Take a Look at G-Dragon’s Appearance on ‘Infinite Challenge’!

G-Dragon in Infinite Challenge

Meet Big Bang’s Leader, GD

Do you like watching the variety program Infinite Challenge? Did you know that BIGBANG’s leader, G-Dragon, has been appearing in the program ion various occasions? If not, let’s take a look at the appearances he has made throughout the years in Infinity Challenge! Before we get to that, let’s take a look at his profile, shall we?

G-Dragon Profile


G-Dragon, or often shortened as GD, is a member and the leader of the boy group BIGBANG under the management of YG Entertainment. He was born on August 18th, 1988, in Seoul, with Kwon Ji-yong as his birth name. He used to attend Kyunghee University and majored in Post Modern Music.

Before making his debut as a member of BIGBANG, he had appeared on television at a kids television program titled Bbo Bbo Bbo. He was also a member of Little Roo’ra at the age of seven. Initially, it was planned that he and Taeyang will debut as a hip-hop duo called GDYB, but the plan changed and the other members of BIGBANG were added to the group.

G-Dragon is considered as the king of K-pop. In 2015, GQ Korea even named him Man of the Year. He is also known as the brand ambassador of Channel in Korea. Among K-pop idols, he earns the most song royalties as he has composed many songs, both for his group and for his solo activities.

Right now, he’s in the middle of serving his mandatory military service and is expected to be discharged in 2019. But if you want to see his activities, you can visit his Instagram account @xxxibgdrgn!

Appearances in 2011

G-Dragon in Infinite Challenge 2011

In the year 2011, G-Dragon made his first appearance in Infinite Challenge, in episode 247, with “Dinner Show” as the theme of the episode. His second appearance was with other BIGBANG members, in episode 249, with “Gangs of Seoul” as the theme of the episode.

Later, G-Dragon appeared in Infinite Challenge without his members, for the first time, from episode 253 to episode 256, where the show held a song festival called Infinite Challenge West Coast Expressway Song Festival. In these episodes, the cast had to collaborate with an artist and perform on stage with a song that they have made together.

G-Dragon and Park Myung-soo

At that time, the artists who participated beside G-Dragon were Jung Jae-hyung, Lee Juck, PSY, Sweet Sorrow, 10cm, and Bada. In the episode, G-Dragon was paired with Park Myung-soo. Together, they performed a song titled “Having an Affair.” As a surprise, fellow YG artist Park Bom came and sang together with them on the stage!

If you are curious and want to watch G-Dragon’s performance in Infinite Challenge West Coast Expressway Song Festival with Park Myung-soo and Park Bom, you can visit MBC Entertainment’s official Youtube account and see the performance clip there!

Appearances in 2012

G-Dragon in Infinite Company

In 2012, G-Dragon again made an appearance in Infinite Challenge. This time, he had to act in a skit titled Infinite Company. In the episode, G-Dragon had the role of a new recruit of Infinite Trading Co, and he had to overcome unexpected situations in order to become an employee of the company. Other than him, there were four other candidates, such as Noh Hong-sik, Terry Jung, and Gil Sung-joon.

After many chaotic moments, the new recruits got to work in the office and the company was given a task to make a new design for male underwear. But during the process, secrets about the Department Head Yoo Jae-suk and G-Dragon who was favored by the department head were revealed one after another! Are you curious about the episode? You can visit MBC Entertainment’s official Youtube account and watch some of the episode’s clip there!

Appearances in 2013

G-Dragon in Infinite Challenge 346

G-Dragon made his appearance twice in 2013. The first one was in episode 346, with Infinite Challenge Night Club as its theme. In this episode, G-Dragon had to choose a partner for the upcoming song festival. After the cast of Infinite Challenge showed off their charms to the guests, the guests had to choose someone from the cast members to become their partner for the song festival. When G-Dragon’s turn came, the scene became a bit chaotic, but eventually, G-Dragon chose Jung Hyung-don to be his partner for the song festival.

