Dating Or Not? Find the Facts of Relationship Between G-Dragon and Lee Joo-yeon

GD and Jooyeon, an Idol Couple?

G-Dragon and Jooyeon of After School are definitely not foreign to those who have been big fans of K-pop since the second wave of idols. The two, who are immensely popular in their own rights, caused a shock when Dispatch announced them as the first couple to be revealed in 2018. Previously, Dispatch has been known to reveal an unexpected couple on the first day of every year, such as Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho, Yoona and Lee Seung-gi, and more. This couple came as a surprise as each of them was focusing on their solo activities and maintaining a low profile.

This is not the first time both of them were involved in a love scandal. As public figures, it is the norm for the media to dig deep into their personal lives. As idols, this relationship is also out of the norm as idols are known to have strict dating bans for upward of 3 years and are not usually in public relationships. So, let’s take a look at GD and Jooyeon’s relationship scandal!

Career and Relationships


Born Kwon Ji-yong, G-Dragon is the leader of the boy group Big Bang. As a member of one of the world’s most popular boy groups, it is not unexpected that he has been actively promoting since he was a child. This came to be one of the factors as to why he is such an anticipated and excellent artist compared to idols around him. His reputation exceeds him as he and his group successfully broke into the international market in 2011 after winning an award at the prestigious MTV Europe Music Awards.

G-Dragon is not only famous for his music but also for his fashion that transcends the domestic market as he has been invited to numerous world-class fashion shows all over the world. Brands such as Chanel have invited him to multiple shows such as the F/W 2018 show in Paris and the 2018 Cruise show that was held in Seoul. His influence in fashion has inspired so many others to copy his style, from the bright skinny jeans with tattered white T-shirts to the mullet hair he has been sporting lately. GD’s interest in fashion has branched out into his own fashion line, Peace Minus One, that debuted in 2013 following the release of his album Coup D’etat.

As his meddling in the fashion world is no secret, it is to no one’s surprise that his most infamous dating scandal involved the world-renowned Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara. The two have always been close, claiming to be good friends and a part of the same circle since they both debuted. This is not the only time GD has been rumored to have a girlfriend, but definitely one of the most infamous ones before rumors of him and Lee Joo-yeon sparked.

Lee Joo-yeon

Lee Joo-yeon is an actress, that debuted as an idol with the girl group After School as one of the original members in 2009. Her role in After School is lead vocalist and one of the visuals, although she does not stand out all that much compared to other members such as Nana and Kahi. Her group became successful after hits such as “Bang” and “Shampoo” became mainstream, causing a massive break in their careers. These hits were followed up with Japanese singles and promotions.

After the Japanese promotions ended, founding member Kahi’s graduation hit the group hard, causing the members to break away for solo and unit promotions. At this time, Jooyeon chose acting instead of going solo with her singing career. She was cast in a few dramas as cameos and series regulars, and the surge in her career was rewarding considering the state of her group.

In 2015, after her contract with Pledis Entertainment expired, she chose to graduate from After School and solely focus on acting. This does not mean her relationship with the group became cold and distant, it just simply means that she felt her career going elsewhere in a different direction than that of After School. She signed with Better ENT to forward her career in acting, making numerous appearances in TV dramas and movies.

By 2017, she signed with Mystic Entertainment after her contract with Better ENT expired and continued to act. Although she has remained silent and kept a low profile after her split with After School, her previous fame persists and is noted by a single dating scandal that predates the one with G-Dragon, a scandal that broke in 2013. A report surfaced that Lee Joo-yeon was dating actor So Ji-sub after reports were made by Women’s Sense. Reportedly, the two had been dating for a year and four months after being introduced by MBLAQ’s G.O, a mutual friend of the two. There were more reports in 2016 after the two were spotted attending the same birthday party, but these were soon denied by their respective companies.

These rumors were the only ones that could not be traced back to a real and concrete source other than those in the form of pictures, thus leading most to believe that her dating rumor with G-Dragon is the only legitimate one out of the bunch.