Let’s Check Out G-Dragon’s Instagram Feeds!


Meet The Musical Genius G-Dragon

Who doesn’t know about this phenomenal South Korean celebrity? He is G-Dragon, born as Kwon Ji-yong on August 18th, 1988. G-Dragon is the leader of the Korean hip-hop boy band BIGBANG, under YG Entertainment, which is one of the best selling boy bands in South Korea. Not only he is famous as a singer, especially a rapper, but his work in producing music is also worldwide recognized. Since BIGBANG’s debut, G-Dragon has already contributed to produce some of BIGBANG’s hit songs, such as “Lies,” “Haru Haru,” “Day by Day,” and many more, including his own solo albums, his collaboration with his bandmates, and his bandmate’s solo production.

Aside from producing music, G-Dragon’s stage presence is unbeatably amazing. He has appeared on stage with eccentric costumes, awesome rap flow, and high self-confidence. Due to all of that, G-Dragon has been deemed “King of K-Pop.” His unique fashion sense makes him a fashion icon celebrity and he has even opened his own fashion brand, Peaceminusone.

Instagram Feeds

Unfortunately, this year we couldn’t see G-Dragon appear on stage because he is still undergoing military service. Fans usually fill their longing for G-Dragon by stalking his old posts on his Instagram account @xxibgdrgn. G-Dragon has already got 16,1 million followers, which is one of the most followed accounts on Instagram. Let’s see some of his last feeds:

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‘Untitled, 2017’ In Jeju.

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G-Dragon’s very last post.

Well, yes oppa, we’ll patiently be waiting for you to comeback T_T

The song G-Dragon heard most often at the time, maybe?


He joined the happiness of his BIGBANG bandmate, Taeyang, who recently got married to the beautiful actress Min Hyo-rin before they enlisted for the military. Taeyang, or Young-bae, is G-Dragon’s best friend since their childhood days, or we can say his brother from another mother.


Looks tired and sleepy under his flowery blanket.


Chill time with his precious cat, literally Kwon Ji-yong self-time.

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G-Dragon’s profile picture, a flash disk with his birth year written on.

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Flashback to one of BIGBANG’s album, maybe it is his favorite and the most popular album too!


Wearing a Japanese sweatshirt, lucky Tokyo to be loved by G-Dragon!

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승리야 생일축하해❣️#1212

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The leader shows his love and support for the maknae of BIGBANG, Seungri. This is what people call Nyongtory (the relationship between Seungri and his hyung G-Dragon) heart!

Latest News: Confirmation of Military Rumors


It had been reported that G-Dragon got an ankle injury during his military duty. Rumors said that G-Dragon got special treatment after the operation in the hospital, such as being placed in a VIP room with air-conditioning, refrigerator, and TV, or what is often called “the colonel room.” The second bad rumor about him concerns G-Dragon’s violation of military service rules, namely, a soldier can only leave the duty for 30 days the most for being sick, and G-Dragon left for 33 days.

Responding to these bad rumors, South Korean Defense Ministry clarified that G-Dragon wasn’t hospitalized in the “colonel room” at Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital and only got a regular room. They added that G-Dragon only spent 26 days so far and still hasn’t violated any of the rules of the military.

YG Entertainment also issued a clarification for the issues mentioned above. “There was no special treatment, there is no room for colonels at the hospital, and he was hospitalized following the normal procedure,” the representatives of the agency said.


They continued, “Since before his enlistment, G-Dragon expressed pain due to a dislocated shoulder and a sprain on his ankle, during the world tour, and his condition worsened further during the military training.” The agency also added that G-Dragon is suffering from a serious condition as bone fragments were damaging his ligaments and muscles causing an infection, according to his medical results.

“We are aware that he was recommended (to go to) a large university hospital rather than the military hospital and go for a surgery,” YG Entertainment said. All we can do is just hope that G-Dragon will pass his military duty in a healthy and happy condition as well and false rumors will stop spreading about him. Get well soon and good luck, oppa!