Dating Or Not? Find the Facts of Relationship Between G-Dragon and Lee Joo-yeon

Rumors and Speculations of Dating

The rumors of Lee Joo-yeon and G-Dragon first surfaced in late 2017 following the upload of several pictures and a video thought to be a love-stagram of the two by fans. It is to no one’s surprise that the two are close and have been hanging out with each other lately, yet when those Instagram posts lined up, it started a wildfire.

Here are just a few of the posts Korean netizens managed to find on their respective social media accounts, not limited to just Instagram and Weibo. Both of them are seen in Honolulu, Hawaii, at relatively similar times, creating suspicion that they were both actually on dates in these respective pictures. It might not amount to much as people are known to post pictures a few days after, but fans are convinced the two are dating due to the number of similar posts.

It has since been revealed that this trip involved not only the two but also their circle of friends. The two claimed to only be friends and were enjoying their time with other platonic acquaintances.

Dispatch Report

At the beginning of every year since 2016, Dispatch is known to reveal new couples. In the year of 2018, they decided to reveal not one, but two couples, one of them being G-Dragon and Lee Joo-yeon. The report was filled with pictures of supposed weekend getaways backed by their managers and the two visiting each other’s residences late at night.

As seen above, the pictures allege that the two frequently met up at Lee Joo-yeon’s apartment in Guri, Gyeonggi-do. These two pictures are supposedly taken at different times, but the similarity in the background indicates that it is indeed in Lee Joo-yeon’s apartment, the parking garage to be more specific.

The picture above is supposedly taken during the couple’s weekend getaway to Jeju-do where Big Bang’s manager is spotted helping Lee Joo-yeon with her luggage on her way to meet G-Dragon as he has arrived prior to her flight. There is no clear indication that they were there with other acquaintances and being that the only person to have helped her is Big Bang’s manager indicates a more intimate relationship between the two that has to be kept secret.

The picture above depicts GD’s car which is spotted picking up Lee-Jooyeon from the side of the road on her way to get to his apartment. It is unclear who is in the driver seat but Dispatch claims it to be Big Bang’s manager once more picking Joo-yeon up to go meet him. This isn’t clear evidence, but its quite suspicious to see her getting picked up with his car with no one else around, indicating time spent with just the two of them.