Everything About (G)I-DLE: Profile, Facts, Discography, etc.

g idle

Let’s Find Out More about Cube Entertainment’s New Girl Group, (G)I-DLE!

(G)I-DLE is the most recent girl group from Cube Entertainment, the same agency as BtoB, CLC, Pentagon, and many more. They successfully made a debut with a song called LATATA in May 2018. Unlike most of the other girl groups in K-Pop, (G)I-DLE has a bad-ass concept that makes all the members look fiercely charming and has a girl crush vibe.

Even though in the beginning, when (G)I-DLE just debuted, Korean netizens found that the name (G)I-DLE is not the type of a good name since in hangul, (G)I-DLE is written as (여자)아이들, or also means as (Girl)-Idle. Which you can find that the word idle’s pronunciation is almost similar to idol, so it sounds quite like girl idol.

g idle

But in Korean, the word idle’s pronunciation has the same meaning as ai-deul which means children. So if you translate it all, (여자)아이들 in Korean means (Girl)-children. And people think that the name is a bit awkward.

But still, who cares about the name? The point is (여자)아이들 or (G)I-DLE is the kind of girl group that you will definitely like!

You will never get tired from looking at all the (G)I-DLE members because they all have amazing visuals. Starting from So-yeon the leader, Mi-yeon, Minnie, Soo-jin, Yuqi, and Shuhua, all six members are very beautiful and talented. Especially when (G)I-DLE perform on stage, they have a strong vibe that will show you a really good performance on stage with their good songs.

g idle

Some of (G)I-DLE’s popular songs are LATATA, Senorita, etc.

Now, after this general introduction of (G)I-DLE, you must be curious about the details about these beautiful girls. Well, then, wait no more! Let’s find out more about (G)I-DLE in the next page!

Profile and Facts


soyeon g i dle

Real name: Jeon So-yeon

Stage name: Soyeon

Date of Birth: August 26th, 1998

Place of Birth: Gaepo-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Age: 21 years old

Height: 157 cm

Nationality: Korean

Position: Rapper, leader, dancer, vocalist, center

Specialty: Rap

Interesting facts:

  • So-yeon appeared in Unpretty Rapstar and Produce 101 in 2016.
  • So-yeon had a solo debut before she debuted with (G)I-DLE.
  • So-yeon was known for her rapping skills in Produce 101.
  • After joining Unpretty Rapstar, So-yeon signed an official contract with her agency, Cube Entertainment.
  • So-yeon likes to watch anime and she likes One Piece very much.
  • So-yeon learned ballet when she was a kid and decided to be an idol after she watched Big Bang.


miyeon g i dle

Real name: Cho Mi-yeon

Stage name: Mi-yeon

Date of Birth: January 31st, 1997

Place of Birth: Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Height: 163 cm

Nationality: Korean

Position: Vocalist

Specialty: Her powerful vocal, piano, violin.

Interesting facts:

  • Mi-yeon used to be a trainee of YG Entertainment.
  • Mi-yeon almost debuted as a Blackpink member. However, she left the company in the middle of 2015.
  • When (G)I-DLE debuted in May 2018, Blackpink members congratulated Mi-yeon by sending her messages.
  • Mi-yeon is the only child in her family.
  • Mi-yeon can play violin and piano. Her father introduced her to music.


g i dle

Real name: Minnie Nicha Yontararak

Stage name: Minnie

Date of Birth: October 23rd, 1997

Place of Birth: Thailand

Height: 164 cm

Nationality: Thai

Position: Main vocalist

Specialty: Vocal,

Interesting facts:

  • Minnie is friends and has a group chat with other idols from Thai, like CLC’s Sorn, Blackpink’s Lisa, etc.
  • Unlike Mi-yeon, who is a fan of Big Bang, Minnie likes Super Junior.
  • Minnie can speak three languages, Thai, Korean and English.
  • Just like Mi-yeon, Minnie is also left-handed.
  • Minnie is Yuqi’s roommate.
  • Minnie attended the same vocal school as her fellow mate from the same agency from Thailand, CLC’s Sorn.


