All About G.O.D’s Main Vocal, Kim Tae-woo: Profile, Solo Activity, Marriage, and Many More

Kim Tae-woo and G.O.D

Kpop Profiles

g.o.d made their debut appearance on January 13th, 1999, performing “To Mother,” the title track of their first album, live on the SBS late night show One Night of TV Entertainment.

Only one year after debuting, g.o.d already achieved success with the release of their third album and sold over a million copies. The title track “Lies” dominated the #1 spot on music programs and even won the Daesang (“Grand Prize”) at the KBS Music Awards. Following the success of their third album, g.o.d held their first national tour beginning in February 2001 and became only the second K-Pop group (after H.O.T.) to have held a concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

In 2004, Yoon left the group and g.o.d switched to JYP Entertainment after their group contract with SidusHQ expired. They kept promoting as a 4-member band, releasing two more albums. They went on hiatus from 2006 after their last concert in December 2005. Because of that, many media in Korea estimated that g.o.d will disband. However, the remaining members stated that they would reunite as a five-piece at some point in the future.

After lengthy discussions and organization, it was announced that all five members of g.o.d would reunite for their 15th anniversary and release a new album. Chapter 8 was released on July 8th, 2014, and was co-produced by Kim and renowned songwriting duo Duble Sidekick.

Latest News


Unfortunately, the latest news about Kim Tae-woo is not good news. According to several media in Korea, Kim Tae-woo’s father-in-law was accused of borrowing money and escaping to the United States. Soul Shop Entertainment as Kim Tae-woo’s agency stated, “This situation involving Kim Tae-woo’s father-in-law Mr. Kim was due to an employee at his company. At the time of the incident… the agreement was settled by both parties.” The agency also added, “Whatever the case, we apologize for the controversy, and Kim Tae-woo and Soul Shop Entertainment will aggressively work together to resolve the issue.”

Hopefully, the problem will soon be resolved. And as for us, let’s continue to support him and look forward to Kim Tae-woo’s next project!