BIGBANG’s G-Dragon’s Hairstyles Throughout the Years, Which One is Your Favorite?

GD, the Trendsetter Idol!

When it comes to music and stage presence, it’s no secret that G-Dragon, a.k.a GD, the leader of Big Bang, is considered a genius and a rock star among the fans as well as his hoobaes in the entertainment industry. But, one thing that makes him stood out from the crowd and the rest of other idols is, of course, his hairstyles!

For many years, GD has been known as an experimentalist when it comes to hairstyles, changing them constantly and making them the next hot thing in Korea. It is no wonder that he has been called a trendsetter.

If you want to know just how much his hair has changed throughout the years, let’s check it out in the list below!


G-Dragon’s Hairstyles Through the Years

Kwon Ji-young, or you may have known him as G-Dragon (지드래곤), is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer. He is a member of the boy-group BIGBANG, under YG Entertainment. He made his official solo debut on August 18, 2009, with his first album, Heartbreaker. Since then, he’s made successful comebacks as a solo artist with hit songs such as That XX, Crayon, and Untitled. He has also been dubbed as the “King of Kpop” for the fact that he is very inspiring and a style trendsetter.

When it comes to hairstyles, GD has never been afraid to show his colors–whether it’s in the pop-up pink, shocking blonde, platinum, calming blue, or a dark, natural black. Each and every one of his hairstyles represent a different era and different comeback. You may be familiar with his bright orange soft-boy look during the Let’s Not Fall in Love (2015) era or his bold, red hair during Bang Bang Bang (2016). Ah, and also we cannot forget his ‘sushi’ hairstyle during MAMA 2013 and his infamous Fantastic Baby (2012) look that became quite a joke in a lot of Korean variety shows.


Debut with BIGBANG (2006)

G-Dragon first debuted with BIGBANG in 2006 as BIGBANG‘s leader because he had the longest training period in the group, along with his teammate, Taeyang.

At first glance, his hairstyle is still considered normal, just like other boys in that era. He has clean-cut hair with natural brown color.


Lies and Haru Haru (2007)

Then, not until a year later, he made a comeback with BIGBANG’s Lies. There, he appeared with braided hair–the style that resembled his hairstyle when he was a child.

Then he made another comeback with Haru Haru (2007), and went with the pretty-boy look.


Love Song (2011)

On 2011, BIGBANG made another comeback with the mellow hit, Love Song (2011). Here, GD showed us his soft pink hairstyle with a hint of brown.


Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy, Blue (2012)

It was during this time that G-Dragon became a hit with his iconic, two-toned hair. His half-shaved hairstyle during BIGBANG’s Fantastic Baby promotions really made his character stand out. For a few years after that era, this hairstyle was still being mocked regularly in Korean parody shows.

He also appeared with a similar look on Bad Boy (2012)

….and then he went back to a sort-of normal look with blonde-ish bangs around the Blue (2012) era.


Let’s Not Fall in Love and Bang Bang Bang (2015-2016)

We obviously cannot help but fall in love with this typical soft and bright orangey look, especially with the heart-dropping look in his eyes around the 2015 era.

….then, when we thought things couldn’t get any better, he drops a BANG and pulls off this bold red color.

…exactly, that is our reaction upon seeing GD.


Fxxk It and Untitled, 2014 (2017)

Before enlisting, GD made sure that no one would forget him and his eccentric choices of hairstyle by pulling off this H.O.T’s era style, with a full green look.

And by going with his natural color, which is dark hair.


Honorable Mentions

An edgy, kinda curly cut.

A heartbreaking blondie.

A platinum faux hawk.

A colorful cotton candy look.

And last, but definitely not least, GD’s iconic mullet.


So, what do you think about GD’s ever-changing hairstyles? Can you name which one is your favorite? Chat with us by commenting below!