g i dle

Real name: Seo Soojin

Stage name: Soojin

Date of Birth: March 9th, 1998

Place of Birth: Gyeonggi, South Korea

Height: 164 cm

Nationality: Korean

Position: Main dancer, vocalist

Specialty: Dance, (G)I-DLE’s “mom”

Interesting facts:

  • Soojin learned dance since she was a kid and she took Jazz dance classes.
  • At first, Soojin’s father didn’t want her to be an idol but she begged him and finally, her father allowed her to become an idol.
  • Soojin became a trainee of Cube Entertainment in 2016 and got introduced in September 2017.
  • Soojin has a shy personality.
  • Soojin used to date a fellow mate from the same agency, Hui from Pentagon, but they have already broken up.


yuqi g i dle

Real name: Yuqi

Stage name: Song Yu Qi

Date of Birth: September 23rd, 1999

Place of Birth: Beijing, China

Height: 162 cm

Nationality: Chinese

Position: Lead vocalist, face of the group

Specialty: Dance, rap

Interesting facts:

  • Same as Minnie, Yuqi is also a fan of Super Junior.
  • Yuqi liked watching Running Man even before she came to Korea, now she is cast as a Running Man member from China.
  • Yuqi can speak English, Korean and Chinese.
  • Just like Mi-yeon, Yuqi is an only child.
  • Yuqi appeared in the reality show Knowing Brothers, along with Got7’s Bam Bam and NCT’s Lucas.
  • Yuqi likes to dance and rap.
  • Yuqi auditioned in Cube Entertainment in October 2014.
  • Yuqi’s roommate is Minnie.


shuhua g i dle

Real name: Yeh Shuhua

Stage name: Shuhua

Date of Birth: January 6th, 2000

Place of Birth: Taiwan

Height: 161 cm

Nationality: Taiwanese

Position: Vocalist, visual, maknae

Specialty: Acting

  • Shuhua was inspired by Hyuna, a former artist from Cube Entertainment that led her to became an idol.
  • Before she became an idol, Shuhua wanted to become an actress at first.
  • Shuhua joined the agency after she auditioned for Cube Entertainment in Taiwan.
  • Shuhua can speak Korean and Chinese.
  • Shuhua’s friends introduced her to K-Pop.
  • Shuhua is the visual maknae of (G)I-DLE.


Extended Plays

g i dle
  • I AM (2018)
    • LATATA
    • $$$ (달라/Dalla (Dollar)
    • Maze
    • Don’t Text Me
    • What’s In Your House?
    • Hear Me
g i dle
  • I Made
    • Senorita
    • What’s Your Name?
    • Put It Straight
    • Give Me Your


  • LATATA (2018)
  • Hann (2018)
  • Senorita (2019)


  • Follow Your Dreams (2018)
  • Mermaid (2018)
  • Upgrade (2018)
  • Young & One (2018)
  • Pop/Stars (2018)


  • Produce 101 (2016) – So-yeon
  • Unpretty Rapstar (2016) – So-yeon
  • (G)I-DLE: I-Talk (2018–present)
  • Knowing Brothers (2018) – Yuqi
  • To Neverland (2019)

Unpretty Rapstar

One of (G)I-DLE’s members had made an appearance on TV way before the group made a debut, which is in 2016. She is So-yeon, the leader as well as the rapper of (G)I-DLE, that became one of the contestants in a variety show titled Unpretty Rapstar Season 3. If you don’t know what Unpretty Rapstar is, it is a survival show of female rappers. The concept is much like Show Me The Money, only with the difference that the contestants all are women.

soyeon g i dle

Back then, the girl that later on became the leader of (G)I-DLE was only a trainee in Cube Entertainment, and she entered the show in July 2016. So-yeon finished as a second runner-up at the end of the season.

With Unpretty Rapstar, So-yeon released some tracks that you can find below. Feel free to share your thoughts after listening to her amazing rapping skills.

