Singer Ga-in: From Youngest Member of Brown Eyed Girls into Sexy Soloist


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Some of her Instagram photos from her account @songain87. Her recent photo of her after her practice.

Ga-In posted her photo about Halloween filter with Brown Eyed Girls members.

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Ga-in, as a member of Brown Eyed Girls, is ready to release their new album, called Revive. The members are obviously bringing back their legendary style and flair, sporting unique styling choices on the cover, and fans are counting down the days till their comeback.

Recently, Ga-In and Brown Eyed Girls became guests on the variety show Knowing Brothers on October 26, 2019. They talked about the Brown Eyed Girls’ dorm life. The Knowing Brothers cast members asked why Ga In got the master bedroom with its own bathroom attached, even though she’s the youngest member. Ga In said, “During our dorm years, I used the biggest room, the master bedroom. Back then, I was extremely germaphobic to the point I wouldn’t use the bathroom with other people.”

She continued, “The unnies understood that about me. They knew they wouldn’t be able to match that about me, so they separated it. In other groups, the younger one has to help the unnies, but in our team, they would care for me. During my trainee days, the unnies basically carried me around like a baby.” 

That’s all about Ga-in and the story of her career and life. Cheering for Ga-in in her upcoming music album. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts below!