G-Dragon and Jung Hyung-don

His second appearance was another song festival called Infinite Challenge Freeway Song Festival. In this episode, just like the previous song festival, the cast of Infinite Challenge had to collaborate with the artists and perform a song they have made together before the D-day.

In this episode, G-Dragon also came with other artists, including BoA, Kim C, Yoo Hee-yeol, Primary, Rose Motel, Kiha and The Faces, and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. In this episode, G-Dragon paired with Jung Hyung-don and performed a song titled “Going to Try.” Not only G-Dragon, but Jung Hyung-don also participated in making the lyrics of the song.

Even though before the performance Jung Hyung-don seemed to be nervous, the two of them succeeded in performing great on the stage. As a surprise, Defconn joined them on the stage while wearing a suit and big angel wings on his back!

If you are curious and want to see it, you can watch the video of their performance on Infinite Challenge Freeway Song Festival on MBC Entertainment’s official Youtube channel!

Appearances in 2015


In 2015, G-Dragon appeared in the show from episode 435 to 442 together with a fellow member of BIGBANG, Taeyang. The two of them worked together and released a song titled “Good Boy,” so maybe that’s one of the many reasons why the two of them came together in this episode.

In this episode, Infinite Challenge held another festival called Yeongdong Expressway Song Festival. Each member had to collaborate with another artist and later, they had to perform the song they have made together on a big stage. That year, the stage was held in Yeongdong.

At that time, the pairings were set like this: Yoo Jae-suk with Park Jin-young, Park Myung-soo with IU, Haha with Zion.T, Jung Hyung-don with Hyukoh, Jung Jun-ha with Yoon Sang, and lastly Hwang Kwang-hee with G-Dragon and Taeyang.

Yeongdong Expressway Song Festival

G-Dragon and Taeyang, together with Hwang Kwang-hee named their team Hwangtaeji, an abbreviation of their names put together – Hwang, Taeyang, and Jiyong. They made and performed a song titled “Mapsosa.” Even though they had to perform first, before the other pairings, the team heated up the atmosphere and excited the audience. The other pairings even said that their stage almost felt like a closing stage.

G-Dragon also performed the song he used to perform in the song festival that was held in 2011, a song titled “Having an Affair,” together with Park Myung-soo and IU.

Appearances in 2016

G-Dragon in Infinite Company Employees in Crisis

In 2016, G-Dragon made two appearances in Infinite Challenge. The first time, he appeared alone from episode 495 to 497. In these episodes, the casts of Infinite Challenge decided to shoot a drama special titled “Infinite Company: Employees in Crisis.” Different from the usual comedy skit, the production was quite professional, to the point that the script was written by the writer of the television series Signal, Kim Eun-hee. Besides G-Dragon, the show also featured other actors, such as actors from Signal Lee Je-hoon and Park Hye-soo.

The story of the drama followed a company and its employees, where many deaths seemed to be surrounding them lately, and every employee who has died had a little music box with them when they died. They also slipped in many parodies of popular scenes from other movies and dramas here.

For this shoot, G-Dragon got the role of a CEO. But the truth is, when he was called by the staff, he didn’t even know that he would be shooting a drama and that he had to act. If you watch a behind the scenes of the shooting, you can see that G-Dragon seemed embarrassed and didn’t want to see his appearance in the private premiere. You can see some cuts of the episode on MBC Entertainment’s official Youtube account!

Infinite Challenge Bigbang Special

After that, he appeared again, this time together with his group members, in episode 511, where they had a BIGBANG Special as the theme of the episode. Due to their appearance in the show, Infinite Challenge came out on top on the Saturday variety show ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings when they came out as guests were 12.9 percent, making Infinite Challenge the most-viewed of all the variety shows aired on December 17th, 2016. The episode was set in a talk show format, where the members of BIGBANG and the cast of Infinite Challenge compete against each other to see who’s more stylish or has better dance moves.

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