Let’s find out some of So-yeon’s appearances in Unpretty Rapstar.

Produce 101

Not only she appeared as a contestant in Unpretty Rapstar Season 3, the oldest member in (G)I-DLE, So-yeon, also made an appearance in the popular survival show from Mnet, Produce 101. She appeared in Produce 101 first, which was in January 2016, before she joined Unpretty Rapstar Season 3.

At that time, So-yeon became one of the trainees of Cube Entertainment that became the agency’s representatives. Other trainees from Cube Entertainment were Kwon Eun-bin and Lee Eun-seo.

soyeon g i dle

Although So-yeon failed to debut with I.O.I and finished 11th in the final episode, she still succeeded in catching a lot of viewers’ heart. Besides, So-yeon is not only a contestant with a pretty face, but she is also one of the most talented rappers in Produce 101. She impressed us all with her amazing rapping skills!

Let’s check out some of So-yeon’s clips from Produce 101.

Awards and Nominations

Asia Artist Awards

  • Most Popular Artists (Singer) 2018 – Top 50 (Nominated)
  • Rookie of the Year 2018 – Music (Won)

Gaon Chart Music Awards

  • Song of the Year (August) – 2019 (Nominated)
  • New Artist of the Year – Digital – 2019 (Won)

Golden Disc Awards

  • Digital Daesang – 2019 (Nominated)
  • Rookie of the Year – Digital (Won)
  • Popularity Award (Nominated)
  • NetEase Most Popular K-pop Star (Nominated)

Brand of the Year Awards

  • Female Rookie Idol of the Year  (Won)

Korea Popular Music Awards

  • Best New Artist (Won)

MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards

  • Artist of the Year – 2018 – (Nominated)
  • Best New Female Artist – 2018 – (Won)
  • Genie Music Popularity Award – 2018 – (Nominated)

Melon Music Awards

  • Best New Artist (Female) – 2018 – (Won)

Mnet Asian Music Awards

  • Best New Female Artist – 2018 – (Nominated)
  • Best of Next – 2018 – (Won)
  • Artist of the Year – 2018 – (Nominated)

SBS The Show Best of the Best

  • Works Hard Award – 2018 (Won)

Seoul Music Awards

  • New Artist Award – 2019 (Nominated)
  • Popularity Award – 2019 (Nominated)
  • Hallyu Special Award – 2019 (Nominated)

V Live Awards

  • Global Rookie Top 5 – 2019 (Won)

MTV Europe Music Awards

  • Best Korean Act – 2018 (Nominated)

Music Program

  • The Show
    • LATATA
      • May 22, 2018
      • May 29, 2018
    • Hann (Alone)
      • September 4, 2018
  • M Countdown
    • LATATA
      • May 24, 2018
    • Hann (Alone)
      • September 6, 2018
  • Show Champion
    • Hann (Alone)
      • August 29, 2018

Plastic Surgery

Korean idols or artists probably can never escape from plastic surgery rumors. Well, it’s not like only Korean celebrities are doing plastic surgery. But as you can see, the plastic surgery phenomenon itself has become a trend in South Korea. So of course, as one of the popular K-Pop groups, especially with the fact that they have strong visuals in all the members, some netizens are speculating or maybe just questioning whether So-yeon, Mi-yeon, Minnie, Soo-jin, Yuqi, and Shuhua have done plastic surgery on some of their facial features or not.

Well then, rather than only make speculation, let’s just take a look at (G)I-DLE’s pre-debut photos and compare them to their current photos as (G)I-DLE’s members.


soyeon g idle
soyeon g idle


g idle miyeon


g i dle
g idle minnie


g idle soojin
soojin g idle


yuqi g idle
yuqi g idle


shuhua g idle
shuhua g idle

Now after comparing (G)I-DLE’s members then and now face, can you figure out whether they really did plastic surgery or their beautiful faces are perfectly natural and they’ve been that way since they were born? Share your thoughts!