Get to Know More About the Cast of the Famous Korean Sketch-Comedy Show ‘Gag Concert’

The Famous Comedy Show Gag Concert

Gag Concert is a Korean sketch-comedy television show on KBS 2TV. Sometimes it’s also referred to as Gag Con. The show began airing in September, 1999, and is the oldest  comedy TV show currently airing in South Korea. The program is recorded on Wednesdays and airs Sundays at 9:15 PM.

The program, which is directed by Lee Jae-woo, has run for five seasons through 2018 and already has 32 classes. As of November 18, 2018, Gag Concert has had dozens of comedians.

Gag Concert: The Cast

If you rarely watch South Korean comedy TV shows, you probably aren’t familiar with some of the comedians. Are you curious about who they are? Let’s get to know more about some of them.

Shin Bong-sun

Shin Bong-sun, who was born in Busan on October 6, 1980, is a South Korean comedian. She took a five-year hiatus from comedy between 2010 and 2015, which ended when she joined Comedy Big League. She appeared in the Korean drama Reply 1997 in 2012, as a Busan fan club H.O.T president. She also often said that she looks like the Korean singer, IU.

Kim Jun-ho

Kim Jun-ho, also known as Charlie Kim, is an award-winning South Korean comedian and singer who was born on December 25, 1975. Before entering the world of entertainment, he finished his studies at Chungnam High School and majored in acting at Dankook University.

After graduating, Kim Jun-ho debuted as an entertainer under SBS’s 4th Class of Comedians and later joined KBS’s Gag Concert in 1999. He also contributed as a cast member for the first season of The Human Condition. After working on those shows, his popularity was on the rise and he’d earned the nickname “Mr. Devious” in 2 Days & 1 Night season 3.

In addition to being a successful comedian, he also acts as the executive chairman of the Busan International Comedy Festival.

For you who are curious about Kim Jun-ho’s family life, he married a musical actress named Kim Eun-young on March 2, 2006. Unfortunately, they had to live separately starting in 2007, after Kim Eun-young moved to the Philippines, which led to their eventual divorce in 2018.

Kwak Beom

Kwak Beom was born on November 1, 1986. He joined was part of the comedy duo Gga Brother Show.

Kwan Jae-kwan

The comedian Kwan Jae-kwan married Kim Gyeong-ah and the couple has two children.

Kim Dae-hee

Kim Dae-hee or as he’s also known, Gim Dae-hui, is a South Korean actor and comedian. He was born on June 24, 1974. Since his debut as an actor, Kim Dae-hee has already starred many dramas and movies, including Rooftop PrinceUgly Alert, Introverted Boss, etc. and has been a regular member of the cast in Gag Concert since 1999.

Kim Soo-young

Kim Soo-young is famously known for his attempt to lose 70 kilograms (approximately 155 pounds) through Gag Concert-Last Health Boy.

Kim Sung-won

Kim Sung-won is a South Korean comedian and host who was born on June 14, 1984. He became well known after he performed in some dramas and reality shows in cameo roles. In 2015, he was once the host of the Hallyu quiz show “Join Us Korea”, along with singer G.NA.

Kim Taewon

Kim Taewon is one of many comedians who’s also a talented singer. A lot of people are surprised by how clean and clear his voice is, which seems to be in opposition to his big and burly appearance also his sense of humor. His vocal range is truly fit for all sorts of music.

Yang Sunil

Hong Hyeon Ho

Hong Hyeon-ho is a South Korean comedian who was born in Dongducheon on January 10, 1992. He made his debut as a public figure/comedian at the 29th KBS Awards in 2014 and won the Newcomer Award in the KBS Entertainment comedy section in 2016.

Kim Young-chul

Kim Young-chul is a South Korean comedian and singer who was born on June 23, 1974. He is known for his appearance on the popular Korean variety show Infinity Challenge, where his unique character and ability to speak English made him stand out. He is also well known for his pronunciation of the catchphrase “Cheer up, superpower” sounding like “Cheer up, super po-wall”.

Many More Comedians and Already Reach 32nd Class

Actually, Gag Concert has had dozens of comedians until this season (season 5), with 32 classes. The most recent class included Kim Doo-hyeon, Min Seong-jun, Park Dae-seung, Song I-ji, Uhm Ji-yoon, Lee Ka-eun, Lee Jae-yool, Lee Jeong-in, Jang Jun-hui, Jeon Soo-hui, and Jeong Jin-ha.