Everything You Need to Know About G-Dragon’s Sister, Kwon Da-mi

G-Dragon and Kwon Da-mi

Learn More About G-Dragon’s Sister

Kwon Da-mi is known best as G-Dragon/Kwon Ji-yong’s older sister. She worked with Jessica Jung to create the brand Rare Market. They launched their own fashion brand We11Done. In 2017, their brand was named one of the most influential global fashion brands by the British Media Business of Fashion.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about Kwon Da-mi. So, stay tuned!

Kwon Da-mi’s Profile


Name: Kwon Da-mi (권다미)

Brother: Kwon Ji-yong (권지용) or known as Bigbang’s G-Dragon

Occupation: Co-Founder of Rare Market and designer of We11Done

Fashion Boutique and Online Clothing Store


Kwon Da-mi and Jessica Jung are long-time friends and have a mutual love for fashion. They opened a multi-brand fashion boutique in 2014 named Rare Market. The boutique’s name is their shared goal of developing a “rare” market for new and unusual brands in South Korea. The boutique’s location is in Apgujeong, Seoul. It quickly established itself as one of the most popular multi-brand fashion boutiques in South Korea.


Rare Market is constantly in flux, with the store décor and concept changing roughly every year. Da-mi said that all the interiors and exteriors were part of the visual merchandising and process that made them unique as a Korean retailer.


In terms of choosing brands or curating each season, Da-mi and Jessica’s concept is “we just do what we like.” As for styling, the pair recommends that customers mix and match the different brands in store for each season. Some of the brands that are available in Rare Market are Marine Serre, Wendy & Jim, Paco Rabanne, Y Project, Lapima sunglasses, and Nicholas Kirkwood.


Da-mi and Jessica also created their own label named We11Done. It stands for “well done, well made” and referencing the store’s 11 employees. Their initial approach was to make something that only Rare Market could make and offer. The first collection naturally developed from that thought in late 2015. The goal was to make the clothes they wanted to wear and the goal hasn’t changed since the beginning.


We11Done launched with a spring collection that casts Leandra Medine as the face of its inaugural look book showcased. The collection drew inspiration from the 80s retro fashion with over-sized pieces done in mix-match materials and contrasting elements. We11Done is expanding and its Hong Kong pop-up has opened and started on January 15th, 2018.

Some of the We11Done clothes that are available in the Rare Market website are as follows:

Oversized Plaid Wool Jacket (Sold Out)


Leopard Fake Fur Jacket (USD 650.00)


Khaki Herringbone Duffle Coat (USD 1,519.00)


Man We11Done Cotton Jersey Top (USD 279.00)


We11Done Slimfit Turtleneck (USD 171.00)


You can check out more clothes on the Rare Market website and Instagram.