G-Dragon’s Sweet Moments With Epik High’s Tablo’s Daughter, Lee Haru

G-Dragon’s Confession About Haru

G-Dragon recently uploaded Yano Shiho’s photos to his Instagram. In the photo caption, the BIGBANG leader made a statement of love and forgiveness. G-Dragon responded to Yano Shiho’s words on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly”. At the event, the Japanese model said he wanted to collaborate and shoot with G-Dragon.

I chose G-Dragon, the person Sarang likes the most,” Yano said in “Entertainment Weekly”. The mother of Choo Sarang, who often appears on The Return Of The Superman, is apparently also a big fan of G-Dragon’s. She even demonstrated G-Dragon’s Crooked dance moves at the event.

G-Dragon responded in a humorous tone through his Instagram account, @xxxibgdrgn. “I also like Sarang #I’m sorry Haru #I like Haru too,” G-Dragon wrote. Fans who know this laughed. Indeed, G-Dragon and Haru, cute girls who are princesses from Epik High’s Tablo are known to be close. Everyone also knows Haru is G-Dragon’s number one fan.

Hahahaha. GD also likes Sarang,” commented by one of the fans. “GD likes Sarang, but I know he really loves Haru, Lol,” added another. “Don’t worry, Haru has now turned to Bobby iKON. Hahaha,” commented other fans.


During the interview, G-Dragon stated that he really likes Haru. “I love it when she calls BIGBANG members as ‘Uncle’, but she only calls me with ‘Oppa’. I think she’s very cute and pretty.”

Reasons Why G-Dragon Could Be The Right Oppa For Haru

After watching Haru’s appearance on The Return Of Superman, there’s a lot of fans saying that G-Dragon and Haru would be great siblings with each other, since Haru loves G-Dragon very much like he was her older brother. Besides that, Haru and G-Dragon have a similar background and were born swag and surrounded by hip-hop music.

In this section, we’re going to find out about how good G-Dragon would be as Haru’s one and only oppa. Check out their similarity and look-alike below!

Swag Fashion Style

Who can deny the fact that Haru and G-Dragon have a swag concept and always look good in their own style? These two pictures are a great visual of the future R&B Queen and King!


Looking great in blue jeans and denim, Haru and G-Dragon made a swag duo but still look cute with their-not-so-fierce faces.


Haru and G-Dragon’s swag style is also a great one when it comes to a photoshoot session. They’re both look very cool with their own style, and seem like professional models in front of the camera.


Talented as a Rapper

G-Dragon trained for 11 years, which means that he auditioned and made his very first appearance when he was still very young. Before debuting, G-Dragon showed off his talent as a rapper in the Storm music video, which was sung by Perry and featured G-Dragon, Masta Wu, & Sean.

Check out G-Dragon’s rapping skill when he was young, below!

Lee Haru was born from the blood of a famous rapper in South Korea, Epik High’s Tablo. Many of her fans hope she’ll join YG Entertainment or debut as a rapper in the future, when she’s a teenager, since she already inherited her father’s skill as a rapper. Check out Haru’s rapping skill, below!


Fierce but Cute

G-Dragon is a K-Pop idol who’s known for his charisma every time he performs on stage, but not as many people know that he can also act cute and has a very soft smile.


The same thing also happened with Lee Haru. She wasn’t a little girl who liked to smile all the time, but every time she smiled in front of people, they had to make sure they didn’t melt from the cuteness.


G-Dragon and Haru are the true definition of people who seem fierce on the outside but also can be cute every time they want to!


That was all the information about G-Dragon and Haru’s sweet moments and interaction together from the show that you can watch, The Return Of Superman. Although Haru once met him while joining her father at work in studio, she had the fangirl heart every time she saw G-Dragon and got all shy! Let’s hope that we can see more of their interaction in the future, knowing that Haru is already grown up to a teenager.