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g.o.d (지오디) is a South Korean boy band that debuted on January 13th, 1999, and signed with their first label, EBM (which is now merged into Sidus and split to become iHQ or known as SidusHQ in 2005). g.o.d is an acronym of Groove Over Dose and the band is one of the bands leading the first generation of K-Pop idols.


g.o.d was also one of the most popular boy bands in the early 2000s in South Korea and they had the biggest fandom in the entertainment industry so far. As time went by, one by one, g.o.d members decide to part ways with the band to pursue a solo career, so in 2005 they all went their separate ways. They did, however, become a quintet for a while to make a comeback in July 2014. The Chapter 8 comeback was to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut and they reunited as a 5-member band after being on a hiatus for nearly a decade.


g.o.d was also know as a boy band whose lyrics are really deep and every song of theirs blends really nicely in their recognizable R&B and rap style. Some of their songs also introduce hip-hop and even funk. It was also reported that g.o.d reached South Korea’s best selling artist to the digital era and one of the few idol groups to have more than one album become a “million seller.” Every idol group has its own fandom name, g.o.d’s fandom name is called Fan God and their official fan color is Sky Blue. Their fancafe is called FanGod House.


g.o.d was also called The Nation’s Idol and Legends of K-Pop since they have been very popular from back then and even until now. But due to their lack of promotions and extended hiatus, their fame has been limited to the domestic market and some overseas countries. Still, the legends will forever remain and their top songs, like “To Mother” (어머님께), and “Road” (길) will continue to live on, especially “One Candle” (촛불하나), which is considered as one of the South Korean classic songs.

Well, if you want to know about g.o.d and each member’s profile, let’s scroll down and check out the article below!

Park Joon-hyung’s Profile


Full Name: Park Joon-hyun (박준형)

Stage Name: Joon Park (준박)

Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, July 20th, 1969

Zodiac: Cancer

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Education: Thomas Paine Elementary School, LA Quinta High School

Religion: Catholic

Position In The Group: Leader, Rapper

Official Sites: Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/godjp/)

Facts About Park Joon-hyung

  1. g.o.d’s Joon was born in South Korea but raised in America, that’s why it is so hard for him to communicate in Korean.
  2. g.o.d’s Joon is the youngest among his siblings and has one sister and two brothers.
  3. g.o.d’s Joon loves surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and martial arts.
  4. g.o.d’s Joon’s favorite color is Silver.
  5. g.o.d’s Joon’s favorite music genres are rock, ballad, R&B, disco, and hip-hop. His favorite musicians are Will Smith, James Ingram, Ice Cube, Bryan McKnight, and Queen.
  6. g.o.d’s Joon is actually a cousin of Danny.
  7. g.o.d’s Joon got married to his wife, Kim Yoo-jin, in 2015 and their first child was born in 2017.

Yoon Kye-sang’s Profile


Full Name: Yoon Kye-sang (윤계상)

Stage Name: Kye-sang (계상)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 20th, 1978

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Blood Type: O

Education: Kyunghee University, major in Post Modern music

Position In The Group: Vocalist

Facts About Yoon Kye-sang

  1. g.o.d’s Yoon Kye-sang has an older sister.
  2. g.o.d’s Yoon Kye-sang’s hobbies are playing computer games, repairing broken things, going to the movies, and listening to music. Meanwhile, his habit is touching his nose.
  3. g.o.d’s Yoon Kye-sang’s favorite music genres are rock, disco, and hip-hop.
  4. g.o.d’s Yoon Kye-sang’s favorite colors are black, silver and white.
  5. g.o.d’s Yoon Kye-sang’s favorite dish is everything that his mother cooked for him.
  6. g.o.d’s Yoon Kye-sang’s physical condition is easily influenced by his surroundings and he is not a very sociable person.

Danny Ahn’s Profile


Full Name: Ahn Shin-won (안신원)

Stage Name: Danny Ahn (데니안)

Place and Date of Birth: Seattle, Washington, USA, December 22nd, 1978

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: O

Education: Dankuk University, major in the Department of Industrial Design

Position In The Group: Rapper

Facts About Danny Ahn

  1. g.o.d’s Danny is the youngest among his two siblings, a brother and a sister.
  2. g.o.d’s Danny’s favorite musicians are Quincy Jones and Ray Charles.
  3. g.o.d’s Danny and g.o.d’s Joon are cousins.
  4. g.o.d’s Danny’s hobbies are skiing, reading comics, listening to music, driving, and car tuning. Meanwhile, he has a habit of biting his nails.
  5. g.o.d’s Danny originally made a debut as a rapper for South Korean female solo artist, Uhm Jeong-hwa

Son Ho-young’s Profile


Full Name: Son Ho-young (손호영)

Stage Name: Ho-young (호영)

English Name: Andrew Son

Nickname: Hoi, Hoppang

Place and Date of Birth: New Jersey, USA, March 26th, 1980

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Kyunghee University, major in the Department of Theater and Film

Position In The Group: Rapper, Vocalist

Official Sites: Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/dajungho2/)

Facts About Son Ho-young

  1. g.o.d’s Ho-young‘s hobbies are playing basketball, watching movies, and skiing.
  2. g.o.d’s Ho-young’s talents are doing some rap, sports, and dancing.
  3. g.o.d’s Ho-young’s favorite color is red.
  4. g.o.d’s Ho-young’s parents are divorced and don’t live together anymore.

