she would work as a Pilates instructor in Gimpo Han River in December 2019. After a little time, she again tried her luck as AfreecaTV’s BJ and started her first appearance on July 3, 2019, but then discontinued in May 2020.

Contrary to her innocent appearance, she is attracting attention for her glamorous body which she developed through Pilates and her versatility through various entertainment activities. However, at some point, she turned into a YouTuber who made exposure her main content. She wears almost naked clothes, shoots a video, and raises the number of views with a thumbnail that highlights her exposure.

Gangkiz's Haein

Criticism started such as “How is it different from a woman who makes money by selling her body?” and “Do you want to make money like this?” Her controversy became a problem, and on November 19, 2020, it was written to the community that YouTube monetization was eventually restricted. However, the topic itself became a big topic through the clarification video and fan service.

About her current job as a YouTuber, Lim Lee-ji gained 784,000 subscribers as of August 28, 2021.

Gangkiz's Haein

On December 11, 2020, Lim Lee-ji posted a video titled “The Life of a Cyber ​​Whore” on her sub-YouTube channel. In the video, she said, “A lot of good things have happened these days. Personally, I was living a happy life. There were times when I wondered if I could be this happy. It was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. I created this channel [sub-channel] when I was feeling anxious.”

Lim Lee-ji said, “After about two weeks, I received an email saying that monetization was stopped on this account.” The sad prediction was not wrong. “I would have reviewed it because of the accumulated reports of people,” she said, “Why doesn’t happiness last so long?”

She said, “When someone calls me, they call me a cyber prostitute. I think I’m lucky because I’m a cyber prostitute. A cyber prostitute will be physically less demanding than a prostitute. I was going to report it too, but I just put up with it because I wanted to make a video so that he could eat and live. There is also a person who makes videos while taking off, and I want to report what that person has to say.”

Gangkiz's Haein

She continues, “I don’t know if it will be beneficial because of me, but I hope that making the video will be beneficial. Editing is hard. But, the benefits will come back later as poison. I am exhausted now. I don’t want to do hard work anymore. Now, the meat restaurant part-time job, the Pilates instructor, and the desire to act are exhausted. My stamina is also dropping, and it is in many ways.”

She suddenly complained that she hated rice cakes and said, “I just want to remain as the rice cakes in the picture. If it looks delicious, you are satisfied with it. It’s amazing. Even if you talk about your worries, even if you talk about your life, if you see that the ending ends with a story of rice cakes, I want to be able to do that.”

Lim Lee-ji said at the end of the video, “Now it’s my turn to come, so I’ll wait. So today, I take off my clothes and play the piano. If you want to play together, search for ‘Leezy Piano’ on YouTube.”

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