Kim Tae-woo’s Profile


Full Name: Kim Tae-woo (김태우)

Stage Name: Tae-woo (태우)

Nicknames: Bear, Winnie The Pooh

Place and Date of Birth: Gumi, North Gyeongsang, South Korea, May 12th, 1981

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Kyunghee University

Religion: Buddhism

Position In The Group: Vocalist, Maknae

Facts About Kim Tae-woo

  1. g.o.d’s Tae-woo married his wife, Kim Ae-ri, in 2011 and already they have two daughters together, namely So-yool and Ji-yool, and a son Hae-yool.
  2. g.o.d’s Tae-woo’s favorite color is red.
  3. g.o.d’s Tae-woo’s hobbies are watching movies, dancing, and listening to music.
  4. g.o.d’s Tae-woo’s motto is to become someone who is needed by other people.

G.O.D’s Discography

Title Album Details Sales
Release Date Label Formats
Studio Albums
Chapter 1 January 26th, 1999 (KOR) EBM, Synnara Records CD, Cassette KOR: 160,000+
Chapter 2 November 25th, 1999 (KOR)  EBM, Synnara Records CD, cassette KOR: 578,567+
Chapter 3 November 3rd, 2000 (KOR) SidusHQ, Synnara Records CD, cassette KOR: 1,824,278+
Chapter 4 November 15th, 2001 (KOR SidusHQ, Yejeon Media CD, cassette KOR: 1,738,082+
Chapter 5: Letter December 27th, 2002 (KOR) SidusHQ, Yejeon Media CD, cassette KOR: 463,038+
An Ordinary Day (보통날) December 9th, 2004 (KOR) JYP Entertainment, Seoul Records CD, cassette, digital download KOR: 213,187+
Into the Sky (하늘속으로) October 28th, 2005 (KOR) JYP Entertainment, Seoul Records CD, cassette, digital download KOR: 109,757+
Chapter 8 July 8th, 2014 (KOR) SidusHQ, CJ E&M CD, digital download KOR: 43,449+
Thanks Edition: 바람 (Wind) October 22nd, 2014 (KOR) SidusHQ, CJ E&M CD, digital download KOR: 10,000+
Then & Now January 10th, 2019 (KOR) SidusHQ, Kakao M SidusHQ, Kakao M KOR: 20,004+
Single Albums
g.o.d Single Album December 9th, 2015 (KOR)  SidusHQ, CJ E&M CD, digital download KOR: 7,831+
Tracklist :
웃픈 하루 “A Funny But Sad Day”
웃픈 하루 (instrumental)
네가 할 일 “What You Should Do”
네가 할 일 (instrumental)
Other Charted Songs
“One Candle” (촛불하나) 2000 Album: Chapter 3 KOR: 42,821+
“The Lone Duckling” (미운오리새끼) 2014 Album: Chapter 8 KOR: 932,344+
“Sky Blue Promise” (하늘색 약속) KOR: 728,716+
“The Story of Our Lives” (우리가 사는 이야기) KOR: 372,189
“Sing for Me” (노래 불러줘요)
(ft. IU)
KOR: 339,899+
“Saturday Night” KOR: 252,559+
“An Ordinary Day” (original version) (보통날) KOR: 163,459+
“Stand Up” KOR: 123,232+
“Smile” KOR: 111,672+
“I Like It” (난 좋아) KOR: 115,448+
“G’Swag” (신사의 품격) KOR: 96,964+
“5+4+1+5=15” KOR: 77,646+
“Wind” (바람) Album: Chapter 8 (“Thanks” edition – repackaged album) KOR: 235,445+
“A Funny But Sad Day” (웃픈 하루) 2015 Album: god Single album KOR: 200,358+
“What You Should Do” (네가 할 일) KOR: 39,788+
KOR: 39,788+
“Snowfall” (눈이 내린다) 2018  Album: Then & Now N/A
“Leave That Man” (그 남자를 떠나) 2019 N/A
“Road” (by IU, Henry, Jo Hyun-ah and Yang Da-il) (길) N/A
“Eye to Eye” (눈을 맞춰) N/A
Contributed Singles and Tracks
“god Bless TJ”
(Jang Hyuk feat. g.o.d)
2000 Album: TJ Project N/A
“True East Side”
(g.o.d feat. JYP)
2002 Album: The Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Fever Pitch N/A
“Let’s Go” (간다) Album: Champion OST N/A
Theme song 2003 Album: Olympus Guardian (ko) OST N/A
샴푸의 요정  (Lee Seung-chul feat. Park Joon-hyung and Danny Ahn) 2005 Album: A Walk to Remember N/A
축복합니다  (Lee Seung-chul feat. g.o.d, Shinhwa, Lee Hyori, Kim Bum-soo, Clazziquai, Ock Joo-hyun, Tim and Sung Si-kyung) N/A
Video Albums
god — 2001 Live Concert 다섯 남자 이야기 (The Story of Five Men) August 30th, 2001 Spectrum  VCD (2 discs) N/A
god — 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert Special December 2014 SidusHQ, Play Company Corp. DVD, CD (5 DVDs, 1 CD) N/A
Music Videos
  • “To Mother” (어머님께)
  • “Observation” (관찰)
  • “Love and Remember” (사랑해 그리고 기억해)
  • “After You Left Me” (그대 날 떠난 후로)
  • “Lies” (거짓말)
  • “I Need You” (니가 필요해)
  • “Sky Blue Balloon” (하늘색 풍선)
  • “Road” (길)
  • “Sad Love” (슬픈사랑)
  • “You Don’t Know” (모르죠)
  • “Letter” (편지)
  • “0%”
  • “An Ordinary Day” (보통날)
  • “The Reason Why Opposites Attract” (반대가 끌리는 이유)
  • 2♡
  • “Into the Sky” (하늘속으로)
  • “Story of Our Lives” (우리가 사는 이야기)
  • “Sky Blue Promise” (하늘색 약속)
  • “Saturday Night”
  • “Wind” (바람)
  • “A Funny But Sad Day” (웃픈 하루)
  • “Snowfall” (눈이 내린다)